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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

a wise owl

While in Moncton recently, I found this cute amber glass owl tea light holder at Pier 1 Imports.  I think it looks cute on this ring of berries and gold plate.  I took out the orange faux marigolds that were in the white pitcher and added the seed heads of purple coneflower.  Just a couple of changes as the season also changes.

Did you notice the black 'flower' shape on the wall?  I'm not sure what it was used for but it is wire mesh with a metal frame and handle.  The bowl of is about an inch deeper than the outside rim.  It's a basket of some sort and is an antique.  Does anyone know what it's use might have been?  I like it's simple flower shape.


If you have real gourds in your house for decor make sure you check on them once in a while as they will go moldy.  I found one on Saturday night that was really gross.  

It was very cold last night - below freezing (-2C).  We had some showers at suppertime yesterday and the decks were quite slippery once the temperatures dropped.  
Be careful in the early morning when you step out on your deck or walk as there might be frost and you may slip.

I haven't bought my Halloween treats to give out at the door yet.
I completely forgot until this afternoon.  Guess I'd better get on that soon.  We don't do Halloween decor except for a cut out faux pumpkin with a battery operated light inside for the little ones that come.  And.  We only get about 10 visitors.  Guess who gets to eat all the leftovers???  
And so the candy-eating-season begins.  It starts November 1 and ends sometime in January.  Maybe I'll forget to buy Christmas chocolates until December 24th and thus save me a lot of pounds.
I have no will power to avoid eating chocolate.  

Has anyone seen any TV ads for Christmas yet?  I expect we'll see them start on November 1 here in Canada, although I think there was a couple shown just before Halloween last year.  Of course the stores are already selling Christmas decorations.

Have you started Christmas shopping?  I have bought a few things but haven't all out started yet.  I usually wait until December 15th.
I like the pressure.  Ha!  I know of a couple of friends that have theirs all bought and wrapped!   Depressing.

When I woke up at 6:00 this morning the stars were so bright and felt so close.  The Constellation Orion was over our backyard.  Cool!

Speaking of 'cool'.  Murray had to scrape his windshield this morning for the first time.  I've got the electric heat cranked up.

I just watched the truck lights of a hunter head over the hill behind us and could see a couple of deer in his headlights running out of his way.    He came back down so I guess they're safe for now.  It's still dark.  :)  I'll be happy when Daylight Saving Time ends this weekend won't you?  The mornings are so dark.

I'm off to Bible study this morning with a group of dear ladies at the Baptist church.  We are a mix from several churches who believe the same which is wonderful.  We are studying Beth Moore's "Living Beyond Yourself".  Have you done a Bible study of hers before?  We have done several.  They're excellent.

Well, that's my chit chat for today.  I don't usually do this do I.  Only one picture and lots of words.  Did you stay with me to the end?  :)  Thank you. 

Thank you for visiting and a big welcome to my new followers!  
I hope you have a wonderful day.




  1. I did stay til the end and enjoyed your chit chatty post this morning.
    Your new owl is a cutie and looks right at home in your charming vignette. As for the flower on the wall, I haven't a clue, but it sure is interesting.
    I noticed a spot of mold on one of my indoor gourds and turned it so that it can't be seen. I know I will be keeping an eye on it now in case it gets really gross :).
    I don't think I've seen any Christmas ads yet. Haven't started shopping yet either. Once Halloween passes, it seems like the clock starts moving faster, so I'd better get with it.
    Enjoy your bible study today.

  2. It is -14 here this morning with the windchill, BRRR!! And, rain for all day Thursday, that's a shame for the trick or treaters.

    I've seen Christmas commercials, I've picked up a few things - I can't imagine having my shopping done and wrapped!!!!

    Have a great day!

  3. Of course I stayed with you till the end I enjoyed your chit chat post . We had a hard frost warning for last night so I was all geared up for photos this morning but we got nothing BOOHOO ! I saw one Christmas ad so far were cord on the PVR all our fave shows so we can zoom through commercials lol No kids for Halloween here the majority of kids here are Mennonites they do not do Halloween and the few that aren't Mennonite here don't bother .Thanks for sharing . Have a good day !

    Have a wonderful day !

  4. i would say we have done 50% of our Christmas shopping. glad to not have to worry or think to much over it. ( ;

    i agree with u about candy. we usually only a bit for the very same reason. ha. ha!!! need more willpower.

  5. Hi Pam
    Chit chat is good every so often, helps us catch up on things with each other. Cold here this morning and the cars are covered in ice. Good thing my dentist appointment isn't until noon, I may not have to scrape the windows.
    With a small family, there is little Christmas shopping and the teen grands like to get money. I don't like to go near a mall past mid December, too busy for me.

  6. I'm always up for a chat! Nice to hear little snippets about your day and to read your thoughts. We have bought a couple of bits for Christmas, but no further than that. Certainly nothing wrapped, and it won't be for a goodly while yet. I've still got to sort out my halloween costume to wear tomorrow! Christmas is a loooong way off. Well, nice to have a catch up chat, better go and get on now! xx

  7. Loved every word Pamela. Love that owl candleholder. He's so cute.

  8. Nice post, Pamela! I really like that black flower thingy on the wall. It has its own charm.

  9. Hi Pam,
    I did stay with you to the end and loved this post...it felt as if we were having a conversation. I love the owl you found at Pier I...ours in Portland closed years ago and I miss it...closest one is Augusta now. They really have cute things. I wonder if your mesh thing on the wall was used as some sort of a sifter? Just a guess. I love that you use found objects on your walls...I do the same and sometimes guests just don't get it...last one I hung, just yesterday, was an old tool I just liked:-) Have a good day...Cheryl

  10. Right here to the end, Pam! I noticed the flower on the wall immediately! It looks so cool. Might it have been a strainer? Your little gold owl is darling, too.

