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Saturday, September 14, 2013

doors and windows ~ a photo challenge

This Georgian Style home in downtown Fredericton was built in 1829 as 
the Rectory for St. Anne's Parish.
Taken on a bright sunny day last September.
f2.7 ISO 80

Another older home with double front doors and a transom.
f3.5 ISO 100

This house has gorgeous doors and windows all painted up and with wonderful
trims and shutters.
f2.7 ISO 80

The Gothic style entrance doors to Christ Church Cathedral, Fredericton, NB.
f3.5 ISO200

The main doors to The Old Arts Building at the University of New Brunswick, Fredericton.
Built in 1829
f3.5 ISO80

I'm going to add this last photo as I took it tonight with my iPhone. 
It is of the Fredericton City Hall lit up.  I like the way the lights lit up the arches, the windows, and the detail at the roofline.

f2.8 ISO400

I almost missed this party today as I thought it was next week and even suggested it was so to another blogger who I thought had 'jumped the gun' a week early.  My apologies to you!  

These photos were taken last year in downtown Fredericton which has many beautiful historic homes and buildings.  
I love old homes and architecture so enjoy taking photos of these often.  I should do it in winter sometime and see what they look like.  It might be interesting.

I am joining Donna for her Personal Photo Challenge this month with the topic being windows and doors.  Maybe you'd like to join us or just visit and see what others have posted.  Just click on the above link.

Thanks for stopping by.




  1. Well I have seen a lot of beautiful doors and windows today.

  2. Those are all really pretty to see. My favourite is the colourful house with the trim and shutters. Yes, some winter shots would be great, I look forward to seeing them. It will be nice to see your province in the winter.

  3. All the windows, door and arches were fun to see. I liked the Gothic windows at Christ Church . . . The house with the colorful shutters and trim reminds me of the Muskegon home of the lumber baron Charles Hackley who is famous to so much of our city.

  4. Nicely done! The architecture is really interesting! So many buildings are just ho-hum. You chose some great places for the challenge!

  5. I had thought about photographing doors and windows like this, too!!! Oregon City and surrounding areas have many old homes. Love the shots.

  6. Love those cathedral doors PG, any chance they'd miss them if I used them in our garden?! :)

  7. Wonderful photography. Delightful variety right there in your own community. And the other thing that strikes me is that they don't make doors and windows the way they used to with all that style.

  8. Love the third one down - rather than Victorian gingerbread, I has more a feeling of Scandinavian style, something like I've seen in Carl Larsson's paintings. I wonder what it's like inside - would be fun to take a peek!!
    All the doors and windows are lovely examples of classic architecture. I recall visiting Fredericton years ago, long before a camera had become a permanent appendage, LOL! Back then all the pics I took had silly, giggly kiddies doing dumb things for the camera.........don't recall the great excitement of photographing a door or window, haha!

    Hope you're having a lovely weekend Pamela - weather here is perfect.
    Hugs - Mary

  9. Good morning! You take the most beautiful photos! The last one is phenomenal! How smart to take it with your phone when the time was right. Of course I love the blue and red shutters and trim of that building. I like the angles you use, too! Great photos for the challenge! Enjoy your day my friend!

  10. Older homes and buildings have the nicest doors, more unique than modern ones. I love the painted colours, it would stand out on our street but would sure be an attention getter. :-)
    Glad you realized the PPC was this week Pam.

  11. Love all of your doors and windows. Architecture is very interesting. At least the older architecture is. Your collage in your header is very pretty. Love it.

  12. I am such a door person, that this is a real treat to see. Love that transom..sigh.

    And yes, I was up early this morning, lol, and very glad to hear that the blog is showing up.


  13. (I like your new header)... Pamela the doors (and windows) are beautiful. There is nothing as lovely as a grand entrance to an older home. Great pictures!

  14. Thank you for an abundant variety of handsome doors and windows! I adore the wild paint job on the Victorian house. It takes a brave soul to use those colors on their house, but the combination sure works! And I agree that the light play on the city hall building windows are quite grand. Wonderful job, sweetie!

  15. Second and third one are my favorites. I love the name of your blog. Wish I'd thought of it :P

  16. Beautiful doors and windows. Those Gothic arches are so graceful and lovely in stone. And I just love the colored house doors. You've captured a great variety of doors and windows!

  17. I'm gonna repeat it, but the doors and windows are awesome and those Gothic arches are amazing! Incredible images you take and share with us dear Pamela! Love your new header too, it's wonderful! Thank you for dropping by, you are so sweet my friend! Have a happy week.

  18. You chose such wonderful window and door photos, Pamela! I love the multicolored hose's wondows and Christ Church's door.

  19. Pam, you've posted such a wonderful collection of windows and doors.
    212 is great - so much detail.

  20. Neat collection of doors. I like to photograph old homes too, Looks like Fredericton has some beauties!

  21. Some good solid doors amongst your photos there!
    Thanks for sharing them with us.
    And thank you for visiting my blog post.

  22. You captured some gorgeous doors and windows!!
    Mary Alice

  23. Cool post! I am a lover of beautiful the church arches.

  24. Fredericton is such a beautiful old city - a wealth of material for architectural history buffs! I love your fall header - all the beautiful things about this season.

  25. What a wonderful array of windows and doors! Each one is fascinating. Oh my, the trim on that Victorian is amazing! And I am drawn to your second photo, the one of the old house with the transom window. I am a big fan of transoms, and this one is unusual. And I love that view of the city hall. The lights enhance the architectural features so beautifully.

  26. I especially like house #2!!!
    Something about blue and crisp white, that gets me everytime!
    I can only imagine it all dressed for Christmas!!
    There are certainly some beautiful old homes in Fredericton!

    Linda :o)

  27. I love those doors and windows. I wish I had known about it as I love that meme. Have a nice week.

  28. wow, what a fun challenge. i enjoy #3 & #4.
    have a great week. ( :

  29. What a great idea for a blog post. Your doors and windows are amazing, Ill have to get downtown Charlottetown and get in on the fun.

  30. Hi Pamela!
    I think you most definitely have risen to the occasion and met the challenge to photograph doors and windows in a very creative way! Great work!
    I love architecture too and always love seeing photos of any type
    of building details.

    Have a lovely week!

  31. Hi Pamela,
    Great to meet you and thanks for stopping by. You shots are great. I love the last one, taken with you iPhone. There's something about the lighting that appeals to me. The nights are drawing in and we shall see more night than day soon. I find something comforting in that.
    Speak soon.

  32. An interesting collection of doors and windows, Pamela.

  33. nice take on this challenge. thanks for sharing


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