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Monday, September 23, 2013

our home is ready for fall

Have you been putting out a few fall things yet?

I've been playing around with things for a couple of weeks.

Above is one vignette I had on the dining room table.
Note I said 'had'.  I've already changed it.   :)
A woman's prerogative, right?

I changed the runner first.  Then removed the tray and added a vintage pig cutting board.
{And I've changed it back to the tray already!}

This is a corner of the dining room.  Do you see the tall board in the corner?  It is an old ironing board I think and I'd like to paint it someday and print a word on it.  I just haven't decided what yet.
And I will hang it up on the wall somewhere.
What do you think?

The little pitcher and the plate were my mother's.

The china hutch.  Everything is vintage except the pumpkin and the pedestal plate it's on.

The copper mercury glass candle holders were from SuperStore last year.

The living room sofa and coffee table.
I have a lot of orange accents as they go well with the soft green sofa and the cushions.  My walls are BM's Hepplewhite Ivory.

This is my favourite platter.  The cloche was purchased at 
L.L. Bean Home last spring.  I have 2 dried sunflowers and a 
jack-o-lantern bulb on a crochet doily under the dome.

This vignette is atop my antique oak washstand.

This is what it looked like last week.

I had this back part of an old chair sitting there but hung it in the spare bedroom.

I might have a cup of tea and a cookie or two while enjoying the view from our window.  {this was last fall}  I keep cozy throws handy for chilly evenings or afternoon naps on the couch.

This is the bookcase next to the stairs and front door.

Rich autumn colours.

This shelf is in the front entryway.  A touch of turquoise.

Bits and pieces of fall colour.

The front porch is all decorated too.  I added some fall mums and orange pumpkins.

I will add some candy corn lights to the milk can display soon.  

I think I'm ready for this new season.  Are you?
Have you decorated for fall yet?  I'm seeing a lot of beautiful homes in blog land with great fall decorating ideas.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you all enjoy this first
week of the fall season.



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  1. Pamela, I want to jump right in and share a cup of tea and cookie with you. Everything looks so cozy and perfect!

  2. Lovely Pam - very warm and inviting. Only a suggestion, but maybe you could paint the old ironing board and put your grandchildrens' names on it and use it as a measuring chart for them when they come to visit you!! A bit of family history in the making. Enjoy your lovely autumnal home.

  3. You sure are ready for Fall, and it all looks lovely. I'm not really a decorator for each season but do change things up all the time. Right now I'm bringing in a few ornaments that spend the summer outside and I'm trying to work them into the spaces around the house.

  4. Hi Pamela,

    Firstly, your autumn banner is so very pretty; what gorgeous landscapes you must have at your feet!

    Your home is definitely ready for fall and it is quite evident that you have thought about every little detail! I especially am enchanted with the shelf in your front hallway and your front porch! I guess it's because of the turquoise and light powdery blue on the seat, respectively. I think this particular blue is very warm and cheery and is a perfect complement to orange and browns that are so representative of the season.

    Happy Autumn!


  5. I love all the fall touches you've added to your home. You've put so much thought into it and it looks welcoming and cozy. Happy Autumn!

  6. Dear Pamela,
    your decorations are so sweet and so well going for the season. I love the rich colors and the mixture of china, metall and pumpkins. I am not ready with my decorations yet. But I bought some tiny pumpkins and thats the start. Your decorations make the home comfortable and cozy. Thank you for sharing this inspiring post and for your sweet comment on my blog.
    Best greetings, Johanna

  7. I love the things you have put out for fall. You are fortunate to have a lot of flat surfaces to decorate. I've not put out anything for autumn yet, I procrastinate until nearer Thanksgiving - then I don't have to admit that summer is finally over.

  8. Very autumnal at your place now Pam. It's not overdone, but little touches here and there to welcome the new season. I think the old ironing board would look nice with something on it - have you checked the Graphics Fairy, she has something for every whim.

  9. gorgeous fall goodies in your home. i love all the colors. very warming. ( :
    too fun!!

  10. I'd say you were definitely ready for the season. Lovely! You have some beautiful pieces and they are displayed so nicely. The platter and LL Bean cloche are gorgeous. I think the ironing board would look great either way. It would look great as it is in rustic or simple settings and the painted and stencilled would dress it up a bit. Your header is perfect for Fall too. Our mornings and overnight are dipping to 5C or 9C but for the rest of the week the daytime temps are rising between 18-22C. That will be good for our special needs class trip to the Metro Zoo on Friday. Hoping you have a great week.

  11. It all looks so beautiful, welcoming and warm. I love the three little white pumpkins on the window sill. It looks like the perfect place for a nice cup of tea and a long read.

  12. I love your fall decor, it is all so pretty and it isn't over done. Thats one thing I like best. Yes, your link is there, it is # 133. Thanks so much for linking up. Hugs, Marty

  13. Pamela it looks cheery and bright and autumnal. And fun to switch around, isn't it? I like what you did with "our" brass candlestickes (remember I have the same ones) By the way, I like the board standing up like it is!

  14. Your home is so pretty Pamela...and all your touches are perfect. I love the pumpkins on the candlesticks!

  15. Great fall touches, Pamela! Love that little ice cream parlour chair on your front porch. Adorable. Today I saw a photo of one of those wooden iron boards - it was painted with chalkboard paint so the owner could change the words on it. Love your pretty flowers!!

