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Monday, September 30, 2013

meandering in Maine

Bar Harbour, Maine from the top of Cadillac Mountain

Hi everyone! We are home from a gorgeous 3 days spent along the coast of Maine.  
The weather was sunny and the temperatures rose to the low 20's (70'sF) which is amazing for late September and for being on the coast.  I packed long sleeved tees, jeans, sneakers and socks,  sweater, wind breaker and jean jacket.  Thankfully, I also packed a pair of jean capris, sandals, and short sleeved tee, just in case, as I needed them!

Our first stop on the way was in Bangor for lunch.  Normally we'd stay and do a lot of shopping in that city but we had an agenda to enjoy the coastal towns so we 'ate and ran'.  Our base was at a Best Western in Ellsworth as it's a bit cheaper than in the resort towns right on the coast and we only needed the rooms to sleep at night.  No sense in spending a lot of money when you're not in the room!

Bar Harbour is a beautiful little resort town and now cruise ships call it a stopover on their runs to and from the Maritime provinces of Canada.  There were 3 cruise ships in the harbour that day (see them in the picture?).  

We drove up Cadillac Mountain which is part of Acadia National Park.  It takes about 20 minutes to drive up the twisty road and we met cyclists and tour buses on the way.  There were a lot of tourists around on Friday.  The sky was so clear and one could see for miles around the area.  

Here we are, a little overdressed for the warm temperatures.

After an hour or so on the mountain we drove down into the town of Bar Harbour.  We walked around and down to the waterfront.  Bar Harbour has quaint streets around a town square with older buildings and lots of shops and eateries.  What a perfect day!
Just enjoy the photos.

The cruise ship AIDA out of Germany.

A horse drawn carriage ride could be had around the town.

A beautiful hotel right on the harbour front.

We had our supper on the deck that has all the dark green umbrellas.

This brass quintet was entertaining the cruise ship passengers as they departed for their ships and also the diners like us, on the dock next to them.


The town clock - 1896.

Evening lights downtown.

People we met were so friendly.  We talked with people from England, Texas, Pennsylvania, Toronto, and Vancouver.  

That was day one of our meandering in Maine.  I'll be back with another post, or two, of the other stops we made.  I hope you come back!

The weather here at home is gorgeous too.  It's 10 degrees warmer than it should be this time of year so I'm really enjoying it!

Have a great day!




  1. Morning Pamela....looks like you had a "picture perfect" weekend !!! Can't wait to see the rest of your weekend photos. This is one of my favorite places in Maine and such a beautiful place to visit during these gorgeous "Indian Summer" days. Have a wonderful week. ♥

  2. Lobster roll!! Clocks!!! Rocky shoreline!!! Ahhh!!! Love your meanderings. So fun to picture it being a warm fall day as it looked quite summery to me!

  3. Beautiful pics! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Looks like a lovely getaway with perfect weather. I packed very similar to you (minus the capris) for our recent trip. I was often overdressed, so I know where you're coming from on that front.
    Bar Harbour looks like a really pretty town. Love that clock and the hotel looks wonderful. Oh, and that lobster roll... yumm!!

  5. Love your photos from Cadillac Mountain and the tour of Bar Harbor. The lobster roll has my mouth watering.
    Your photos are making me want to return there some day.

  6. Lovely photos Pam! I haven't been to Bar Harbour for many years.. I think it's time for a return visit... That lobster roll has me convinced! lol

  7. What a beautiful weekend you had. :)

  8. we have loved, loved, loved our 2 different trips to Maine. & really wish to go again really soon. a gorgeous state. lovely views. glad you had a a fun & safe journey. ( :

  9. Oh...I love this post....and the good memories it brings. I think we had lobster rolls at the same spot...one month ago. Maine is so pretty...and I'm glad you got some summer weather in September!

  10. What a perfect place and what beautiful weather, Pamela! I love the round rock at the top of the hill. : )

  11. Oh...I wish I could have tagged along!
    That photo of the cruise ship, and the clouds is awesome!
    Waiting for the next installment!

    Linda :o)

  12. Oh my! You saw so many beautiful things, the scenery is gorgeous! I would love to visit Maine, I've never had a chance to.
    Your food looked really delicious, I"m sure it was!

