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Monday, October 14, 2013

a beautiful Thanksgiving weekend

A beautiful evening, a bonfire and deer on the hill.

We had a beautiful Thanksgiving weekend.  The weather was perfect, except for today, with sunny skies and warm temperatures.
Today turned out cloudy most of the day but we got a lot done outdoors.

Friday, Murray took the day off and we got some things done around the property.  We ended the evening with a bonfire in our new fire pit which was made by yours truly.  It's pretty rough but serves the purpose.  I collected lots of rocks of all sizes around the property.  We 'grow' rocks up here!  Honestly.  You dig a small hole in the ground and there is a rock or 10.  :)  So I laid smaller flat rocks all in the centre and then stacked rocks around the outside.  Then I got some old wood we had saved and Murray started the fire.  It was a perfect end to a busy day.

Saturday was our Thanksgiving dinner.  Our son and his fiance came and we had turkey and all the fixings.  Jenn brought a delicious squash soup.  It was so good!  The vegetables and squash for the soup we had were from the garden, the pickles were homemade, and I made apple pie with Cortland apples I picked that day at the orchard.  Only the turkey was bought. 

I was on my feet all day preparing the meal which we consumed in 30 minutes.  Why is that???  I was exhausted.

On Sunday we went to church, came home for a quick turkey sandwich then went for a lovely drive in the country on back roads.

You can see that there wasn't much colour in this area at all.  It was mostly yellows or the leaves were gone.  
I'll share more photos of our drive another day.  

Remember a while ago I asked what kind of fence I should put in the front corner of the yard?  Well I went with the cedar rails.  We finally got this done this afternoon.  We had 4 large pine trees cut down here this summer so you can see the stump of one of them.  I planted a burning bush this spring but it was all alone in this corner.  My neighbour kindly divided her late blooming hosta and gave me 2 clumps so I planted them here for now.  I know these will all grow huge one day and I'll have to move them but I wanted  to get this garden started.  There's a lot more to do next summer.

The sweet peas are still blooming like crazy.   Last week it was just the burgundy ones and this week they all started again.

I planted some tulip bulbs and allium as well.  I also cleaned out some of the flowers that were spent both annuals and perennials. 

Spiderwort is still blooming.  I love these colours, don't you?

Beautiful blooms on the front deck.
We've had some frosty mornings this weekend so I cover the plants with old towels.  So far so good.

We had another fire tonight but the coyotes were howling up the hill so I was a little uneasy.  Creeeeepy!!!  Then it started to rain so we came inside.   Phew!

I hope you all had a great weekend.  I'll be back soon with more photos of our Sunday drive.

Thanks for visiting and I hope you have a wonderful week.




  1. coyotes - that sounds very scary. hope you can run very fast. ( :
    wow, you still have flowers blooming. pretty.
    glad to see your table setting. so fun & lovely.

  2. I hear you Pam, all that cooking and baking to be consumed in the blink of an eye. I'm still craving turkey as we didn't eat any leftovers before leaving for home. Our daughter and 4 kids will make short work of it though, I'm sure.
    They guys made a fire Saturday night but only the little ones went out to roast marshmallows.

  3. Coyotes...yikes! How wonderful the cedar rails look there! And the hostas will be beautiful there next year. John thinks we're growing rocks down hete, too. It's been how he has been spending his days for a couple of weeks now...picking rocks and stumps and more rocks.

  4. Your flowers still look great!! Mine are gone.....

  5. It sounds like you had a lovely Thanksgiving with your family. Your table was beautiful and it all sounded so delicious. It truly is a lot of work though but oh so nice to be able to share the day with your children. My flowers are still blooming too...we've had beautiful, warm, sunny days in the 60's and 70's and I'm enjoying every one of them. We still have the patio furniture out so I sat outside in sun for a while and hung my sheets out on the line to dry in the cool breeze. There's nothing nicer than climbing into bed after you've dried the sheets outside and put them right back on again. I love the fence that you made and the outdoor fireplace too. You are so ambitious and it all looks great.

