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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

a day trip to St. Martins on the Bay of Fundy

On Sunday we took a little day trip to St. Martins on the Bay of Fundy which is about 2 hours from here.  This was once a bustling shipbuilding town in the 1800's and now it is a summer tourist town.  

It is known for it's beautiful stoney beach and the caves that have been formed by years of erosion from the high tides of the Bay of Fundy.

There are gift shops and eateries, a campground, and some beautiful inns in historic houses, a famous lighthouse (Quaco), a wharf with lobster boats tied up, another lighthouse and 2 covered bridges.  It is also home to the start of the famous Fundy Trail.

The Fundy Trail winds over the coastline toward Fundy National Park.  It isn't complete at this point but work is still being done on it.  There are many trails one can walk, bike or hike on to view the different vistas along the way.  Please go to this link to learn more about this beautiful spot in New Brunswick.

We started at the beach so we could explore the caves before the tide comes in.  It was low tide at 9:25 or so and we got there at noon.  We had to hustle.

This is our son, Mark, and his fiancé, Jenn, standing at the mouth of the largest cave.

Sunday was a beautiful sunny and hot summer day.  Perfect for going to the coast.  One can be enjoying wonderful sunshine where we live but it could be 10 degrees cooler and cloudy or foggy on the coast.  That day it was perfect.

The inside of the cave looks bright but it wasn't.  I was standing in the bright sunlight when I took the photo.  It isn't very deep but it is tall and wide.

Inside the cave looking out.

The two 'circles' in the cliff appear to be the early formation of new caves.  I wonder how many thousands of years it will take.

This is a rocky outcrop covered with seaweed.  
The tide is starting to turn back in at this point so we don't dawdle in this area.  The tide can cover the rocks and beach very quickly.

We had to cross 3 little streams with wet slimy rocks to get to the caves.  Water shoes or sandals are recommended or you get your feet wet!
We were prepared after a previous visit when we were in sneakers.
Lesson learned.  :)

Looking back over to the caves where we were walking.

We then headed for the Fundy Trail Parkway which I will share with you tomorrow.  

I hope you come back.
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  1. Hi Pamela, This is definitely interesting to me. Great pictures. I have heard about these caves from Faye but never saw a picture of the inside of one that I can remember. Beautiful picture of the beach, too. Can not wait until tomorrow to see more pictures!!!! It is fun to go on these "outings" with son and fiancé.


  2. How amazing! I would never have expected the color of the rock or such huge caves right on the beach. It reminds me of some of the books I've read though. Looks like a beautiful day for an adventure!

  3. Wow that is a tall cave! Looking forward to your pictures tomorrow.

  4. What a lovely place to visit. I'll have to google bay of Fundy...

  5. Pamela
    This makes me want to go visit the Bay of Fundy even more.
    Your photos really bring it to life for me!
    I'm glad you had such gorgeous weather too.
    I'll be back tomorrow to see the rest...

  6. How beautiful! So interesting. I don't think I have any photos of this place in the family photo books, which seems odd to me. I may have not looked carefully enough. Must do that again one day. They'd all be black and white and not nearly as lovely as these. The photos of your son and future daughter-in-law really give a sense of those impressive caves.

  7. Beautiful . . . filled with intrigue and mystery!

  8. The cave formations are so interesting, Pamela. I always enjoy your beautiful photography!
    Mary Alice

  9. You went to your coast on Sunday and we went to ours. It's good to be near the water, isn't it? What a fascinating place the Bay of Fundy is. Someday I'd love to go there. I love the photo of your son and his fiance (the second one) where they look like white silhouettes. Very cool effect.

  10. The colors of the cave are beautiful. This looks like a wonderful place to go exploring and I look forward to seeing more of your pictures....

  11. Such beautiful scenery. Being land-locked, I always seeing beautiful ocean views.

  12. What breathtaking scenery! Your photos are beautiful :)
    How lucky you are to have this so close to you!

  13. There certainly is a lot of beauty in New Brunswick, Pamela. What a gorgeous spot to go exploring.


  14. Such interesting and wonderful photos, Pamela! What a huge cave! It would be fun to explore this area.

  15. Beautiful pink rock. It reminds me a little bit of the cliffs in Babbacombe in Devon. Interesting looking at the new caves forming, imagine if we could look at this area in years to come, to compare how it was. It looks like it was a lovely day to explore.

  16. What an amazing country we live in Pamela - thanks so much for sharing!!!
    I'm now following ( and thanks again for your link )
    Hugs from Montreal ( don't hate me I was born here not my fault lol )

  17. IT looks like an interesting place. Your pictures are wonderful. I especially like the last one and the sun on the water.

  18. So interesting to see pictures of the beach area. My parents went but didn't take any pictures. My dad was nervous about being near the water because there were signs telling them to be careful of the tide coming in to quickly. Looking forward to the next post!


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