  13. I am so glad to be able to see these lovely pics of Bar Harbor. I feel like I was invited to go with you...such great explanations and beautiful pictures. I do remember when we were there we stayed right there in a motel that was out over the water =I think it was the one near the green umbrella tables. It was not really nice. But it was an experience to remember. we were quite young then. The photos from the mountain are glorious with all of the islands and big ships. Thank you for sharing. Can't wait for some more!

  14. Gorgeous photography! I am so glad that your visit was in good weather!

  15. Hi Pamela, Been awhile since I left a comment but I always enjoy your posts and photos. I feel like you've done this post just for me-you see in two years hubby and I are planning another trip to Maine. We went 10 yrs ago and stayed in Booth Bay-loved it but wanted to see more. So while we were in Alaska on our last trip, we decided with our friends, to venture up to Maine. Bar Harbor is the area but we will probably head south also. Thanks for the tip on the hotel and the great photos.
    Hugs, Noreen

  16. Next year we are going a different route, I'd like to go back to Bar Harbor. That lobster roll really does look good!!

  17. Oh boy, do those lovely photos bring back vacation memories! I'm so glad that you had a good visit there and the people were friendly. You couldn't have picked better weather, that's for sure! There are gorgeous views from up on Cadillac Mountain.

  18. Beautiful photos and post . What a lovely trip . Looking forward to seeing and hearing more . Thanks for sharing . Have a good day !

  19. After seeing your photos Pam, I'd love to tour this area on vacation. Mmm, lobster roll and chips!
    A nice photo of you and Murray, you two are so photogenic, and always smiling.
    Thanks for sharing your mini vacation photos.

  20. What a lovely place to visit!....my Maritime friends talk about lobster rolls, but I have never had the privilege of tasting one...the one in your photo looks delicious.

  21. That is some fantastic scenery! I've always wanted to visit Maine. I love the northern part of the US. The cruise ship photo is so cool! Really beautiful shots!

  22. Oh my goodness, some gorgeous scenery and great shots you always share dear Pam. I have a cousin who lives in Maine, hope someday I can go and visit there. You two make a lovely couple. Thanks for coming over sweetie.

  23. I've always heard how beautiful Maine is and your photos are definite proof of it!
    Thank you for taking us along on your road trip, Pamela.

  24. What a gorgeous area. You do visit some wonderful places. I think I need to get myself booked on to one of those cruise ships!

  25. Such sounds an amazing destination! all the photographs looking beautiful specially i love the cruise ship..
    Indeed, an interesting tour!

  26. Wonderful photos Pamela . . . looks like an enjoyable weekend trip. Look forward to post two!

  27. Lovely pics, Pam. I especially like the one of you guys.. You are so cute!!

  28. What a great visit and with perfect weather - so happy for you Pamela.
    Of course Maine has always been dear to my heart as we spent so much time there when living in New England - love it year round. Have noticed that cruising to your Maritimes has been picking up - many ships go that way and I for one would love to do that - I want to visit Saint Pierre and Miquelon - and of course come back to New Brunswick! Lovely photos - thanks for all - especially that lobster roll - I think Bob was ready to lick the screen!!!

    I'm off tomorrow - hopefully will be able to read your posts but may not be able to comment.
    Hugs - Mary

  29. Looks like a fabulous trip!! Your photos are gorgeous, as always! :)

  30. Wonderful photos and thanks for the memories! The last family vacation we had with just our boys was to this very place!

  31. I forgot to mention the great picture of you and your hubby! It is wonderful when someone can take our picture together with our loved one. That is a very nice picture.


  32. Just gorgeous Pamela - LOVE that town clock!!!
    The last time we were there - the waitress in one of the restaurants said she thought I was American because I didn't say " aboot " lmho !!!
    Lovely photo of you and hubby!

  33. Such glorious weather for a wonderful trip Pamela. The scenery is spectacular and the water so calm.

  34. I would guess this would be high tourist season in Maine -- you really captured the feel of Autumn in Maine Pam. Thank you for sharing.

  35. This tour of Maine is simply wonderful Pamela. I am so happy you had such lovely weather! Perfect!


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