    I forget how soon our neighbors to the north can think about Christmas! = D It seems that we are stuck until Thanksgiving is past, though Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday...all of the fun of being together without all the hoopla.

    Orion, eh? Well, I shall have to look! Yes, I will be glad of the added light in the morning even as I mourn the loss of light in the evening. It'll seem soooo late!

  11. I stayed with you to the end and loved hearing you chit chat this morning. I have bought a couple of Christmas presents and I purchased my Halloween candy last week. Big Mistake! I have been eating it and will have to buy more. I can't leave the chocolate alone. It snowed just a little overnight. You can mainly see it on the roof tops.
    I love, love the foggy photos in your previous post.
    Have a great week Pam!

  12. Yep,,,still with ya! all the way to the end :) Thanks for sharing whats been happening in your day. I love Beth Moore and had the opportunity to see her in Calgary with the group of ladies that were in my study group. Love your little owl as well,,,and I have no will power for chocolate either!! I don't think I have to buy any treats,as we don't get kids out in the country. Have two special little neighbour girls and will do up something for them though. Have a great day,,,I am off to meet a friend at a new coffee shop that opened up and then its off to work!

  13. I don't watch tv so can't tell if there are ads or not. I've not bought anything yet - one year we had all of our shopping and wrapping done by Dec.12 - it was no fun - so we just had to go out and buy something else. I haven't bought any this year yet, but we are exchanging hand made things in our families and so I've started on some projects for that. Love that wise old owl.

  14. I haven't had to scrape frost off the windscreen yet, but that day is creeping nearer. I bought some Hallowe'en treats today. We get very few callers, if any, but my two (nearly 20 and 17) are concerned I might not have bought enough!
    I like your seasonal decorating, I'm still in the thinking about it phase. I might stay this way until Christmas!

  15. That owl is really nice. Pier One has a lot of unusual things, it's a fun place to shop. I've already eaten one bag of halloween candy and have been slowly dipping into the other 2 boxes that have been bought. Good thing Halloween is this Thursday I will still have enough candy for those that show up. We get less kids each year as more community things are offered.
    I'm still buying the Christmas presents and not any wrapped yet, I hate wrapping.
    Our weather has been nice, we had a few foggy days but back to sun again this week.
    Nice catching up with you, Cheri

  16. Your little owl is adorable, and I don't have a TV so thankfully, I have not seen any Christmas anything! But I have been THINKING "Christmas"!
    Have a good day!

  17. Beautiful arrangement! Love that owl! Well, we've pared our Christmas down to the bare minimum. So I haven't started shopping yet. Probably won't until mid to late November.

  18. Love your 'out of character' chit chat, Pamela! Yes, I stayed with till the end and actually hoped there would be more!

    Have a fabulous week, my friend!


  19. Hi Pam.. I don't like these clear cold mornings.. smile.. I don't know what your flower thing is but the owl is darling.. Blessings..

  20. That was quite a chit-chat Pam...what has gotten into you? hahaha!
    I must confess...I do have a few Christmas gifts already...small things...crocheted things...
    The owl tea light is really cute...and very seasonal!
    No Christmas ads yet...but as you say...any day now!
    I am really tired of handing out candy....think I'll be a Halloween Scrooge this year...and perhaps my boyfriend and I will take in a movie!
    No frost here yet...but my geraniums are tucked away inside..♥

    Enjoy your evening...
    Thanks for the chat...

    Linda :o)

  21. Hi Pam ...I haven't bought my treats yet ..tomorrow I quess... I just want to enjoy the sutumn colors as long as possible..Christmas will start by mid November for me with cards and the anticipation of when it will snow... Can't say I'm looking forward to the cold, but I do love snow... so let it snow in December( Ha ha)..Thanks for sharing all the info and queries...It's got me moving..... HUGS

  22. Sure I stayed with you til the end. I have done a Beth Moore. I really like that mesh flower shape bowl. My eyes were drawn to it immediately. Also nice to see the candlesticks (I have the same ones, my parents got them as wedding presents, that would be 70 years ago). I don't bother with Halloween anymore, we got so few kids, sometimes none, so we just don't turn our light on. Less candy for us to consume! :-)

  23. Okay so Pamela...we got snow on Saturday and Sunday and it has not left!! I always feel bad for the children that have to cover up their costumes with coats. I have my fingers crossed that it will warm up a little bit.

  24. Pamela. Looking very festive. Could they have used the flower shape item to display fruit and the air would circulate around it so the fruit wouldn't spoil. I have a bird seed holder that looks similar but it is a new item so that probably isn't what it is.I have to go out and buy candy tomorrow Thanks for reminding me!..Happy Tuesday..Judy

  25. No Christmas shopping done over here as yet. Where does the time go?

    I think I need to do a Beth Moore study sometime soon...have heard so many good things about them. Enjoy!

  26. I agree, the mornings are very dark right now. We haven't had any halloweeners for a number of years, but I still buy treats and guess who eats them.

  27. I stayed with you but I forgot all of my comments until the end! haha! I DO have real gourds but I think they are very dry. NOW to the fun part! I've done most of Beth Moore's Bible studies and guess what! She's a distant cousin of mine. We grew up in the same small town in Arkansas and her brother and I were in the same class...and friends. I didn't really know her because she was younger. lol But I sure do LOVE her and her message to women. Enjoy your Bible study! Sweet hugs!

  28. There was frost on the pumpkins this morning. We had to scrap the house windows so we could see outside. Speaking of Christmas, one of the shops I so wanted to visit while here was to have miniture dolls and furniture. When we arrived I slowly walked around the shop looking at all The Christmas decorations and wondered where the smalls were, that was disappointing. Oh well tomorrow is another day, love your owl btw


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