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Monday, July 29, 2013

day tripping

Our GPS.  :)

A couple weekends ago we took a drive to the Kingston Peninsula near Saint John.  We were invited to friends for a barbecue.

The day was sunny and very hot and humid with threats of thunder storms but we had a beautiful drive down river.

To get to the Kingston Peninsula from the Saint John side one needs to cross the river by car ferry at two different locations ~
Grand Bay-Westfield and Quispamsis.

There are two ferries running at this crossing at Grand Bay-Westfield, one going each way.

Here, the cars are waiting to depart from the ferry to the side we're on.

I always like to get out of the car during the 5 minute crossing to take pictures.  As you can see the skies are hazy and cloudy.  Little did we know that those clouds were producing an F1 tornado up river near Grand Lake.

A pretty covered bridge.

The beautiful view from the bridge.

As we drove around the pretty roads the skies all of a sudden opened up with very heavy rain for about 20 minutes.

Then the sun started to break through the clouds.
This is the other ferry crossing at Quispamsis.

When we left to go home after a wonderful evening, we got on the ferry again and headed up the highway. (below)

Of course I had to get out and take pictures again.
This is the sunset after all the storms and rain.

I took this last photo as we drove into the sunset night.  

I am enjoying my blog break but I'm sorry I'm not getting around to visit you much.  Thanks for all your visits and comments on my last post.  I'll be around when I can.

Take care my friends.



  1. What a lovely trip, Pamela. It is not often that one gets to cross on two different ferries.

  2. I feel like I made the trip with you!!!
    Does your husband ever get restless when you are always taking pictures???
    sometimes...I think they get a little impatient!! haha!
    But we know...it is always worth it in the end!

    Enjoy your break!!

    Linda :o)

  3. Love the covered bridges in New Brunswick! Looks like a nice trip. Hope the tornado didn't hurt anything!

  4. What amazing photos...especially the sunset! Everything looks so different from what I see every day! I would love to travel that far North! Enjoy your week...and your break!

  5. That looked like quite a storm. Do you have to pay for the ferry?

    The culvert you mentioned is a leftover of a mill that used to sit on the falls. John would like to harness that energy all over again. Ha!

    We were promised a sunny day and it rained...again. We're very moldy here. Mushrooms sprout everywhere and I am running the dehumidifier continually not to mention the AC. So I am glad to hear of the temperate weather there. Hope that you're having a wonderful time and enjoying your daughter's new community. There must be lots to see. Are you close to the Peace Garden at all?

  6. My mom would love this post Pamela -- she spent alot of time in St. John when she was in her 20s. Lovely covered bridge.

  7. Lovely trip............a covered bridge is always wonderful, lots in the New England states and we used to visit them, walk across them, and of course take numerous pics of them when we lived up there.

    Hope your big trip is going well dear - and know you'll have fun with the little guys.

    Hugs - Mary

  8. Love your photos Pamela . . . water looks rough, does that bother you?

  9. My grandparents lived in Rothesay, i remember seeing that ferry.

  10. I love the changing colours of the sky, and the view from the bridge is gorgeous.

  11. Beautiful photos, Pamela. Enjoy your blog break!

  12. Thanks for taking us along on your jaunt! I like to get out and enjoy the views on those ferry crossings too!

  13. Great photos. Love the covered bridge! Here's hoping you are enjoying your bloggy break...and taking lots of pictures to share here on your return.:)

  14. The last time I was on a ferry was to go to Mackinac Island. The covered bridge is fantastic! Beautiful storm shots!

  15. Simply beautiful photos -- love the one of the rain on the windshield. You captured it well!

  16. WE have the same GPS by the way! Love it.

  17. Covered bridges are never seen here, lovely day. Lovely pictures.

  18. What a lovely adventure, even the rain. I'm glad you were not affected by the tornado!

  19. . . . day tripping envy, Pamela

  20. Such gorgeous photos!
    I loved looking at all of them! =)

  21. Beautiful shots - I love the rain!! xx

  22. I love day tripping too! I love this documentary of your travels....makes me feel like I was right there traveling with you. Great sky/clouds/sunset shots!


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