  6. You have been busy!
    Rewarding yourself with a bonfire was a good idea.
    Your fence rail looks like it's been there forever. And
    your hostas along with the burning bush will look lovely there next year.
    I'm surprised at how wonderful your flowers still look. The towel is working!
    I've had mine in the basement for three weeks.
    Glad you had a good Thanksgiving. I look forward to your photos from the drive.

  7. Your weekend sounds lovely and relaxing. Family, a little yard work, feasting, and beautiful weather - just lovely! The rail fence corner is going to be so pretty when you get the beds all planted.

  8. Oh your weekend was a beautiful one. Your feast must have been so delectable and I love that so much of it came from your own gardens and orchard. Beautiful, tranquil and stunning photos.

  9. Sweet peas in October...sweet! It sounds like you had a full and special Thanksgiving weekend. The bonfire sounds perfect!

  10. Sounds like you had a great weekend! The bonfire is a special added touch.

  11. Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend, Pam. The dinner sounds delicious. Hearing the coyotes would be rather scary. I went out for a nice ride yesterday too. It was a beautiful day but not much color here. I did find a few spots of color. It turned cold and rainy here today.

  12. Oh what a charming weekend - I love that all the food from your table (except Mr. Turkey) was homegrown. Such pretty flowers too.

    I love the sound of coyotes and miss it now that we are so much closer to town. Once in a great while we hear one - way off in the distance.

  13. Your garden is looking great still, you are keeping lots of colour going. Love the new fence and planting. xx

  14. You've been busy! It sounds like a productive but relaxing weekend. I do like your new fence! A nice focus point. I get the same feelings about Thanksgiving dinner! :-)

  15. What a nice time of year to have an outdoor fire, your pit is perfect Pamela. Oh and the cedar rail fence is adorable. I have always had a soft spot for those fences. We have very little leaves left on the trees here right now. Happy that you had a great thanksgiving weekend. So much to be thankful for.

  16. The cedar trees you cut down made a nice corner fence, I love it. Looks like you got all your outdoor work done if you got in a drive on Sunday, good for you. We still have a lot of outdoor work to get done, maybe our kids will pitch in and help seeing we were milking cows and putting up siding for them this past week, lol. Glad your Thanksgiving weekend was wonderful. The leaves are starting to fall, it won't be long now.

  17. Happy Thanksgiving! Your tablescape looks wonderful. It is surprising how much time goes into a big dinner like that! I enjoyed all of your latest photos. Great job on the fence accent!

  18. I think you have way more color there then we do here. Love the idea of a fire pit, but I think that the mosquies would eat us alive, smoke or not.

    Happy Thanksgiving.


  19. Wow! Your flowers are looking great still, you are taking good care of them . I love your little corner fence, it looks like it has been there forever! Your table is so inviting! And I agree preparing takes so much time and poof! The meal is gone and there is just clean up left to do. We got some projects done here as well....have a great week.

  20. Wonderful photos ! Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend as well . We love sitting by our camp fire to ! We have had a few dewy mornings but no real frost as of yet ! Our trees here are either bald , fully changed or still some what green . I guess it depends on the tree lol
    Thanks for sharing your weekend with us .

  21. How nice to have a place to sit in the cool evenings and enjoy a fire. Your flowers sure are pretty now. It's nice to have the cooler temps but not the freezing weather yet. Enjoy your week my friend!

  22. Your flowers are still beautiful. I am sorry we pulled ours out last week. I never thought it would stay warm during the day and cool at night like it has. Your geraniums are beautiful. It is so much fun to have a camp fire. I guess the coyotes are all around but I would not want to hear them when I am trying to enjoy a fire!!! So I know what you mean. Love your new fence. Good choice!

  23. Happy Thanksgiving! Your fire pit looks great to snuggle around. And, I'm with you on the cooking all day for everything eaten in 30 minutes. Indeed, why is that? Have a great week xx

  24. So glad you had an enjoyable Thanksgiving! Those are some beautiful flowers!

  25. Such pretty photos! You had me with the plaid throw. :)
    I love your new choice for fencing. That will be so lovely!
    Howling coyotes? That would creep me out too!
    Anxious to see more of your lovely fall photos, Pamela.


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