Autumn 2017

Autumn 2017

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

the bridge to nowhere

Looking north to the St. John River

This is the pedestrian bridge in downtown Fredericton that crosses a busy 4 lane street.  The street is a feeder street that keeps traffic from clogging the downtown and feeds it across the 
Westmorland St. Bridge to and from the north side of the city.

Looking east.

This is the not so busy street on a Saturday morning that the foot bridge crosses.  The foot bridge is accessed from the north end of Carleton St. with stairs and a ramp and ends at the north end on the green.

Looking south to Carleton St. and downtown Fredericton.

Looking west to the Westmorland St. Bridge.

This bridge and roadway are very busy during the morning, noon and evening rush hours through the week but, as you can see, quite quiet on the weekends.

The old bridge piers.

There used to be a bridge across here called The Carleton Street Bridge.  It was a narrow two lane steel bridge that was old and outlived it's time so the new four lane bridge was built upriver a bit.

The city has talked about building a foot bridge across these piers to connect to the walking trails on both sides of the river.
That would be awesome don't you think?

This is the green, walking trail, boat docks and the lighthouse.

I don't know why the photos make the sky look pinkish.  I used
my iPhone so maybe that's why.  It was just so grey that morning and the mist rolled in.

So, the "Bridge to Nowhere" does go somewhere.
It takes pedestrians and cyclists across a busy highway to and from the beautiful 'green' and walking trail system along the St. John River.  

We are having a wonderful time with our family visiting.  Our grandsons are such a delight and we are enjoying every minute.  We are also exhausted but it's worth it.  

Have a great day!




  1. that would be so awesome. great exercise too. i love the views. great pics considering you used you iphone ... sometimes my smart phone pics are so grainy.

    thunderstorms here. humid & very swampy too. ( :

  2. Thank you for the little tour!

  3. Pamela. What a pretty walk across the bridge. I just love foot bridges, and you don't see them that large usually around here. Great photo ops. Glad you are having fun with the family..Happy Wednesday..Judy

  4. Fredericton has grown so much since I lived there.

    I figured you were enjoying your company, have fun!!

  5. That's a great idea for the old bridge piers! Foot bridges over rivers aren't very common. I like the well maintained lighthouse!

  6. I think that is a great idea to build at foot bridge across the river! Love the last photo with the river, boats and the lighthouse.
    Glad you are enjoying the time with your family!

  7. Beautiful photos! I love the foot bridge across the river. It would be fun to walk over it.

  8. It would be great if they made a walking bridge across. Enjoy you family!

  9. Hi Pam
    I think a footbridge without fear of traffic safety would be a great idea.
    Little ones are always on the go, aren't they? Have cat-naps Grandma whenever you get a few spare minutes. Every time the small grands see my eyes closed they try to be quiet for my cat-nap. Of course they tell everyone out loud what I'm doing.

  10. Yes. That would be awesome for a footbridge to go across where the old bridge used to be using that stonework. So glad that the bridge to nowhere goes somewhere. Sometimes I feel my life has been a bridge to nowhere. Ha! Yay for having family gathered round. Those little ones are going to keep you young. You'll always know what's hip and happening because of them.

  11. What captivating photos, Pamela. It would be wonderful to make a walking bridge that crosses the river. Have a lovely weekend. Hugs!

  12. Hello Pamela, I have been thinking of you and the joy you must be feeling with your family visiting! It is wonderful to be with each other. I love your pictures and that you explained the direction of each photo. Have a lovely weekend. It is suppose to be very pleasant here so we will head to the daughter's cottage on Saturday for the day.



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