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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Canada Day 2013

Festive napkin

Canada Day turned out to be a beautiful day again!

It started off like this....

....a weak sun peaking through the clouds and reflecting in the puddles from the heavy rain the night before.

Murray and I went for a walk in the morning and this was the view down the road.  
A humid, hazy, foggy, partly cloudy morning.

On our return walk there were patches of this...

....blue skies

We spent the day cleaning the house, setting up a baby crib, doing laundry, mowing the lawn, pulling weeds and trying to stay cool.  {I didn't do all the work myself!}

It was 26 C. with a humidex of 34 C.  That's over 90F.
It was sweltering and close with very little breeze.

It was nice enough to dine on the deck at lunch time.  
Tomato and cucumber sandwiches which we shared,
potato chips (shared, I didn't eat all them!), iced tea and 
fresh strawberries for dessert.

After all our hard work, cool showers and a supper of salad, we headed into the city for the evening celebrate Canada's 146th birthday.

Along the walking trail that goes by the river and the green.

I took this shot of the lighthouse while waiting in line for a cone of ice cream.  :)

Some of the boats at the wharf.

The view from the footbridge.


Part of the large crowd at historic Officers Square.
There was lots of music entertainment all afternoon and evening here and at historic Barracks Square up the street.  There were hundreds of people around enjoying the activities, music, food,  friends and family.  {I didn't see the lady with her little Yorkie all dressed up but there were lots of dogs present.}

The fireworks display on the river was the best we'd ever seen!

With the forecast calling for rain earlier in the weekend we were pleased they 'got it wrong'.  Sunday was sunny and hot too but we had very heavy rains that evening.  All in all it was a good weekend and a great Canada Day.

Today it's cloudy, cool (16C) and light rain then we're headed for a stretch of sunshine and lots of heat and humidity just in time for our family's arrival on Friday.  And we don't have AC in the house!!  Just electric fans.

Now, I have a question.  
I am still getting all your blogposts even though I haven't switched to another reader.  I was never on Google Reader so didn't have to worry about losing my favourites list but, I am wondering if you, who are following me, are still getting my posts.

If you received this post today please leave a comment below so I will know.  

I'm not sure if my not switching over affects that or not.  I don't want to lose contact with my followers because of this change.

I really do appreciate each one of you that visits here.
Thank You!!

I hope you have a blessed week and am thinking of my American friends as they are coming up to their July 4th celebrations.  I hope you have a fun and safe holiday!




  1. It looks like a really fun day. You live in a very pretty area.
    I opened a Bloglovin' account, and it transferred your blog from my old Google Reader (although Reader still seems to be running too).

  2. Looks like you have enjoyed a wonderful Canada Celebration 2013!

  3. Happy Canada Day to you! It looks like a wonderful time - the 'us' picture looks wonderful.

  4. Lovely pictures of a great Canada day! Love the one of you and Murray! I opened up a Bloglovin' account and you transferred over. I noticed Reader is gone now.

  5. I received notice of your post on bloglovin so it seems to be working well. I liked your Canada Day pictures and it was great that the weatherman got it wrong!

  6. Hi Pam.. I received your post on Blogger like always.. I am not sure what is going on but everything seems normal..
    Brother.. I don't want to change anything.. smile.
    We have been having very cool temps here by the Bay but no sun.. xo

  7. I told you everything would be ok!!!!
    You are still coming up in my sidebar...just like before!
    Love the pic of you and your hubby...and you certainly had a full day!
    Enjoy your evening!

    Linda :o)

  8. Hi Pam, Just home from NYC and happy to see that all looks well in Blogland. I have not added Bloglovin' or done anything differently and my list is still intact, both on my sidebar and on my dashboard so I think "we are safe"!! I was a little worried too, but all seems as normal...

  9. Hi Pamela - what a wonderful day it must have been!
    I received notice of your post, just as normal. I never used Google Reader and have not switched to Bloglovin' as we will still be able to follow using Google, as always.

  10. All the blogs I read are still there, and I didn't change anything.

  11. Hi Pam, I thought about you so much on Monday! I told everyone that I saw (and I saw quite a few)that is was our neighbors big day in Canada. Speaking for myself, I am so glad we have Canadians for our neighbors.

    On to the google thing. Yes, I got your blog post and it seems everyone elses. Of course, I do not have a blog myself but everything is coming to my dashboard as it usually does. I am so pleased. I just decided to wait and see. So far so good.

    Your pictures from your Canada Day are spectacular. So pleased that you posted them. I love the pics of the people sitting on the lawn along the river with the boats in front. But most of all, the one of you and your husband is superb. You look so pretty (as usual) and your husband looks like the nicest man. I was pleased to see one of you two together.

    And so, the kids are coming!!!!!!! I could not be happier for you. How long? I have forgotten. It will be the most joyful time. I shall add you all to my prayers.

    Our 4th of July is Thursday. We are going to our daughter's cottage for a couple of days. The fireworks there are really wonderful.....and I get to be with the granddaughter - Tori. My wonderful son-in-law's parents will be there , too. That will be fun. Our son can not come this year and I am sad but they have assured my daughter and I that we will all get together sometime this summer.

    That is about it...... such a long email. I write better at night when I have time.

    Enjoy your daughter and her family with the two little boys. I know you will be so delighted!


  12. Yes, I received your post today, Pamela. Looks like you had a great Canada Day.

  13. Morning Pamela, your blog showed up on my blog list. I don't use Blog reader anymore and also don't post a blog very often. I like to keep in touch with you on Facebook, when I have time. I do read your posts even if I don't comment all the time.

    I know you have the family visiting soon so I am sure you are very busy and very excited. Hope all goes well.

    We are off on a short break soon to Portmeirion, North Wales.

    Love Jackie in Surrey, UK.x

  14. It's been so hot and humid here...not fond of this weather at all!...:)JP

  15. I'm glad you were able to enloy some Canada Day celebrations. Have fun with your family!

  16. Glad your day turned out well enough to join the festivities Pam. I never used Google reader but did sign up for Bloglovin and like how all the new posts come in a list to my in-box. It sometimes takes me a day or two to comment, especially when busy picking strawberries which I freeze.

  17. Hi Pamela! It's all so confusing. I switched over and my old reading list is still there. I am plainly not understanding something. But you're there just like always. Love your post! My favorite shot is from the bridge. Gorgeous and paint-able in my opinion. What a lovely and festive celebration!

  18. What a cute picture of you both! What a way to spend a holiday...cleaning...ugh. You are on my Blogroll, but haven't popped up on bloglovin' so I'll check that out. The family will be arriving soon and you'll be happily busy, busy, busy. Have a blast!

  19. Oh gosh, you two are adorable!

    I never did like Google Reader, so it was no big loss to me. The reading list is still in my dashboard, and your blog still shows up there. I did sign up and try out Bloglovin' for the past couple of weeks, and I really like it. So Bloglovin' conveniently tells me how far behind I am (LOL) in reading my favorite blogs.

  20. It looks like you had a fine Canada Day celebration...from the food to the fireworks and the good company.!

    I never was on google reader...and see your posts on my 'reading list' as always.

  21. Your posts show up just fine in Feedly. I've been using it for the past month or so. So glad you could get outdoors for a Canada Day celebration, even though the heat and humidity were intense.


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