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Saturday, September 21, 2013

the last day of summer

This is it.  It's the last day of summer for 2013.  
It was a good summer overall.  
We had pretty good weather with some a lot of rain and some sunshine which seemed great for the flowers and gardens.

Don't you love sunflowers?

I planted several seeds in the spring from a packet that I bought last year but only 2 actually grew up.

The one above is about 3 feet high.

Then there's the 'Jolly Green Giant'!

See them side by side?
It must be at least 9 feet tall.

It's right up under the eave of the garage.  I've tied it up in 3 different spots so it won't break but now I don't know where it's going to go.  It's run out of room!

The hydrangea is loaded and so pretty now.  it went from white to pink the past week or so.  I've cut a lot of blooms to dry in the house for bouquets.  Love them!

This purple aster is doing beautifully this year.  I bought it 2 years ago as a potted plant in the fall and put it in the ground.  Last fall it didn't bloom as it was in a shaded area.  Earlier this summer we had some trees removed and this plant thrived in the sunshine.

Autumn Joy Sedum is putting on it's annual show.
Look at all the leaves on the ground!  The trees are fading and not too colourful yet but are dropping their leaves already.  

What are you doing on this last day of summer?

I think I'll pull some weeds in the vegetable garden so they won't get turned under and come back again next spring.  Do you suppose it's a lost cause?  :)

Enjoy the weekend ~ summer's last day and autumn's first.

I'll be back on Monday with photos of my autumn decor.
I hope you will stop by.

Have a wonderful weekend!




  1. Raining here today so we are puttering indoors . Tomorrow is to be sunny and fresh cool temps for the first day of fall and we are going to our last horse club event for the season to take photos . I love your flowers all so pretty and great photos to . Thanks for sharing . Have a good weekend !

  2. Happy last day of summer to you. Your flowers look so pretty and healthy. The hydrangea is loaded with beautiful blooms. I don't think we got any rain here while we were on our trip and my hydrangea leaves are brown and crispy. Ugh! I hope I can find some blossoms to dry.
    I am hoping to get a little fall decorating accomplished this weekend too. I look forward to seeing yours.

  3. How beautiful all your autumn plants are! Guess losing that tree was a very good thing after all if those asters are any indication. My favorite of all is the sedum, though the hydrangeas sure are gorgeous. Enjoy this last day of summer...foggy here...and the first day of autumn tomorrow!

  4. Sunflowers are my favorite as well! I love autumn weather, it's one of my favorite seasons. I was thinking of getting out some fall decor today too. Our fireplace is not complete yet, that is on the top of the Reno list....So hopefully it will be ready for the christmas decor though. Take care! Love your header!

  5. I do love sunflowers - they make me smile. It's raining here so I'm inside all day.

  6. Oh, I love those sunflowers! But all your flowers are so pretty. Enjoy the last day of summer. It's cool but sunny here today.

  7. It is raining here and the last day of summer feels more like Fall. I'm doing inside jobs that have been neglected for awhile and I'm also planning in my mind where some plants should be moved to next year ... I had better jot that all down as I'm bound to forget next year :)

  8. The photos are wonderful - love that giant sunflower. For our last day of summer we are having rain and so a nice quiet day indoors - change the sheets, maybe bake something, cook some soup or stew, read, quilt, enjoy.

  9. Wow, that's the tallest sunflower ever - did you feed it something special!!!
    All your flowers still look beautiful Pamela - and those hydrangeas are gorgeous - make sue you pick lots to dry they'll be so pretty through the Winter months.

    Overcast here today for the end of Summer but looking forward to the first day of Autumn tomorrow.
    Meanwhile, as Bob's away for his HS reunion this weekend, I'm pottering around the house, baking some scones for tea, and planning what to take on my upcoming Birthday trip! Yes, once again the collapsible clothes rack is up and waiting - let's see, cashmere sweaters and a warmish jacket, perhaps a pair of boots, definitely comfy walking shoes, and of course lots of scarves. Tell you more later!!!

    Hugs - happy weekend.
    Mary X

  10. This is a beautiful post to celebrate the last day of summer (boohoo). I am amazed at your hydrangea....all the blooms and the color. Beautiful! Your sedum is a beautiful pink, too. I seem to love pink the best of any flowers. My husband just came to the desk and I showed him the beautiful sunflower. We are both amazed by it. That just goes to show all of us to try to plant some old seeds and see if they come up. Your sunflower sure did! Gorgeous!

