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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

perfect late summer days

the view from the back deck

corn reaching to the sky

along the river taken through a screen porch window
that's a butternut tree at the top

We are having some beautiful sunny late summer days here 
in the Maritimes this week.  
Summer's last blast.
It's 21C or about 70F and wall to wall sunshine.
My kind of September weather.

Tonight is the full harvest moon so I hope to get some photos of it.
Will you be seeking out the full moon?
I just hope it doesn't keep me awake like it did last month.
I sure was agitated for a couple of nights and did not sleep well.  Does it affect you that way?  

Thank you for your visits and kind comments.
I hope you are having a great week so far.




  1. Beautiful late summer photos. I saw the bright moon early, early this morning. Aren't harvest moons a wonder to behold? Enjoy!

  2. Pamela, you live in such a beautiful place. How wonderful to see all that without leaving your easy chair..Happy Wednesday..Judy

  3. There is a bit of howling at the moon when it's full around here, it tends to shine in through the blinds, right onto the bed. And the Boo is especially bad during that time.

    Beautiful sunny skies here, enjoy yours, they are gorgeous.


  4. Late summer is looking very pretty in your corner, Pamela. The weather sounds just perfect too.
    Thanks for reminding me to check out the moon. I don't know that I've had problems resulting from them, but when my mom was in a nursing home one of the nurses told me the residents often became agitated on the nights there was a full moon.

  5. After last weeks summer weather we are cool and cloudy. I don't think we well be seeing the moon tonight.

  6. I'm on the other side of the world and our temps are about the same at the moment but we are warming up as you cool off.

  7. i don't believe i am affected by the moon - more temps in the room - i dislike when it is too warm. i prefer cooler times. i usually do not drink caffeine late ... those clouds & corn moments are amazing! ( :

  8. I don't know if I'll be able to stay up after canning all day -- I hope you get a fabulous shot Pam!

  9. Oh, I must get a shot of that too!!
    Love that sunny photo...it has been a gorgeous day!
    My daughter says that Miss V is affected by the full moon! hahaha!
    I said...she's just being a "baby" that's all!

    Enjoy the rest of your evening!
    Linda :o)

  10. Those are lovely views. I'll watch for the harvest moon.

  11. Wow-what gorgeous scenery! Especially that water view!

  12. Lovely post and photos . It has been wonderfully sunny and warm here to with cool breezes , You betchya I will be out there taking photos of the Harvest moon ! Thanks for sharing ! Have a good day !

  13. Love the sun shining one. Gorgeous!

  14. Lovely pics, Pam.. The weather has been lovely for sure.. The moon does keep me
    awake sometimes.. I try to pretend it is raining out.. grin.. xo

  15. I love taking photos of the sky! What a great shot of the bright sunshine and clouds. We went outside and took a few photos of the Harvest Moon. I need to look at them and see if any turned out clear. I can't wait to see yours. And no....I'm a sound sleeper no matter what. Sweet hugs....and sweet dreams!

  16. Your photos are amazing. Can't get over the color of that water. We are also having beautiful days here in Ohio. The acorns are falling along with just a few leaves. Hope your week has been good too!

  17. Beautiful photos! I like seeing the corn. We don't have many cornfields in this part of Kentucky.

  18. Wonderful photos - we are having a bit of sunshine - but they say on Saturday the rains come back - oh well, that is the PNW for you - and the rains must come sometime.

  19. How GORGEOUS Pamela!!!
    It was glorious here yesterday - but pretty cold at night :)

  20. What an amazing view of the clouds from your deck! And I like your new header!

  21. Beautiful photos, Pam. Enjoy these late summer days!

  22. The weather does look spectacular. A warm, sunny day this time of year is much appreciated. ;)

  23. Wow! You sure live in a beautiful spot!

  24. Hey Pam your pictures remind me of my area. Nice takes.

    It is fall here .

    I enjoy fall.

    Do you? You loving your camera I am sure you would like Fall.

    Thanks for sharing.

  25. Hi Pam
    Still some lovely views from around your home. We saw the harvest moon last night as we relaxed in the hot tub - the whole yard was in a soft light.
    I'm working in the garden today, so I'm back to it.

  26. Your header, late summer photos, note cards. Glorious! I kept hearing myself say Wow, wow, wow! as I viewed them!

  27. These are lovely pictures to look at and wonderful sights from the deck. Yes summer has given a blast and I have a sunburn from it today.

  28. We certainly cherish the warmth and sunlight in these late summer days, don't we? They will end all too soon. I'm hoping to photograph the moon tonight. And it rarely keeps me awake - I close the blinds and draw the drapes to keep it out.

  29. The moon was brilliant in these parts but the light was so bright that it shone in our bedroom....beautiful though!

  30. Your photos are lovely. I missed all the opportunities for a full moon. I've never tried to take a photo of it before, believe it or not! Maybe next time... I hope you were able to catch it!


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