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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

hiking at Bragg Creek, Alberta

While we were on vacation we did a few hikes.  I am not normally very physically active. {at all} I have my little walks every day or so but don't do any climbing, let alone walking, on rough terrain.   On this  particular day we decided to go to Bragg Creek, a small tourist community about an hour from Calgary.  It was a bit rainy but we were prepared with jackets and hats.  We met friends at the little plaza in Bragg Creek.  They have a 1 year old daughter.   And there was us, Murray and I, along with Jennifer, Matthew, Ewan (almost 3) and Eli (1).  

Bragg Creek is in Kananaskis Country.

This is the bridge which crosses the Elbow River near Bragg Creek.

And below is the other end of the bridge.

You may remember (especially if you live in Canada) there was a terrible flood in the Calgary, High River (yes, that it's name), Bragg Creek area in June.  This was some of the damage that the flood caused.  It was just unimaginable.  The river was a raging fury up to the bottom of the bridge.  We saw a lot of destruction in this area and could tell how high the water was due to all the silt that was pushed inland from the river.
There was tens of millions of dollars in damage to the areas affected.
A temporary road at water level takes traffic across the river for now.  I doubt the bridge will be repaired for a while so I don't know what will happen if the river rises again.

We arrived at the park and began our hike.

Off we went with 3 kids, a stroller, back packs and baby carriers.  Ewan walked for about 15 minutes then was put in one of the back carriers.  They sure make some great gear for the outdoors!

We started on the level but gradually climbed a steep hill.  It was quite muddy in spots on the trail and very slick for walking.

We saw lots of beautiful wildflowers along the trail and hillsides.

After hiking up and then down the big hill {small mountain} we walked through woods and along hillsides.  It rained and the sun peeked out a bit too.  I was getting tired and also getting a good work out trying to stay on my feet on the slick trail.  The way out was much longer than the way in and we may have got lost and taken the wrong trail and had to backtrack.

Part of this park is open to local ranchers and their cattle or horses are allowed to roam freely.  We passed through a gate at each end of the hike but didn't see one animal.  However, we saw 'evidence' of cows and a few hoof prints.  :)  We had to watch our step for more than the mud!!

 Maneuvering the stroller through a mud hole.

Finally we were at the gate and nearing the end.  I was getting pretty tired and sore by this point and didn't think I could walk much farther.   Phew!  I did it.  Another big hike.
The kids did great by the way.  

Little feet dancing in a puddle in the parking lot.

I should have joined them.

muddy wet runners (and legs)
I'll be shopping for new runners soon. {new legs would be good too}

It was a great morning. We stopped at a local eatery ~ Cinnamon Spoons Cafe ~ for a yummy lunch.  We were hungry!

The little town is slowly recovering.  The area is sustained by tourism - hiking, biking, etc. so the flood damage brought the economy to a standstill for a while.

Thanks so much for visiting and leaving your kind comments.

We are to have 2 very hot and humid (30+Celsius) days today and tomorrow followed by rain on Friday then back to cooler 22 C temperatures and sunshine on the weekend.  I think this is summer's last blast so I'll enjoy it.

I hope you enjoy your day too!



  1. Fun hike! Cool weather hiking sure beats hot, even if mud is involved. Loved your flowers!

  2. Looks like good hiking weather to me! :)
    Glad you could help out the locals by using their services!

  3. Kananaskis country is so beautiful. We hiked in that area last summer. You're a good sport to put up with the mud and long walk when not used to it. By the way, if you run across a good legs store - let me know - I wouldn't mind an upgrade on my legs, too!

    Enjoy summer's last hurrah!

  4. Looks like a great hike . . . mud an all! Love seeing the little tiny clog feet . . .

  5. That's exactly what my trainers/runners looked like this morning, I managed to find the only mud slick in the woods, nicely camouflaged by the grass. This looks like a lovely area to walk in. I have a FB friend who lives in Calgary, she showed me some pics of the flooding, and the damage to homes. Horrible!

  6. I like the idea of a hike too Pam but don't know if this body would be willing any more. :-) Like you, I walk around town, with and without the dog and I think an hour or so is my max.
    You were a good sport and new runners are always nice to have.

  7. That is quiet the hike, you've got some great postcard material in those shots. The cafe looks really cute and their prices look reasonable.

  8. Wow- that was quite the hike. Good for you for hanging in there! I don't mind hiking, but don't care much for going through mud...
    I'm in the market for new feet and legs too- let me know if you find a good sale!

  9. Pamela, you really did hike a long ways. I think you must not give yourself enough credit. We have a town called Ft.Bragg in California that has much the same look of it only it's on the ocean. Quite craggy and rugged looking. I can commiserate with the flood and the bridge. As I wrote in my last post 1955 did alot of damage throughout the county. wich is quite large. Big city bridges were taken down and those are something that doesn't get fixed right away..Beautiful photos as always..Happy Wednesday..Judy

  10. I'm doffing my cap to you, Pam! You really did well making it to the end. They'd have air-lifted me out. ;>

    Love that mosaic...just brought in a wlldflower bouquet that has the purple bell things in it...must look that up.

    Good to know that the community is making its way back from the brink...those were harrowing times.

  11. I love a great hike! It's a wonderful way to see God's country.

  12. Your photos do make the walk look a bit challenging. I'm not a fan of mud. :))

  13. We are enjoying summer's last blast here, too! You got some great photos, once again. I feel bad for that entire area, what a lot they have been through.
    Have a good week!

  14. Lovely countryside great place to hike.

  15. This looked like a rigorous hike, Pamela, made harder by the mud. I'm glad the town is slowly recovering. It has also been hot here this week --I stayed inside with the air conditioning :)

  16. Glad you made it through the muddy trails. I didn't see any of that area of the province for the flood damage. We have some areas in Medicine Hat still needing attention and there are some people still not in their houses. Such a sad summer for so many Albertans. Take care and ...did you get some new runners! :)

  17. That's a beautiful place to hike despite the tough going in spots! The damage to the bridge is amazing! I would imagine it will take considerable work to repair.

  18. It was a long hike but very beautiful. I would have been exhausted but YOU DID IT! I really enjoyed the pics of the beautiful wild flowers. I love the way you write your stories with your pictures. I get so captivated and don't want you to end!!!!!!


  19. Proud of you for making the hike Pamela! You took some lovely photos and those little Croc feet are adorable. :)

  20. Yay...for you, Pamela. Sorry about the shoes! I just shared the pic of the flood-ravaged bridge with hubby...unreal! Now I must go back and catch up on all the posts I missed.

  21. Excellent outing with the family and healthy too! The pic of the destroyed bridge was a shocker.

    Just catching up on some posts. Love your BC pics.

  22. Real hike trooper you are. Good for you all introducing the wee ones to nature at an early age.

  23. Good for you on completing this hike, Pamela. It looks like there were several challenges, but also lots of beauty.

  24. Lovely pictures !!!!! Amazing !!!:)
    Come and see me too on:


  25. I bet you burned some calories on that hike! Trekking through mud is tough going. But what a great way to spend time enjoying nature and having fun. If you do any more hiking in your future, you might want to get some hiking boots to protect your ankles and get better traction. My waterproof L.L. Bean hiking boots have been with me for well over a dozen years and should last the rest of my days, though they have endured miles and miles of Canadian and U.S. snow, mud, dirt, rocks, rain, creeks, etc.


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