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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Alberta's Badlands, the Horseshoe Canyon and Drumheller

When we were in Alberta in August we took a day trip to
The Badlands.

Horseshoe Canyon, near Drumheller, Alberta

Drumheller is located about 2 hours east of Calgary, Alberta on Route 9.
When you drive east across the province the land is mostly flat prairie then all of a sudden one sees this cut in the landscape. 
The valley is carved right out of the landscape and looks like a moonscape in some ways.

This is about as close as I could get to the edge of this cliff.  
I have a terrible fear of heights and even seeing other visitors near the edge gave me a very uneasy feeling of panic.

Jennifer and Matthew with Ewan and Eli.

Can you see the farm and trees at the top of the cliff on the other side?  That's a very deep valley.

I stayed up on the top and watched as my family disappeared over the edge and down the path into the valley.  There they are in the above photo.

Jennifer took this photo of Ewan, our brave little mountain climber.  No fear there!

After their hike (and I breathed a sigh of relief) we left and drove into Drumheller.

You can see how the flat landscape all of a sudden goes into this valley.  The scenery is amazing and so interesting to see the many layers of earth in the hillsides.  It was also very hot - about 30 C.

We stopped in the town for lunch then drove to see the 
World's Largest Dinosaur.

We climbed up a stairway inside this creature and came to stand in it's mouth to see the view.  (I did not get close to the edge!)

Ewan was pretty excited to be in the dinosaur's mouth.

Thankfully there is plexiglass there for protection!

Murray and Eli.  I think Eli was wondering what was outside the 'mouth'. 
The stairwell had murals painted on the walls.

Do you see the people climbing on the foot?

It was a lot of stairs to go up and then down.  While in the mouth I could feel the thing shaking from people on the stairs so I decided it was time for me to move back in and down the stairs!  What a scaredy cat I am.  lol

Dinosaurs outside the Royal Tyrrell Museum

We hopped in the car and headed out on the road to find The Royal Tyrrelle Museum.  When we got there we noticed a very long line of about 100 people waiting in the hot sun to get tickets so we decided to skip this today and go find the famous Hoodoos.  
I'll leave that post for another day.  
They were amazing!

Thank you for visiting and leaving your comments.  
Have a great day!




  1. Thanks for the tour!
    I find that the Badlands are so amazing.
    I see see the wagon trains going through.
    Our son and family went there this past August as well. You might have even crossed paths.

  2. Hi Pam
    I don't like heights either, sometimes even a photo can make me queasy. Looking at the badlands, I find them a marvel of nature to have such interesting formations and valleys. Beautiful scenery!

  3. What an impressive area. It made me smile seeing Ewan climbing, as our son would have been exactly the same at that age. Just the thought of going inside that dinosaur makes me claustrophobic!

  4. That is an amazing landscape and looks very other worldly. I don't like heights either. I sometimes get the feeling that I might as well jump because I am going to fall anyway. Talk about crazy! LOL

    Your daughter is so cute and she has such a darling family!

  5. I'm just like you, Pamela, I don't even like to see others standing close to the edge. I nearly panic every time and I'm even sometimes afraid my fear will send them over the edge! You have a lovely family and your photos really captured the beauty of this area.

  6. Fantastic photos ! Amazing looking land . Thanks for sharing with us Pamela ! Hot and humid here again . Have a good day !

  7. These are gorgeous! The valley is spectacular! One of these would look great framed! Glad the family had a fun day together!

  8. Much more colorful than the Badlands in South Dakota -- love the varying levels of different mineral deposits. Fun trip!

  9. What an amazing landscape, it is so unusual. I love the dinosaur too, that is massive, and to feel it shaking must have been frightening. Enjoy the rest of the week. xx

  10. Amazing potos dear Pam, wow! Very unique and it looks like Jurasick Park. The diosaur is cute and fun, lol.. I like this kind of trip. Your hubby and the cutie is the best shot! Big hugs,


  11. It would be scary to be standing in a dinosaur's mouth! But how cool is that?! I love stuff like that and will go out of my way to take a look. And I love that kind of landscape. It's so different than what we're used to around here. Terrific pics!

  12. Hi Pamela, I totally understand your discomfort walking, and climbing there, but it was great that you partially faced your fears. Lovely shots, I have not seen the Hoodoo's or Drumheller since I was was younger. It's still just as beautiful.

    I'm still hopeful that we can figure out the redirection of Muddy Boot Dreams, so I would wait a little longer until we know for sure. All this because I wanted it pointed to the domain name.


  13. The Alberta Badlands look much like those in North Dakota...with a little more vegetation. Quite amazing...that terrain! So nice to meet your Alberta kids...and grands. Sweet family!

  14. I am a scaredy cat of heights as well, Pam...
    That place is unbelievable...
    We have been to the Grand Canyon...now...that was AWESOME!!!
    Your 2 wee boys look wonderful...and your daughter is a doll!
    Hope you will see them soon!

    Linda :o)

  15. I don't like getting near the edge of cliff either as I'm always afraid I will fall over the edge. These photos are fantastic though of the badlands. Glad you and your family had a great time.
    Thanks for the visit today.

  16. Yes, Pamela, I found the Badlands very interesting and the Hoodoos as well. We took our children there many years ago.

  17. Stunning!!! Amazing photos. This is quite similar to parts of Eastern Washington - the layers exposed - fabulous views (loved that farm far across the way) - I never tire of scenery like this - though I won't stand next to the edge either - we are both smart that way.

  18. It is, truly, the most amazing sight! No wonder they call it The Badlands!

  19. Interesting scenery, Pamela, especially those canyons. I find it very intriguing to stand on the edge (not too close either) of a canyon. Amazing creation!
    Mary Alice

  20. Great post and photos Pam! Although I've travelled in AB, I've never been to Drumheller area. Looks like there's lots to see and do there... Interesting landscape, for sure...

  21. Great post and photos Pam! Although I've travelled in AB, I've never been to Drumheller area. Looks like there's lots to see and do there... Interesting landscape, for sure...

  22. Great photos of your "Badlands!" Amazing changes in the terrain . . . Your grandson has no fear . . . bet he loved the hug dinosaur!

  23. We were to drive across Canada this year and finances are pushing the trip to another year. Now I'm excited seeing your pictures. I would be just like you, when the dino started to shake I'd be back in the car. Boys,ah no fear at all. Grandmother's forever worried (smile) It was an amazing trip, you look so happy.

  24. What an amazing canyon! Such textures! Love your photos of it, and also looking out of a dinosaur's mouth! How fun!


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