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Monday, August 26, 2013

all the rain seems to help the garden grow

I love this corner of the rock garden this time of year.
It's so bright with pink blooms of cosmos and coneflower.

We've had a lot of rain in August but the past two weekends were sunny and hot with a couple of thunderstorms in between to keep things damp and growing.



Hydrangea blossom.....

.....from this bush!

loaded again this year

Clematis Jackmanii

Blue Endless Summer Hydrangea blossom

This plant was new last year and had 7 blooms on it.  This year it had 3 although it grew in size.  The deer had a few nibbles in the spring as it was leafing out which reduced the number of blooms.

One of the window boxes on the deck railing.  They did really well this year.

The tub of herbs are doing great too.  The basil smells so yummy when the wind blows by it and it tastes good in salads too.

There are still some hummingbirds around the feeders and flowers.  This little one stopped for a rest the other day.  I took the picture through the dining room window so it's a bit blurry.

David Phillips, the senior climatologist with Environment Canada, says that "unseasonably warmer and drier weather for the fall in the province (of New Brunswick) and the rest of the region will happen thanks to a persistent area of high pressure prevailing across Atlantic Canada".  We will expect warmer-than-normal weather over the next three months.  Our temperatures for mid-September could be in the mid-20's (seventies F).
Sounds great to me!!

He also stated that "one of the benefits of historic rainfall amounts this summer will be a spectacular fall foliage display".  
Lots of pictures to be taken.

He also said "we can expect a hurricane in September to impact the eastern seaboard including this region".  
{all quotes from the Daily Gleaner's Laverne Stewart}
That could be interesting!

With that kind of weather forecast I can look forward to our extended summer until September 22 when fall arrives and then for a nice fall too. 

We enjoyed a beautiful day trip to St. Martins on Sunday and I'll post on that, hopefully tomorrow.



  1. What a spectacular garden you have! You must love spending time in it!

  2. The top photo is my favorite, it is so full of bright color! I hope we have a cooler than normal fall as it can be hot right up to when it gets cold. But I can't complain, the summer has been relatively mild. I hope you don't get a hurricane! This is the first summer the grass has been high every week when it's time to mow--it's been wonderful. I enjoyed your previous post too. Hope you're having a good start to the week.

  3. Everything is looking very healthy!

  4. I like that weather report...from his lips to God's ears! We had our first rain overnight with a gray day today, which is a first since Judy and Elmer brought the sunshine on the 14th. I had to bin my potted plants...completely waterlogged. Did you put an umbrella on yours because they sure do look lush?

  5. Lovely garden! That hydrangea bush is stunning...so full of blooms.

  6. Your garden is beautiful these days. Lots of color - especially the cosmos and coneflowers. They look good together. My garden is starting to look a little tired, probably due to lack of rain.

    Your fall weather report sounds wonderful. I wonder what ours is? Going to go check it out.

  7. You have a lovely garden lots of colour.

  8. That's good to know about the weather! A bit warmer fall sounds just fine to me : )

    Can you come garden at my house next year, Pamela? Everything looks beautiful! I wish I'd planted an herb container. Guess it's a little late now. One of my hydrangeas didn't have any flowers either.

  9. You have a lush and colourful garden Pam. That does sound like a terrific weather forecast, although not the hurricane.

  10. Your flowers all look so lovely. I must remember to plant some cosmos next year. We have had such hot weather and no rain that the lawns and gardens (at least mine) aren't looking very good.

  11. Love your Cosmos...I didn't do any this year...and I regret it!
    And those Hydrangeas....love the pinkish hue...you better cut some and enjoy them inside!
    We had some rain today...but we are still pretty dry...
    I heard that this Winter is going to be extremely cold...brrr...
    But... I will look forward to a beautiful Fall...

    Linda :o)

  12. What gorgeous flowers you have!!! I grow most of them,too. I have not grown cosmos for quite a few years because we became loaded with bees on them and I was afraid the kids would be stung. Cosmos are one of my favorites. I'm glad your pink flowers in the rock garden are doing so well. Every picture is unique and so pretty....bright and clear. ...Just like I am holding those flowers in my hand. I hope fall will be colorful. I am having fun with my camera, too. My sister and brother-in-law are here from South Carolina for 10 day...so I am enjoying taking pictures of them and the rest of my family.

    Take care, Pamela,

  13. Wow, yes, the rains have really done wonders for your garden - beautiful shots, Pamela ! As for the weather 'forecasters' I take their prognostications with a grain of salt, or two. ;>)

    But I am looking forward to fall colours.

  14. Beauty . . . and the "crown" . . . final photo . . .

  15. It's looking mighty lush over there! Hmmm...let's see if your climatologist is right. A hurricane is not good! Beautiful little hummingbird.

  16. Your Hydrangea bush looks full and lovely, Pamela! I love Cosmos as well. : )

  17. Excellent series of the sweet flowers! and what the lovely color of little bird, looking cute.
    such like this post.

  18. We finally had rain on Monday, so today I'm out pulling those darn weeds that sprout up all over the place. It is hot and humid today though. My cosmos are finishing off as are several other plants. Time to start cutting them back.

  19. Your flowers and bushes are gorgeous and lush!!! We have had almost no rain this month and it's in the 90's, gorgeous hot weather. I hope our Fall is like what is predicted for your area. What more could we ask for?!

  20. Your garden is beautiful! It appears you've put some time into it. I'm sure you'll be just fine having warmer than usual weather for a while! Love the hummingbird! We still have some hanging around.

  21. These are beautiful blooms! Thank you for sharing!

  22. I, too, have been enjoying photography natures beauty and bounty. Last weekend I visited a local dahlia farm and it was amazing. I will post on it soon.


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