Autumn 2017

Autumn 2017

Thursday, June 20, 2013

wildflowers of summer

At last, it's summer.

And finally, the weather is in agreement with the date on the calendar!

I picked a bouquet of wildflowers the other morning while on my walk.

I played around with some editing in Picasa just for fun.

Do you see the ant?

original photo colour

I am really welcoming summer with joy.

sunny days
warm temperatures
day trips
ice cream (well, any time really!)
blooming flowers
rain showers
lazy afternoons
ice cream (yes, I love it!)
birdsong at dawn
muggy nights
meals on the deck


I'm ready for it.

Are you?

I hope that you have a wonderful summer filled with good things.

Happy Summer Everyone!



Thank you so much for all your visits and kind comments on my recent posts. 
 Also, a big welcome to my new followers!  
I appreciate each one of you!


  1. i love the blog changes. really enjoy this post too ...all that color. so nice!! cheerful too. what a cute shot with the ant ... how lucky to capture that great moment! ( :

  2. Happy Summer to you too Pamela!
    Wild flowers are my pretty!
    lovely photos!
    I love summer for reading on the porch, sitting by the pool, long evenings,slower pace, iced tea and BBQ's, barefeet, gardens and summer!

  3. What a beautiful summer bouquet!! Hurray for summer -FINALLY here!!

  4. Aren't wildflowers beautiful! I love the colourful bouquet. Definitely looking forward to summer and hoping the rain will stop soon. : )

  5. I love daisies! So pretty...great photos!

  6. Well, we all appreciate you and your wonderful blog. It is very entertaining and lots of fun. I look forward to it when ever you post...I get excited! Your wildflowers are lovely...each photo is unique and pretty. The list you made about enjoying summer is pretty much the same as I would have written but leave out some of the ice cream....not a big fan of ice cream. Jim already picked me lilacs, peonies and now some of our own grown from seed zinnias. They all just touch my think that God helped us grow them right here at home.

    Did it ever dry out to get your garden in at your son's house? Ours has been in but it is really still quite wet. We have huge blossoms on our zuchini plants!!!!!!!

    It is so quiet here this time of night ...I can get my thoughts together and write more to you.


  7. Happy days of summer Pamela . . . I loved the unedited version of your Wild Flowers . . . very nice! (I saw the ant right away!)

  8. How beautiful! Picking flowers is one of my favorite things to do. Have a lovely weekend Pam.

  9. Lovely flowers!

    I'm with you on every item on your welcome summer list - except mosquitoes :) but I guess they come with all the other fun things!

    Happy first day of summer!

  10. What fun you are having! Such a pretty bouquet of wildflowers.

    I don't know what happened to our promised sun for the first day of summer, but it isn't here. We woke to sprinkles and a gray sky. At least, it won't be hot. < insert wry grin >

  11. All beautiful Pamela! We finally have summer too, but being on the coast it's always a little breezy!

  12. You really are in the spirit of summer, Pamela! And your wild flower bouquet is just beautiful. Especially my favorite flower, the daisy! Enjoy the weekend.

  13. Wildflower bouquets are so sweetly innocent. Just lovely. Glad you captured it because they don't last long, do they?
    I hope you are enjoying the last bit of the first day of summer. It's been mixed weather here today - cloud and wind, then sun. Hopefully the wind will blow all the clouds away.

  14. And happy summer to you! Beautiful...your wildflower photos.

  15. Hi Pamela! I love your snaps but I believe I like your flower snaps even better! These are so beautiful!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  16. Hi Pamela! I love your snaps but I believe I like your flower snaps even better! These are so beautiful!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  17. Very nice! I like the combination of purple and yellow!

  18. I am ready for summer, the mosquitoes.. not so much.
    Your wildflower bouquet is lovely as are your photos and editing. I really like the 2nd photo.

  19. Those flowers are all beautiful. I found myself staring at the images in your header. I would so love to be sitting in one of those chairs staring out at that expansive view of water.

  20. I always love to see your lovely photography and the flowers are gorgeous! I just got back from summer weather and yes, I got some mosquito bites, not much, though...the worsed was the hot sun in Disney World, besides the 98 heat! Hope you get to go to Disney some day, of course, with kids, otherwise it's no fun! Thanks for your sweet visit. Enjoy your weekend.

  21. The wildflower bouquet looks wonderful, Pamela. What a treat to be able to pick yourself some beauty while out walking.

    I hope you're having a lovely weekend and, perhaps, a bit of ice cream!


  22. These are lovely, I especially like the big daisy. ~ Abby

  23. Hi Pamela....your wildflowers are so beautiful and bright and I really like your header photo so much...I love all the bright colors in each and everyone of these...ahhhh many little surprises growing along the roadsides and open fields.

    Thanks for your lovely and kind comment on my blog...but I have to tell you my willpower is not that good and I have to fight all the way to go get an orange instead of sinking my teeth into a nice chocolate brownie....And...instead of 15 pounds like you...I had a lot more years of eating just what I wanted and pretended I didn't care...when I really did. It isolated me from ever wanting to go out so the more I stayed in the more I ate....and I have way more pounds to lose than 15. So, I know you can do's just a mind set and once get on track it becomes easy and just a way of life. It also makes you feel good to get up in the morning...especially when you start to see progress. My scale is now my friend. We can be each other's crutch...just know I'm here for ya'. Hugs

  24. Hello Pamela, I've been gone for far too long. I have just had the nicest time catching up on all of your blog posts I've missed. I LOVE the blue and white truck too! The flowers are so pretty, your photography is wonderful. Love the farm photos and your grandchildren are so cute!


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