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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

early evening sun

It was a smokey hazy evening when I took these photos of the sun going down.  I caught the rays as they slanted across the tall grasses in the field behind us.

Just over a week ago we had a family photo shoot in this spot.
It was perfect and our grandsons looked so adorable.

A flock of Bobolinks was resting on the long grass.

I'll be taking a blog break for a couple of weeks but I'll try to visit you when I can and perhaps post a few blogs as well.  

I'll see you soon.

Take care.



  1. Pretty, pretty, pretty! And you captured the Bobolinks too! I don't see them very often here. Enjoy your vacation, Pamela!!! Hope you're going someplace good : )

  2. What peaceful summer evening pictures! Nice to see the bobolinks too.

  3. You are becoming quite the photographer!! Great shots and great light! Have a great break and take care my friend!

  4. Beautiful photos...wonderful quality of light. Have a happy flight and a wonderful time helping everyone to get settled in a new home and community. It will be so good to see your family in the new setting.

  5. Beautiful shots! I think I would enjoy having a field next to me to stage photos in. Love the long grass. Enjoy your break!

  6. I love grass illuminated like this, I've caught something similar at our arboretum grass bed. Kind of magical, don't you think?
    Exciting to see a group of bobolinks, they are a rare find in our fields.
    I'm enjoying my blogging break, nice to read and comment a bit for a change.
    Have a safe flight and family visit Pamela.

  7. Just beautiful - so peaceful. It's a lovely place for a family photo-shoot.
    Enjoy your blog break! I wish it had worked out for us to meet up, but I am sure it will happen one day.

  8. Beautiful pictures. The light looks amazing on the grass.

  9. The grasses are so pretty, Pamela.

  10. Back lighting and sun low on the horizon! Be still my heart! Lovely captures.

  11. You;ve captured the beauty of evening light beautifully here, Pamela!

  12. Beautiful pic's. Enjoy yor bloggy break...and whatever adventures come your way. :)

  13. Beautiful shots! The Bobolink photo is wonderful! Enjoy your break!

  14. Beautiful photos as always,Pam. Have a great "break"...

  15. Beautiful summer photos! I love the photo bobolinks sitting on the grass stems. Summer is such a busy time and my granddaughter has made my summer extra busy --hard to get online as often--she is sleeping now so I have a few minutes :)

    Enjoy your blog break!

  16. So pretty Pam -- enjoy your break. I think every blogger would benefit from one. :)

  17. Your second shot is definitely a calender shot for next year! Have a wonderful break. Chel x

  18. I've never seen Bobolinks, or heard of them either! How cute.
    Beautiful shots and I can imagine how lovely the family looked with such stunning backdrops - doesn't nature always provide the prettiest ones.

    Enjoy your blog break - I'll miss you dear. Your trip sounds awesome and you must already be in one of my favorite places!
    Stay safe - Mary

  19. [ Smiles ] I enjoyed your lovely collection of photos!

  20. Those are some really nice shots of that field. The simplest thing can be the nicest! The birds were a nice surprise, eh? Enjoy your break, my friend.
    Hugs, Cindy

  21. Enjoy your break, Pamela.

    I liked seeing the birds hidden away, even if I'm not familiar with their name!

    You would have enjoyed the walk I had with a friend this morning. There were quite a few beautiful yellow finches flitting about, here and there. She said she hadn't noticed, but I think you would have had your camera out! :)



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