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Saturday, September 7, 2013

just passing through

hummingbird at the hydrangea   August 29, 2013

The hummingbirds are still visiting us here and I've enjoyed watching them feeding on the flowers and at the 2 feeders on our deck as they pass through on their way south.

August 30, 2013

You know how difficult it is to capture these little wonders on a camera.  I took these through the windows so they are not in good focus.  But they are so beautiful to look at and watch.


We've also had a lot of Goldfinches at the nyjer seed feeder and I don't know if they are just passing through or if they'll stay the winter.  I captured this little female on the hydrangea bush the same day as the hummingbird.  

I'm not sure what she was finding to eat unless they like nectar or maybe there were tiny bugs in the blooms.

It's a  mix of sun and cloud here today and supposed to be warmish at 23 C.  Rain for tonight and tomorrow.  

I hope you have a great weekend!




  1. Our hummingbirds are still hanging around and squabbling for territory. It is still very warm so they have no reason to move on yet!

  2. Gosh Pam, might have been through a window, but stunning photos of the hummer. I don't believe I've ever seen them after the nectar from my hydrangea flowers.

  3. Fantastic captures! I have tried and failed repeatedly to capture hummers. Wowzer. Amazing and through the window, too. What a lovely set of note cards these would make!

  4. WOW Pamela - what amazing shots ( I can't believe you captured these through a window - you must have immaculately clean ones lol )
    Just gorgeous!

  5. Pamela, these pictures are WONDERFUL!!! We've had lots of hummingbirds this year, too, as well as lots of goldfinches eating our thistle seed. But we can't get pictures of this quality through the window because of our screen being in the way. I agree with Suzan above -- your windows must be immaculately clean. :) Thanks for sharing Pamela and have a wonderful weekend!

    Denise at Forest Manor

  6. Some of the hummingbirds stay here all winter, so it's important to keep the feeders topped up. Your shots are great!

  7. Oh Pamela . . . MOST beautiful . . . love, love, love . . .

  8. Your photos are phenomenal - I love the one especially with the wings spread in front of the hydrangea - they are all spectacular.

    I've heard that if there has been rain (or sprinkles) that birds will sip the water that sticks in the nooks and crannies of the blossoms. I wish we'd get more goldfinches - they are very scarce in our yard.

  9. Oh goodness..phenomenal pics Pamela!!! I've never even been able to get a picture of one and you took many!!! Great job!

  10. Hi Pamela, These are fantastic pics. How did you ever get these gorgeous hummingbird photos? My husband really likes the photo of the hydrangea with the back of the bird and his wings spread. Each one is beautiful. Fantastic job with the little gold finches, too. You must have such patience. We have hummingbirds here and I am fascinated by them! I will be sad when they decide to leave.

    Hope you are having a wonderful day!

  11. Wonderful photos Pamela ! Our hummers are in a feeding frenzy preparing for their long journey . Our Incredaball Hydrangeas have been all done for some time now yours there look lovely ! Our Goldfinch here prefer the oiled sunflower seeds and have left the nyjer food alone for some time now , I was talking to our seed man as we call him where we get our bird seed at his pet store and he said that all his costumers said the same about the finches preferring the oil sunflower seed to the nyjer food , I guess it tastes better or some thing lol ! Thanks for sharing ! A spot of rain here and a bit humid again ! Have a good day !

  12. P.S I find hummer to be one of the most challenging subjects to photograph as they are so quick lol and like to play with on that has a camera on them lol

  13. These are such beautiful little birds, and you have taken some wonderful shots of them. I'd love to have birds like this in our garden.

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend my friend.


  14. Amazing photos Pamela...thank you so much for sharing because I don't ever see hummingbirds. Fall has arrived here in Ohio and I'm happy about that! Even though our summer was mild I'm tired of the mosquitoes and the yard work. Ready for a break! Happy Sunday...Ann

  15. Pamela
    I'm being honest when I say I don't think I've ever seen any prettier or better Hummingbird photos! They are so hard to get pictures of and I can't tell at all they were taken from inside.
    Your windows are sure cleaner than mine.
    The little Goldfinch sure stands out a front of your snowball hydrangeas too.
    Great pics, for sure.

  16. Very nice shots of the hummers, Pamela. I too enjoy seeing them this time of year. Soon they will head south.

  17. Wow, these are gorgeous captures! I love the hummers, but haven't been able to capture one yet. They are too quick for me!

  18. I am enchanted! Next to butterflies, Hummingbirds would cause me to stop whatever I was doing to watch them - as well as garden birds - gorgeous photos - have a wonderful weekend,

  19. the Hydrangeas are beautiful, as are the busy birds.

  20. Wonderful shots! I just bought a 200 mm lens for my camera and am so looking forward to getting practice with it soon. Have to wait until my broken toe heals!

  21. These are great shots! Your flowers are beautiful, I can see why the birds are busy visiting you!

  22. I think we got your mix of rain and more rain, I forgot the cushions for the swing outside last night and well you can imagine how wet they are. I only had one pair of hummingbirds at our feeder and flowers this year. They are fun to watch, reminds me of fairies. You captured wonderful pictures of them, and your hydrangea is beautiful as well. Mine started out all white and I have mixed pink through it and people are stopping knocking on the door and asking what it is. It isn't a bush but very large and perhaps that is what has been confusing. I'm just getting here when half of the weekend is over, lol.

  23. My goldfinches usually stay until the red polls come. There isn't enough room for them both I guess.

  24. Pamela, I have to repeat what others are saying, those are great shots. I am going to pin a couple. I cannot get over what close ups you were able to get. I just love hummingbirds. We used to have a lot of gold finches but not many this year. I am not sure why.

  25. Pamela these are just fantastic! You capture the little guy just perfectly.

  26. Love your hummers and hydrangeas! Sadly, the hummers or the hydrangeas don't come this far north.

  27. Hummingbirds and hydrangeas...some of my favorite things. Captured so nicely.

  28. moi qui adore tous les oiseaux , vos photos sont superbes
    à bientôt
    edith (iris)

  29. I have never gotten a shot of a hummingbird...NEVER!!!
    These are awesome!
    I think the Finch is trying the Hydrangea out, as a pillow!
    Looks like she is laying her head down...CUTE!!
    My email is "Locked"...seems I may have been compromised!
    What next!?
    Enjoy your week...we are expecting 40* with the humidex tomorrow!

    Linda :o)

  30. You did a great job with those photos! I sure love to watch the hummers. Such cuties...


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