  16. Your home looks so comfy and cozy Pam. I would love to join you for a cup of tea and a cookie.
    I have slowly been putting out Fall decorations. Adding a few things each day. I'm not going to do nearly as much as I used to.
    Have a great week.

  17. No...I'm not ready just yet...but getting there. You have inspired me! I love all your antiques...including the wooden ironing board. Beautiful! Things look cozy and inviting over there.

  18. Your autumn decor and accent pieces are all beautiful, Pamela. I especially like how you decorated your hutch! I put an autumn wreath ion my front door and put a big orange mum plant on my doorstep but other than that all my fall decorations are still stowed away. I am waiting for my husband to return from a business trip back east so that he can help me take down the bins from a high sotage shel my autumn things are in.

  19. That should have said ":storage shelf" in the last sentence--,my computer keys are sticking!

  20. I really like your decorating style, Pamela!

  21. Beautiful and cozy fall accents! Yes I'm ready for fall bring it on.

  22. Amazing! Your tableaux could tell a story! and not a speck of dust anywhere!

  23. It looks great Pamela. I just adore those little white pumpkins! Everything in your house is looking very fall-ish.
    I am not sure that I would paint that ironing board. I think it is such a beautiful piece in the natural wood. I am usually all for paint but somehow I feel that the piece would not look as "rich" as it does right now.

  24. Oh. so many great touches to your home, making it so cozy and inviting! Love your porch ideas as well. I am so glad we have the 4 seasons to give us new things to look forward to, and gives us an excuse to "re decorate" even if it is just a little touch of this and that!

  25. Pamela,your home is looking very pretty and fitting right in with the season. I love that brown transferware platter..Happy Tuesday..Judy

  26. Pamela
    You really are ready for Fall! It looks so warm and cozy at your home. Makes one want to sit down and drink a hot apple cider!
    I did one Fall vignette then got distracted. I hope to get my Fall on soon though.
    BTW, your banner is gorgeous!

  27. Lovely ~ inside and out. I especially like that touch of turquoise amongst the beautiful fall colors. It really pops.
    I was looking at some of the posts on one of the fall home tours this morning and saw a darling ironing board painted with chalkboard paint. She had written a fall saying on it and it was as cute as it could be. Don't know if you'd be interested in anything like that, but it might be fun to change up for the seasons.
    After all of your hard work, I hope you were able to enjoy that cup of tea an cookie (or two :).

  28. Everything is homey and cozy at your place. And you KNOW I love that gorgeous platter. We had our first wood fire in the fireplace last night so I guess it's official!

  29. Everything is homey and cozy at your place. And you KNOW I love that gorgeous platter. We had our first wood fire in the fireplace last night so I guess it's official!

  30. Looks lovely! It makes your home look warm and inviting. : )

  31. Oh Pamela, such beautiful shots of your gorgeous Fall vignettes around the house! I love each one, specially that great platter and everything is certainly screaming Fall, which is such a lovely time of year in the USA, with all those warm and inviting Autumn colors. Lovely! Thank you for visiting me. Hugs,

    PS: I also love your Fall shots in the other post!

  32. You certainly have been busy!
    I have put 2 or 3 things out...haven't really had time!
    But...you are inspiring me to get at it!!!!
    I also have one of those ironing boards at the cottage...wish I could figure out what to do with it!!
    Love the Hydrangeas!!!

    Enjoy your evening!!
    Linda :o)

  33. I love how inviting each space is - makes me want to knock at your front door (or back, doesn't matter) and be invited in to walk around and look at all the lovely vintage items, especial those passed down from your mother.

    Then we'd cozy up under one of those throws you have hanging around, sip tea, much cookies, and just have a fun time surrounded by your beautiful Autumn decor.
    Really sorry we're not coming to New Brunswick this year, but never say never!!

    Hugs - Mary

  34. All of your vignettes are beautiful. I especially love your hutch, gorgeous. Thanks so much for linking to Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty

  35. Everything looks lovely, Pamela, you have some very pretty things and you display them beautifully. I love the inspiration!

  36. All of your special decorating touches are wonderful. And not a speck of dust bunnies in sight, LOL!

  37. A very cozy home you have, Pamela. I love your hydrangeas and pumpkins. The hutch filled with vintage pieces is lovely too. I don't do a lot of decorating for Autumn. I haven't even started with the outside of our home yet. I'm way behind this year. Most years I pretty much jump from Summer into Christmas just using a few pumpkins for Autumn. Thanks for sharing your home at my HOME and enjoy your weekend.


  38. I enjoyed your Fall, no, I'm not ready. Autumn will come and so will Spring. If it stops raining I'll get my bulbs out of the ground and try and dry them a little. I'm thinking of getting a cloche I like yours. Your china hutch and rich autumn colours are my favourite pics this time around.

    It all looks great, this is a fun time of year.
    Take care,

  39. Loving the beautiful fall accents throughout your home and the vignettes you created in every corner...especially on your coffee and dining table....so prettily done! Thanks for the inspiration:) Hugs, Poppy

  40. Hi Pamela...just had to stop by to see your lovely home photos. Gorgeous!

  41. Pamela, Congratulations on your feature at A Delightsome Life. You centainly earned it, as I told you before, your fall decorations are really lovely..Happy Monday..Judy


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