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Spring 2018
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Sunday, September 1, 2013

Oh September....

September ~

lengthening shadows 
golden sunlight
cool nights
foggy mornings
warm days
back to school
honking geese heading south
making pickles
picking apples
apple pies
warm muffins
coffee and tea to warm us
harvesting vegetables 
and crops
trees putting on their fall colours
 putting on cozy sweaters
wood smoke in the air
an extra blanket on the bed at night
a throw around the shoulders to ward off the chill
schedules that don't include vacation days
trips to the market or farm stands on the weekend
moody skies one day
sunshine and clear blue the next
the month of autumn
a new season 
the end of summer

Oh September, we welcome you.

Wishing you a blessed September full of God's goodness.




  1. Lovely free verse, Pam! You captured September perfectly!

  2. I love September but it will be more like summer here in Florida. I'll be making a list of things I like about Fall soon. (it's my least favorite season and every year I try to concentrate on the good things) Sweet hugs!

  3. Very well said, Pamela. I'm ready for fall and you have conjured up even more good things to look forward to in this lovely season.
    Welcome September indeed!

  4. Bring it on. This humidity we are having is killing me. No fun staying inside .
    Love the cool sweater weather.

  5. Hi dear Pamela, I so enjoyed your welcome to September - even though the year has gone much too quickly and I can't believe the holiday season will be here before we know it!

    I'm looking forward to the cool weather - reached 100F here today, then a shower so the humidity is unbearable!
    Bob was going to mow the grass but it's dangerous out there this PM - sitting inside with a cool drink sounds much, much more pleasant and healthier. SO WE WILL!!!!!

    Hugs- Mary

  6. Those are all things to love about September. I am really enjoying this first day. It has gone from 90 degrees and high humidity to 70's and a nice crisp breeze. I might even have to put on a sweater this evening. It's my favorite time of year.
    Have a great September!

  7. You've summed up a lot of the joys of September in your poem, Pamela. I enjoyed reading it and am anticipating the wonderful gifts that autumn will bring.

    Have a lovely week,

  8. A lovely post, Pam.. It is amazing that September is here already..
    Looking forward to it..

  9. Love your description of Fall. Even though in Florida the changes are extremely subtle, they are beginning to come and I love this time of year. Happy September to you!

  10. lovely poem for September, the day was gorgeous and I hope the month continues this way

  11. What lovely list to describe fall. Which is my favourite season. I hope you have a blessed September too Pamela.

  12. That's all what I like about fall ! You said it . Hello September ! Thanks for sharing. Wonderful post and photo ! Have a lovely day !

  13. Well written to describe September Pam, and I like the photo you chose to accompany the text.
    Happy September!

  14. I love September and each of your reminders . . . Happy golden days. . . .

  15. This is so lovely, Pamela!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  16. Pamela
    So many warm and fuzzy things about Autumn!
    Love your photo too.

  17. what a beautiful post! LOVE the photo and your uplifting poem. :>)


  18. I love the way you captured the essence of the new season that's upon us!!
    Mary Alice

  19. Lovely photo and September thoughts... but I hate to see summer ending.

  20. Beautiful! Your stunning photo really captures the mood of your lovely poem! Thanks for sharing.

  21. You've captured a lot of the changing season in those words, and every single one fits our life here too - except where are those warm muffins this morning? I've enjoyed your posts on visiting St. Martin's.

  22. So beautifully written, I love the photo, and the idea of September...it's a great month.


  23. Nice bit of verse that you wrote there and I love autumn too, but I am not ready for it. Its still warm weather and no rain to speak of here. Summer has not left and I'm not about to push her out the door!

  24. You make it ALMOST sound appealing even to me Pamela - but I'm still not ready for it LMHO

  25. September is a wonderful month here too. Not as cool as for you, I'm sure. It just always comes so fast! Seems like your seasons in the country are always filled with something wonderful.

  26. That was a wonderful bow to summer! I am gradually getting caught up on the blogs I've missed - lovely to be reading yours again.

  27. Yes, there are lots of wonderful things about September! Great post.

  28. Just trying to get caught up Pamela. I always love to come over and see your wonderful images and thanks for this reminder of how lovely September can be!!

  29. Pamela, that is a beautiful list of wonderful September! I'm enjoying the change in the air!


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