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Friday, September 13, 2013

this week and some stormy weather

An old rusty trough and milk cans by an old shingled garage.
I thought I'd share some pictures of things I saw and did this past week.  Nothing too exciting, except for the terrible thunderstorms we had.

I picked apples last Saturday morning.  Paula Red.

There will be MacIntosh and Cortlands and Honeycrisp to pick soon, if it every stops raining.


Rocky Raccoon was taking a stroll across our lawn at 10:30 in the morning recently.  Weird.  He hid in the culvert.

A beautiful day along the river at a friend's house on Monday.

The blue hour with the moon setting just after the sun.
The days are much shorter.

The sunrise on Tuesday morning was gorgeous but the clouds rolled in and haven't left yet.

On Wednesday, my friend Lois and I went to The Country Pumpkin in Maugerville to buy some fresh local veggies.  We were surprised to see that pumpkins are already piled up.


That is rain blowing sideways in the wild wind during a terrible thunderstorm on Wednesday at suppertime.  There are rumours that a tornado was seen in the clouds over Fredericton and something similar did some serious damage in the town of Woodstock which is one hour away.  Power was knocked out to thousands overnight due to trees being blown onto power lines.
The thunder rolled and the rain fell for 7 hours.

This photo was on the New Brunswick Facebook page of lightening over the city of Moncton.  Awesome!

This photo was taken by Nick Bucknall and shared on the New Brunswick Facebook page.  It's a very ominous cloud over the city of Fredericton as the storm was starting.  It came on so fast.  There was blue sky then this black wall of clouds with thunder and lightening and gale force winds.  

I took this photo of this huge pine tree near us.  It's right beside the road and a cemetery.  The huge limb was struck and in turn took down the power line on Wednesday evening knocking out power for over 12 hours which didn't affect us, thankfully.
And, thankfully, none of the tombstones were damaged.
The tree will have to come down.  It was a landmark in the area.


I made a small batch of Lady Ashburnham pickles on Thursday morning.  They are our favourites.

Last night another big thunderstorm rolled through about 11:00.  I had to shut down my computer as I was working on this post and go to bed.  So here I am on Friday morning finishing it.

Tropical Storm Gabrielle is going to provide us with much needed more rain today.  And since it's a tropical storm it's still warm and very humid like it has been since Wednesday.  

I'm off for a pedicure this morning.  I'll be dashing through the raindrops and puddles trying to keep my feet dry afterward.
I don't 'paint' my toenails all winter.  Do you?  Mine are hidden in shoes and socks so I let them go and breathe for a few months.  :)

So this post was just about some odds and ends, pictures I took this week, the weather.  Nothing exciting like the Badlands and hoodoos.  :)

I hope you have had a good week.  
Any plans for the weekend?
Me neither.
Take care.  Thanks for stopping by.




  1. Oh...you make Lady Ashburnham's? Cool! We're down to our last jar and that only because my sister rescued it...her husband is not a fan so he tossed them. Makes me angry every time I think of it. They're valuable!

    We have a tree split that way, too. Must have been something to do with the way the wind shirred it. Still raining here this morning. Enough already!

  2. Sounds and looks like bad storms. The weather always seems to keep things interesting. Frost predicted for us tonight. I am scrambling . . .

  3. Wild weather photos...oh my!!!
    I really liked seeing bits and pieces of your world this past week. The foggy look is so interesting in photos.
    And I am with you. Nekkid toesies in winter unless I just need a pick me up around January.

  4. I meant to say the rain looked like fog in your photo! Guess I shouldn't post before coffee!

  5. The weather has indeed been wild this summer. We've had a milder summer than most...which has been nice since we decided to spend the summer in Florida! I can't wait to see the apples and pumpkins when we travel North to enjoy the Fall! Sweet hugs!

  6. Pamela
    I loved the tour through your week!
    The storm photos were both awesome and ominous.
    I was surprised to see your apples are ready.
    I'm just holding my breath, hoping the apples are the one
    thing out of our garden that I can actually harvest this year.
    Have a good weekend, my friend!