    My best to you..

  11. Oh I want that blanket in your header lovely those colours ;) Your flower entry is really stunning!

  12. sunflowers! Especially your first photo. And your hydrangea is beautiful. Enjoy this last day of summer. This is one season I always find it hard to bid farewell to!

  13. gorgeous blooms. i love the sunflowers. those are huge... what are you feeding them? if anything? ha. ha!! ( :

  14. Your flowers are gorgeous! Your temps must have stayed fairly high for you to have such a bounty of blossoms. I am sitting on the couch with a huge headache today, that's what I'm doing on the last day of summer, fun huh?!
    My hubby did go with me to the Antique Mall this morning, so I can't complain.
    Have a wonderful day!

  15. Sunflowers are so cheery. I had a few pop up randomly, a gift from the birds I suppose. : )

  16. That is one huge hydrangea! I will miss the garden flowers.

  17. Wonderful snaps Pamela . . . your pink Hydrangea is stunning . . . and huge!

  18. I can do sunflowers and asters, but I cannot grow hydangeas. Yours are gorgeous. Good bye summer.

  19. Rained all day here yesterday, but that was fine with me, I'd planted the lupin sees and some camassia bulbs. We went out for a leisurely lunch which was nice.
    I enjoyed seeing your blooming plants, the hydrangea is lovely and no wonder you can cut so many blooms.

  20. We are having a wonderful warm day here - just been for a walk along the beach. Even too warm for coats - and to think I was using my hot water bottle for two nights last week!

  21. Beautiful sunflowers and I love the horses in your previous post... two of my favourite things in life <3

  22. The sunflowers are great and you have so many beautiful flowers for this time of year!

  23. Those sunflowers are hilarious!!!
    Let it dry...and get the seeds...that is, if the Blue Jays don't eat them all!!
    Your Hydrangea is gorgeous...cut lots!!!
    I have never had any luck with Asters...

    Linda :o)

  24. Hi Pamela! That is a tall sunflower! I just love sunflowers - real and faux! Fauxs all is have! Hope you're having a good Sunday.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  25. Oh that hydrangea...swoon! I could look at it all day - so beautiful! I only grew 1 sunflower this year. It's huge and has tons of seeds!

  26. I always enjoy your gorgeous pics! My hubby loves sunflowers and wants to plant some.

  27. So enjoyed your last day of summer post Pamela -- also just have to say your header collage is stunning. Hope you enjoyed your weekend. :)

  28. That sunflower is something, Pamela! All your flowers are beautiful, I can't believe the hydrangea. What a green thumb..Happy Fall Day..Judy

  29. Sigh.. summer is gone. Much as I like fall, I'm sad. Summer goes by waaaay too fast. Your hydrangea is so beautiful! What a lot of blooms!!

  30. Gorgeous blooms, Pamela ! And that sunflower must be on steroids !. It rained here on the last day of 'summer' so I stayed indoors and finished editing the kitchen photos I took for my son's portfolio. Good week (weather-wise) coming up - with the cold nights (5C tonight) the colours will be coming on strong.

    Enjoy your week.

  31. WOW, your plants are all doing beautifully Pamela. That hydrangea is huge, A beautiful garden.
    Have a nice week

  32. What a fabulous last weekend of summer we had! The temps were lovely and the sun was shining brightly; perfect weekend! Your plants are so pretty, Pamela. I LOVE the blooms on the hydrangea bush! How gorgeous they are! You will get lots of bouquets out of those. Thank you for your visit and have a beautiful day.


  33. My word, would you look at the blooms on that hydrangea! Outstanding blossoms! Yes, I can't help but smile whenever I see a sunflower. I bid the summer of 2013 goodbye and good riddance. Terrible summer for us, as you can imagine. Too many tears and heartaches.

  34. Your flowers are blooming so well. Especially love sunflowers and Sedum. I only had one sunflower come up and they were older seeds also. I'm trying to get a dry day to get a couple of cut hydrangeas in the house, without any luck.

    Changes going on everywhere, lol I'm posting my as I'm not able to add it to my Google profile.
    Have a great day


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