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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

a visit to the beautiful Minter Gardens

From the minute you leave your car in the parking lot you can see the beauty of this place called Minter Gardens.

Minter Gardens is located in Chilliwack, BC, Canada.
It is slated to close at the end of the season in October after being open to the public for 33 years.
{you can read more on this here}

Fellow blogger Judy, of the beautiful blog "My Front Porch"
is from this beautiful area of BC.  We planned to meet at Minter Gardens along with my sister Margaret on a recent hot Monday afternoon.  

We enjoyed a wonderful visit together as we toured the beautiful gardens.  Meeting Judy for the first time was like seeing an old friend.  She is a beautiful lady inside and out.
If you visit Judy's blog you will see that she has visited the Minter Gardens several times this year. {check out her post for July 31}

Judy and I.

the walkway into the main building

Come along with us as we tour the gardens.

tea for two

a steaming cup of tea

My sister, Margaret, aka Maggie.

A beautiful boxwood hedge, maze in the shape of a maple leaf.

If you are in the Chilliwack, BC area this garden is a must see.
It will be your last chance to do so this year.  

Thank you Judy for being such a great hostess.  We really enjoyed ourselves.

More photos of our trip will be coming soon.
Thanks for visiting!




  1. The gardens look beautiful. I haven't visited their in years, I must make a point to take my mother there on my next work day off. We don't live far from there, we are in Mission BC.

  2. Beautiful gardens , loved the Boxwood hedge design . . .

  3. It's so sad that the gardens are going to close. I enjoyed my walks there after I was introduced to the gardens by Judy.

  4. How beautiful, and so very sad that it is to close. I love the maple leaf hedge and the floral pictures remind me of how the gardens used to look in the park in my home town.


  6. They are truly beautiful gardens, they remind me of the gardens in New Zealand.

  7. How sad Minter Gardens is closing!! It's so beautiful.

  8. oh, ok .. so it will open again next year? gorgeous gardens. so lovely & creative. i wonder how they even begin to plan something like that? so fun. ( :
    rainy here today ... you have a great week.

  9. I would enjoy a wander around these gardens. The boxwood hedge looks amazing! You`ve done a fair bit of traveling in the last while, Pamela. It`s nice to see photos of different parts of our country.


  10. So glad that you were able to see it and share it...I read that article and found it incredibly depressing. I can't imagine how distressing it is for those who've come to love it so.


  11. i can imagine you took tons of photos at such a beautiful place. How nice to meet a fellow blogger, and I enjoyed your previous post with the out the window of the plane views!

  12. That place is gorgeous! I love the last photo...it looks like a living maze! Glad you got to meet a fellow blogger!

  13. I always enjoyed Minter Gardens. Sorry to see it closing soon.

  14. So charming, Pamela. I love the teapot designs with flowers.
    Great you got to meet Judy too!

  15. Oh my goodness, this wonderful garden is very beautiful! I wish I could go there and visit. I know I would enjoy it. I wonder why it closing. What a shame. Your pictures are so bright and fabulous. It's very nice you were able to visit July and I enjoyed seeing Maggie.


  16. Wow, looks beautiful. That must have been so fun to meet a fellow blogger in person. One day Pamela, one day.

  17. I visited the Butchart gardens in Victoria a few years ago...
    It was amazing...and I see this is as well!!
    How cool to meet another blogger...i can't even imagine how fun that would be!!
    I see some beauteous Begonias in your pics....Love those!
    Who is looking after your garden??

    Safe trip,Pam..

    Linda :o)

  18. When Judy said she was meeting Pamela at Minter I didn't realize she was talking about you. Now I'm putting 2 and 2 together. I'm glad you were able to meet up there. It really is a lovely spot and it's sad that it will be closing soon.

  19. Hi Pam
    I wish we had got to visit Minter Gardeners on our trip out west but we were there for a cruise and there was no time. Mark Cullen wrote about the gardens closing in the fall in his latest newsletter, what a shame.
    How fun to meet another Canadian blogger, sounds like you're having lots of fun.

  20. How nice that you could meet Judy. I met her briefly at a book signing. The gardens look lovely, and your photos are too.

  21. So very sad to learn that Minter Gardens is closing. I visited it in the spring several years ago- its beauty if beyond words. The tulips and rhodos were just magnificent.. So great that you got to meet Judy- what fun! Safe travels!

  22. My one visit to Minter was about six years ago, with Lovella and Julie, before they were official Mennonite Girls Can Cook authors. The place is a photographers dream! What a great loss to all garden lovers and beauty seekers.

  23. Just checking in here from afar. It was a delight to meet you (and your sister) and I will add one more fond memory to my collection of 'wonderful moments at Minter Gardens' through the years. I'm looking forward to hearing about the rest of your trip as well...and seeing your photos of another of my favorite BC destinations.

  24. What beautiful gardens..It's such a shame they are closing.....

  25. Hi Pam
    What an outstanding garden - thank you for taking us along with you via your great photos!
    Sad to think it will close but after reading the article I can see why. Children don't often follow in their parents footsteps and to take this garden on would be a hugh undertaking.

    Enjoy the rest of your break.

  26. How fun that you and your sister were able to meet Judy at these beautiful gardens. Through the years of reading Judy's blog I remember her posts on Minter Gardens, always thinking it looked like such an amazing place to visit. How sad to think that they will be closing. But, great that you got to see them before that happens.

  27. Oh my Word, these gardens are amazingly stunning! I love how you photographed them, so happy you shared with us lovely Pamela. I am sad they will be closing, though; that's life! You ladies are beautiful too! Big hugs,

  28. Aren't they gorgeous, Pamela? I'm surprised to hear that it's closing, such a great tourist attraction. Looks like you had fun, and got to meet a blog friend too!

  29. Wow, such gorgeous photos of a place that I would LOVE to visit! The tea pot arrangement is brilliant. And, how great to meet a fellow blogger xx

  30. That's so pretty, and it is sad that the gardens are closing. Brian Minter is an amazing gardener, whom I got to meet a few times through our nursery. He is so charming, and always remembered our names.

    When the gardens close, there will be a gap that can't be filled.


  31. Meeting up with blogging buddies is so fun! I'm glad you got that chance! And I love all of your photos of the gardens. I appreciate the tour!

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