Autumn 2017

Autumn 2017

Thursday, October 17, 2013

an autumn Sunday afternoon drive

Grab a coffe or tea and enjoy the photos.  

From the front porch.

This past Sunday morning was frosty and foggy and beautiful.
You can see the frost on the grass.

Out the back window.

Along the road on the way to church. {above and below}

After lunch we decided to go for a drive through the backroads to Stanley, a small village in rural New Brunswick.

The village of Stanley is nestled in the valley of the Nashwaak River.

The river flooded the village this spring when an ice jam blocked it's flow.  A lot of damage was caused to homes and businesses.

There was some beautiful colour along the river in spots.

I would love to have walked out under those trees to the river's edge.


Our next stop was Killarney Lake, in Fredericton.  This lake has been built up into a beautiful park that is open all year around with trails around it that are groomed in the winter for cross country skiing and snowshoeing.  The beach is a beautiful spot and always crowded on hot summer days.  It's the only beach in the city.

There were quite a few people around on this warm October afternoon enjoying the water and the trails and picnicking.
Yes, there were two brave, older ladies going in for a dip!
And the black dog in the above photo had a blast.

The lake was as smooth as glass and the reflections beautiful.  Look how clear the water is.

Almost home and we enjoy this view almost every day.

Looking a bit to the left and zoomed in on the farms in the valley.  Not much colour.  Mostly yellow and gold.

Thanks for coming along on our Sunday drive.  

The leaves on the branches in my previous post are all dried up and brown now and the ground under the tree is littered with hundreds of leaves again.  I wonder how many leaves are on one 40 foot tall tree?  Has anyone ever figured that out?  Let me know if you have.  I'm not about to count them.  :)

Thanks for visiting.  I'm off tomorrow morning for a couple of days.  See you soon.




  1. Lovely Sunday drive. Thanks for taking us along. I hope you are enjoying your time away.

  2. You and hubby take the nicest drives Pam. I see some fabulous note cards here, and the first one is my favourite.

  3. Love the beautiful color up there so much.

  4. Such a beautiful place I enjoyed the drive, everything looks nice and cool.

  5. Absolutely beautiful, thanks for sharing your drive with us. I think that there must be a couple of zillion leaves on one tree, we have three big trees in our garden, and it feels as though there are several zillion leaves when we are raking them all up! Hope that you have a good couple of days away. x

  6. show off

    ... those are the only words i can come up with. WOW!! great views. can't pick a fav .. because you have out done yourself, Mrs. Pamela. great post. ( :

  7. Beautiful photos Pam. I may see you tomorrow a..m. on the highway, I'm heading to Amherst. Maybe one of us will pass the other, I plan to stop if I "see" a good photo...

  8. Sorry- that "Unknown" above is me!

  9. Sunday is a blur, I think I rested most of the day but had I known it was such a beautiful day I'd of gone for a drive myself. Taken lots of photos and we could have compared shots. You captured an abundance of beauty on a wonderful Autumn day.

  10. First and foremost....your Hydrangeas look fabulous!!! Good job, Pam!!
    Secondly...those lake reflections are absolutely stunning...perhaps you should make a calendar with your photos..
    Absolutely award-winning!!!
    Your afternoon drives are marvellous!!!

    Enjoy your weekend....


  11. I really liked your Sunday drive. Such a beautiful array of scenery and colors!! Simply marvelous photos.

  12. Thank you for taking us on such a beautiful drive. It's always nice to tag along when you travel...

  13. First of all I love the view from your porch Sunday morning! Secondly I love all the reflections in the lake. Thanks for taking us along on your lovely Sunday drive. Have a wonderful few days off.
    p.s. I am going to send you an email as I have a question I want to ask you.

  14. What beautiful photos. Looks like you are enjoying FALL to the FULL. Thanks for sharing the beauty!

  15. your pictures are beautiful however I am just not accepting very well it's fall again
    I always hate being cooped up in the house during cold months
    I would much rather be working in my flower beds etc
    guess that's why I blog ? it's indoor entertainment for me

  16. To Pam my living high on the ridge friend,

    Oh how beautiful it all is...even the frost, which I am praying doesn't come for days yet here...and so much color yet!

    Your low in the valley friend,


  17. How beautiful your drive is. These golden autumn days are such treasures. Ours are starting out misty and grey like yours (but without the frost) and then the sun breaks through and it's all so glorious. Hope you're having a wonderful time away, enjoying autumn wherever you are!

  18. Lovely lovely.. We are so blessed this Fall with glorious color and temps..
    Have a great weekend, my friend..

  19. It's beautiful there, love the colors.

    And now you are going to have to tell me how you got so many blooms on your hydrangea.


  20. Gorgeous! I love the second and third shots! The river and lake photos are beautiful! Great color and very nice reflections.

  21. Thank you for the lovely tour! Your photos are spectacular!

  22. Magnificent photos, my friend. Rural NB is gorgeous, I sure wish I could see it in real day, hopefully.

  23. Hi Pamela, Thanks for visiting. I enjoyed your pictures. Beautiful. We don't get a lot of fall colour here as the forests are mostly evergreen and the milder climate takes the brilliance out of the few leafy trees. But my little one doesn't know any better and we're having fun romping through fallen leaves.

  24. Pamela
    Thanks for taking us along on your road trip today.
    I enjoyed the beautiful Fall colors and the pretty lake too.
    I see your hydrangeas are withering, but they are still beautiful to me!

  25. So many beautiful photos from this road trip! The colours are gorgeous, but I also love the moody one that almost looks like a black and white photo.

  26. They are all so beautiful! I can't wait to visit your beautiful province and PEI next year, Lord-willing.
    I love this vast and beautiful country of ours!
    So thankful to call Canada my home!
    Thank you for being so faithful in sharing your gorgeous pics Pamela!


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