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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

drive, walk, hike or bike the Fundy Trail

Today we'll continue our visit to St. Martins and the Fundy Trail.  If you missed yesterday's post please just scroll down to read it. 

There are many lookouts that one can stop at along the Parkway to enjoy the views of the Bay of Fundy or the shores and beaches.  
There are also trails that go the whole distance through the Parkway as well as short trails to certain areas.  One can walk, hike  or bicycle on these trails or drive the Parkway and stop when you wish.

We chose to drive straight to Big Salmon River first.  There is a beautiful Interpretive Centre there where you can learn about the history of the Big Salmon River.

The back porch of the Interpretive Centre overlooks the Big Salmon River which flows into the Bay of Fundy.  The tide is coming in and filling up the mouth of the river.

This is the new Parkway bridge which crosses the river and continues on up the coast.  As I mentioned in my last post, the Parkway is not finished but will eventually end at Fundy National Park.  Can you see the small suspension bridge under the bridge?
It's up the river a bit.

The swinging suspension bridge.

Someone likes to make the bridge bounce!

We did a short hike on the other side of the river then came back and walked out to the mouth of the river.

We then got in the car and drove across the bridge and along the Parkway.  This is one of the massive rock cuts made for the road.  I can't imagine the amount of rock they removed from here.  

We stopped at a few lookouts.  This one looks down at the Interpretive Centre and the mouth of the river.

Another lookout that looks down on a lookout on one of the trails.

Murray, me, Jenn and Mark

Such beautiful views from different vantage points.  We were really hungry at this point so turned back and made one more stop to view Melvin Beach.  This beach is accessible on one of the trails but we didn't have time to do it this day.  Murray and I have done it before.  There are a lot of stairs to go down then up.

When we got back to the caves beach the tide was in and this is what it looked like below.

Here is a before and after photo of the beach.

You can see how high the water gets when the tide is in.  Look at the end of the point where the trees are.

We had our lunch at 3:00 at The Caves Restaurant.  They are known for their "world famous" clam chowder and fish and chips.  I enjoyed fried clams and chips.  Yum!

After we filled our bellies we drove down the road to the covered bridges and the lighthouse.  There are several gift shops along the small wharf and on the other side of the little park.  It's so pretty there.  I guess I'll have to make it a 3 part series on our visit so come back again for the last 'episode'.  :)

Thanks so much for visiting and leaving your kind comments.
I hope these posts on the beauty of our province (and the recent ones of our trip to British Columbia and Alberta) might inspire you to visit one day.




  1. Evening Pam...
    You and your hubby had the best summer vacation ever!
    Visiting with friends...seeing your daughter and grandsons...
    Viewing the best that Canada has to offer...
    Kudos to you and your family...

    Linda :o)

  2. What a beautiful area! I'll take the seaside, pine tree views over the city any day of the week! It must have been so peaceful. Biking the trail would be amazing! Love the family picture. And the clams ... one of my favorites!

  3. Fabulous scenery and places to hike. I love fried clams and will have to wait until Florida next year to feast on them.

  4. Absolutely beautiful Pamela! Loved your photos . . . it couldn't have been a prettier day!

  5. The views from the lookouts are so pretty. They are similar to the views seen on the North Shore of Lake Superior. I just love it there and I'm sure I would love the Bay of Fundy. Lighthouses are a favorite of mine. Looking forward to seeing the covered bridges too.

  6. This is beautiful..and your photos do it justice.

  7. Stunning views. I could happily while away some time sitting on that porch and admiring the scenery. The road built into the rock is very impressive. I think it is a husband thing making those bridges bounce, mine would do the same!

  8. What beautiful views! The first photo is just fantastic! I love the long covered porch and benches! And the lighthouse, of course! The last shot is really cool!

  9. My favourite - fried clams! I'll be having them soon, we're going "home" on the 7th.

  10. I am really enjoying this tour! Great scenes, and I adore that light house especially!

  11. So far my visits to Canada have been limited to Ontario. I thoroughly enjoyed these glimpses of your part of Canada. It looks really pretty and that lunch looks pretty tasty too :).

  12. Let me plan my dream trip right now! The scenery is stunning and the clams and chips look delicious. The swinging bridge looked like a lot of fun xx

  13. Hello Pam. Such a treat to see all of these beautiful pictures. I especially like some that were taken "from above". So interesting to see the ocean that way. The light house pic is so wonderful. I always love the lighthouses. Great pic of you and hubby, Jen and Mark. I have so enjoyed this great tour. It has been very interesting and beautiful. Any more?

  14. Hi Pamela! Oh, you really do know how to capture the beauty of a place. How lovely. Lighthouses are always a wonderful to me and I just love seeing them. I've been on those swinging bridges with someone who loves to make it bounce too! ;)
    Thanks for popping in to see me.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  15. You truly do live in a lovely province, Pamela! I have been there...but many years ago. I'd love to return. ;))

  16. Pamela, you go to so many great places. This one is so beautiful. Don't you hate it when the bridge bounces. I can feel it!!..Happy Thursday..Judy

  17. Hi Pam.. It looks like you had a wonderful day and your pics are so awesome.. So so sorry I was not here to meet you all..
    We are so blessed to live in such a beautiful province.. eh?
    God bless, my friend..

  18. Awwwe...just beautiful! The suspension bridge reminds me of some we have in this area...Capilano and Lynn Canyon. Fried calms is something I have never tried.

  19. This looks like a beautiful drive! I don't remember it from last time we were down there (which was years ago). Is it new or am I just getting old?


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