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Saturday, August 24, 2013

historic Odell Cottage

Odell Cottage is one of my favourite homes in the old
downtown plat of Fredericton.

This cottage was built in 1855 by William Odell on a pasture 
lot extending to Kings' College 
(now the University of New Brunswick).  

It is a wood frame structure with an ell on the back.

In the mid 1970's I boarded at this house during one winter.
It belonged to a cousin of my father's.
My bedroom was where the two windows are in the above photo.

the side wrap porch

On this day when my friend and I were walking we met up 
with the cousin who now lives in this house.
She graciously gave us a tour of the inside bringing back 
memories of my time living there.  
Few changes have been made other than fresh paint and large
garden doors to a back patio.
It still remains a beautiful cottage with it's original doors, windows, woodwork etc.

This side wrap porch is beautiful with ornate trim.
The cottage has been pink for a long time.

It is also known as Fiddlehead Cottage because
of the fiddle head shapes in the carving on the porch.

Isn't it just the sweetest cottage?

There are some very beautiful old homes in Fredericton.
These photos were taken in September 2012.

It is a beautiful day here and tomorrow we are going to St. Martin's along the Bay of Fundy to explore the caves and the Fundy Trail.  We'll also be dining on some seafood.  And you know I'll be taking pictures.  I also hope to visit Faye at her little shop "House of Henry".  Her delightful blog is The Blessed Hearth.   Drop over and see what she's been making this week.  
 Watch for a new blogpost soon!

Enjoy your weekend.



  1. This cottage looks like something out of a storybook, Pamela. I hope you enjoyed your time living there.

  2. That is a lovely old cottage, indeed! It's great seeing a beautiful building like this in good shape.

  3. Very charming . . . like the pale pink!

  4. Wow
    So much to comment about. I hope I don't get too chatty!
    Your cousins home is so beautiful and full of character.
    It makes me happy they kept it much the same.
    In the Mid-West we called our homes like this one, Painted Ladies.
    We used to visit a town in Arkansas called Eureka Spring. It is full
    of beautiful Victorian homes. It even has a city ordnance that any
    new builds have to be styled from the same era.
    When you said you were going to The Bay of Fundy I was wondering if you
    would drop in and see Faye and her shop. Have you met before?
    I'm really looking forward to seeing picture from your trip there!
    Have fun-Kimberly

  5. What a beautiful home and you can see that it has been lovingly looked after by all the owners.
    Enjoy your trip to the Bay of Fundy.

  6. That really is the sweetest cottage, Pamela! I love the pink too! How kind for the woman to give you a tour through the home without any advance notice. There are some wonderful, good hearted people in this world.

    How I would love to go see the Bay of Fundy! My parents went there several years ago but they don't take pictures. Are you up near Carolyn Aiken? Maybe you could drop in on her lovely cottage as well! ; )


  7. What a sweet cottage for sure, when you reminded us of the window between your room up top I thought of L.M. Montgomery and the top windows of her cousin's home where she wrote the book Story Girl. Memories are great, so is going back. Your pictures are lovely as ever and thank you for sending me off on a visit, it is pickle time again.
    I have to get a new reader soon so I stop by more often.


  8. A delightful cottage...and how neat that you once boarded there!

  9. Beautiful old house. I visited the Bay of Fundy many years ago before I had children.

  10. Well This is very lovely home alott of character and the tour was a bonus I would say.

  11. A totally charming cottage indeed. What wonderful details on the wrap-around porch in the fiddlehead scrollings. I was also charmed by your connection to the home. It must have been very pleasant to live there for a time. My mother would have totally loved the pink. I grew up in a house that she painted pink.

  12. Lovely old cottage .

  13. It's a beautiful, old house and extra special for you as a family home!

  14. What a lovely cottage. I love, love that wrap around porch.
    Enjoy your trip to the Bay of Fundy.

  15. It is a lovely building. I like the porch very much, it is so pretty with all the carving.

  16. Lovely cottage, so nice to be able to return to a place and see how nicely it has been kept up. I love that porch. I could just imagine sitting there with friends drinking lemonade.

  17. Very nice place! It's great to see something still around and in good shape after all this time. This has character. Many new homes these days don't.

  18. What sweet memories - and how lovely that cousins still live there and share a visit with you. We lived in a pink cottage built in 1888 in Northern California - it was the most fun we've had with a house. I love all the photos - simply charming.

  19. It is darling! And you got to live there once upon a time?! I love the trim on the porches and the pink color. It is wonderful that it has been lovingly maintained over the years.

  20. It is a sweet cottage and the colour is nice along with all the white trim. It must have been fun living there.

  21. You are right about that, Pam...
    There are some fantastic homes in Fredericton...I really should find those photos I took!!!
    Enjoy your day!

    Linda :o)

  22. Such a lucky lady, your cousin, to call this pretty cottage home!

  23. love the ginger breading on the cottage!


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