  7. Wow, that is quite the storm, my gf's son and family live in Woodstock, I will see her later today and I'll ask her how her kids are doing. That is such a scary photo!
    Gale force winds are very destructive.
    No, I don't ever paint my toenails or fingernails. I like them the way God made them, natural. I just buff and shape my nails.
    Hugs, Cindy

  8. Hi Pamela
    You wont believe it but it is really chilly here now and windy temps are only 11°C and feel cooler with the winds from the north west a real fall like day with sun shining and big puffy clouds floating by, possible frost for the morning tomorrow . I enjoyed your photos , loved your sunrise photo so pretty . Nope toe nails are bare for the fall and winter lol . Hope the storm doesn't cause any damage . Stay safe . This weekend we are cleaning up the gardens and just puttering may take two big trees down if Papa can get some man power help lol ! Thanks for sharing . Have a good weekend !

  9. Quite a variety of weather. Today the high only reached 13 Celsius ... down right chilly compared to the previous couple of days with humidex close to 40!! Time for sweaters during the day and afghans and quilts tonight.

  10. Sounds like a pretty nice week, except for the storms. We had a lot of rain here yesterday and quite a lot of thunder but fortunately no high winds. I love apple picking season!

  11. Those are awesome photos - although if I had been the one taking them, I think I would have been nervous!

    Your Lady Ashburnham pickles look like my mustard pickles. Lots of people add red pepper to them but I never learned to make them that way. Mine are all finished - phew!

    Our apple orchards are supposed to open tomorrow but I'm not sure they will with this weather. Hopefully the wind won't knock them off.

    Hope the sun comes out for us soon! Happy weekend!

  12. Well that weather seems pretty exciting to me! Quite a photo of the storm approaching. The couple of big storms we had this summer brought a lot of local drama. They get your attention. I always love your countryside pictures too. I like the romance of apple season.

  13. Loved your post, Pam but those storm pics are scary.. We were driving home from Moncton on Wednesday night and could not believe the lightening.. The one over Fredericton is awesome.. The weather is just so weird these days..
    Take care, my friend..

  14. You have had your share of storms lately, have to admit the photo of the lightening is cool. Our garden club flower and veggie show is tomorrow, I'll have to see what I have to enter in the morning.
    No nail polish on my toes over winter either for the same reason.
    Have a good weekend.

  15. I love that sunrise! Gorgeous! The big pile of pumpkins is really cool! The storm photos are quite impressive!

  16. Thanks for sharing your week with us. I love the sunrise and the pumpkin photos! We really need rain badly here. They keep saying a chance of rain but we don't get any.
    Have a great weekend.

  17. You had a good week it looks like. I love your picture of the trough, and the storm pictures are amazing. It looks like this tree was trimmed before the storm. We didn't get anything of this storm in PEI. The pickles look yummy. Have a great weekend

  18. The weather is changing here now. Strong winds are forecast tomorrow. I noticed a lot of fallen branches already in the woods this week, I think the recent heavy rain might have caused that damage. That sunrise sky is very fiery looking, it is beautiful, and those pictures of the New Brunswick weather are incredible.
    I have never heard of Lady Ashburnham pickles, I have just looked them up, and they sound good.

  19. gorgeous sunrise. it is time for pumpkins... so fun. ( ;

  20. Hi Pamela, I love your new header. I was hearing about that storm, it's a whopper..glad that it's over. That's way too much lightning for me.

    Muddy Boot Dreams has moved to a new spot www.muddybootdreams.com if you could update your links that would be great.


  21. Sounds like a wonderful week. I would like to go and pick some apples. Beautiful sunrise. Lovely series of photos, Pamela! Have a happy weekend!

  22. I'd say that it is looking a bit like fall in your area. These storms are never fun, are they? We may not have pumpkins here since they got hailed so badly Aug. 3. I drive by our local patch and see the blooms, but I am afraid that thought they are too far behind to mature. Have a good week end.

  23. Amazing captures Pamela -- love the pumpkins and apples!!

  24. Such wild and crazy weather everywhere! The flooding here in Colorado has risen to epic proportions and so many homes, roads and bridges were destroyed or damaged. It is very sad.

    I love your early autumn ohotos! The pile of pumpkins were so pretty!

  25. Love the new header!!
    I am leaving my sandy toes, until the last day of summer!
    I am always saddened when a storm takes out an old tree...but...perhaps it is Mother Natures way, of cleaning up!!

    Enjoy your week!

    Linda :o)


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