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Monday, July 22, 2013

a really weird and beautiful sunset

One Thursday evening we were sitting on the back deck and enjoying the nice evening.  It had been very hot, humid and mostly cloudy all day so it was nice to relax on the deck.  We noticed the sun breaking through the clouds as the sun set.  

Of course I had to get my camera and ran out to the field behind us to take pictures.

The clouds were greenish at first.

from the deck looking northwest

It's difficult to tell from these photos.  Greenish clouds could mean  a serious storm, but nothing happened.

This weird formation was over the river to the west.
It was so yellow by this time.

The back yard was lit up in a bright glow.

It was very fascinating and so beautiful.

The clouds in the south sky turned bright pink.

I love watching the sky and the clouds.  You never know what will appear do you?  

On the past weekend at least one small tornado appeared in the area of Grand Lake and Cambridge Narrows.  Some barns and sheds were destroyed, many trees were uprooted and power was knocked out.  This is not common for New Brunswick but there have been watches and warnings all month with all the hot and humid weather and thunder storms we've had.  I guess it was just a matter of time.  Thankfully no one was hurt.
The weather cleared after the storms and Sunday was sunny and hot with no humidity.  It actually went down to 9C. last night!
I'm drinking hot tea this morning to warm me up.  :)

Today is my birthday.   I am so thankful that God has blessed me with another year to my life and the good health I enjoy.  
{even the aches and pains that come with getting older!}  

I am thankful for all of you who read my blog and appreciate your friendship.   My third anniversary of blogging is coming up in August.  I can't believe I have been doing this for this long.  
It's a lot of fun!
I wish you a blessed week ahead.




  1. Absolutely breathtaking photographs ... you and I have such beautiful skies where we live and I just can't take enough photos myself when you have sunsets so beautiful as you have captured. The second one is my favorite and would be SOOOOOO beautiful framed and hung on a wall. You have such a gift Pamela and I love all of your photos.

    Happy, Happy Birthday today too. I hope you have a wonderful day and all of your Birthday wishes come true.

    Hugs to you Pamela on your special day.

  2. Happy Birthday, Pamela. I hope your day is wonderful from start to finish.
    Your photos today are so pretty. Whenever I see these sunset shots, I think I need to make a better point of getting outside at this time of day. I think I'm missing out on some real beauty.

  3. All the best Pamela!! What breathtaking pictures!

  4. Happy Birthday, Pamela! Here's to another year of good health, family visits, gorgeous photos and all the things that fill your heart with happiness.
    We have been following the weather news from NB. As you know, my sister has a summer house at Grand Lake. My parents were in touch with her yesterday and I've heard nothing, so I'm assuming that there is no bad news.

  5. Happy Birthday!...and keep those wonderful photos coming!

  6. Happy Birthday Pamela, all the way from Prague!!! I hope you have many more years of good health and happy days with family, friends and your camera...
    Wonderful sky shots!!

  7. Happy Birthday!

    These are spectacular photos of your evening sky. Green clouds make me nervous. A leftover from my Oklahoma days. So glad that nothing came of them!

  8. You've captured the clouds so beautifully. I love looking at clouds. And happy Birthday! Mine is a week from now. July is a great month to have a birthday, don't you think!

  9. Happy Happy Birthday!! hope you have a happy week. ( :
    i love shot 2 & 4 the best. celebrate lots.

  10. Happy birthday! Hope you are doing something special to celebrate!

  11. Happy Birthday! Beautiful pictures! Have a great day!!

  12. Lovely skies! I hate to hear about the tornado, but thankfully, there are not many in your area. Have a very happy birthday week!

  13. Beautiful skies for the birthday girl. Enjoy a HAPPY!

  14. Spectacular clouds and colors! Thank you for sharing!!!

  15. Hi Pamela!
    That is a beautiful sunset! One good thing about the storms... they do bring stunning sky scapes.


  16. Oh! SORRY! I forgot to wish you a very very Happy Birthday!!! :)

  17. The sunset was for your birthday!
    Hope you had a wonderful are a lovely person Pamela...

    Linda :o)

  18. Those are really beautiful sunsets! Glad no storm followed.

  19. I hope you have enjoyed the day and celebrated your Birthday doing things you love dear.
    Many, many happy returns - enjoy life and keep taking those beautiful photos to share with us.

    Huge birthday hugs - love, Mary

  20. Happy Birthday, Pamela! Hope you had a great day! I love to watch the skies, too. Your photos are beautiful and the clouds were awesome!

  21. Hi Pamela,

    The best birthday wishes are being sent to you tonight. I pray you had a wonderful day. I am wishing you a bright and happy year ahead ...with lots of picture taking, for sure. Happy Birthday, my friend, and May God bless you!


  22. Absolutely gorgeous! The cloud formations and colors are fantastic! Beautiful shots! I got back from vacation just in time to wish you a Happy Birthday!!!

  23. Happy Birthday Pamela!! I hope it was a lovely day for you. We too have had some interesting skies in the evening this year. Sometimes I have worried that there was a terrific storm coming but it all fizzled out to nothing. Thank goodness. The weather has been out of the norm somewhat.
    Hope you are well.

  24. Happy wonderful to have one during the summer months.

    Those golden skies are rather unusual, and so beautiful to shoot. You captured it well.


  25. Love the gold clouds! Spectacular!

  26. Hoping you had a wonderful birthday yesterday, Pamela. Clouds can definitely be fascinating.

  27. So sorry I am late catching your blog, Pam and hope you had a blessed day.. My, your photos are gorgeous.. We have had pouring rain all day but it is lovely..
    Take care, my friend.. xo

  28. Happy belated birthday, Pamela . . . what a magnificent gift you received.

  29. I see what you mean with the sunsets there, like here. There's been some violent weather here too (although we escaped it at our place, thankfully) and it's provided for some awesome sunsets. Great series.

    And also a belated happy birthday, and congrats on the 3 years of blogging.

  30. I hope you had a wonderful Birthday, Pamela! Good for you in sticking with blogging for so long. It sure isn't easy at times. Sunsets with a greenish hue always kind of freak me out. Luckily, like yours, it seems most of them turn out just fine. You captured an amazing sky, that's for sure!

  31. Weather watching at sunset with a camera at hand is wonderful! I am glad the green didn't become serious. Happy birthday/week/month!

  32. PS: now you share a birthday with royalty...and also my daughter!

  33. Belated Happy Birthday, Pamela! Your photos are fascinating with all the different colors that the sky presented. Wishing you a great Sunday!


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