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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

here for a limited time

Our 5 maple trees are just about spent.  There are a few stragglers left hanging on today.  It's such a briefly beautiful season isn't it?

There was a branch in our maple tree (below) that snagged the telephone line into the house so Murray stood on top of the step ladder while I braced it (!!) and cut it off.  He almost fell.  Almost!

Our pretty maple ~ one of 5 in our yard ~ taken a week ago.

I didn't let the beautiful orange coloured leaves go to mulch just yet and stuck them in my rusty old milk can on the front porch.

This was one of my notecards yesterday.

Fleeting colours.
Yesterday the leaves on these branches had dried up and more had fallen.

I was at the hair salon this morning and, being early, waited in the car for a few minutes.  I noticed the beautiful fall colours of the trees along the walking trail behind me so got out and took a few pictures with my phone.

Isn't the colour gorgeous?

How is the fall colour in your area?  

Thanks for all your visits and comments on my 'notecards' yesterday.  It's such a fun meme and I enjoy visiting the other participants.  

Friday I'm off to Moncton with my best girlfriend for our annual reunion of friends from Bible school.  It's been 42 years since we all met for the first time at Bible school and we have been enjoying these little reunions for a few years now.  There are usually about a dozen of us that gather in a host home for supper, a sleep (?) over, and breakfast the next morning.  This year we are going to have a tour of the school that is now Crandall University and has been on a new campus for about 15 years now.   Lots of changes to see.  
 I'll be back with a post on our drive from last Sunday before I leave though.




  1. Where have I been???
    I missed 3 posts!
    Love the bonfire....your garden is still looking fantastic...and you have WAY more color down there....
    Great photos....looks like you had a wonderful Thanksgiving...
    Have a great time with the girls!!! I believe you had it at your house last year....yes??

    Linda :o)

  2. Wow love the colours!! Fall is my favourite season. Have a fun filled time.

  3. The colors are beautiful in your area! I love the display of tree branches on your porch.

  4. What beautiful colors!!! I want to sit here and stare at them. Have fun on your trip. Sounds like a lot of fun.

    Be safe,

  5. sounds like a fun reunion. i hope you have lots of fun.

    amazing colors you have there. we have some ... but i wonder if it will get more faller looking... is this the color this year?? not sure. ( :

  6. Hi Pam
    We didn't get the reds and oranges as much this year, more subdued golden hues. Your annual trip away sounds like fun - enjoy!

  7. Beautiful colours, have fun at your reunion.

  8. Beautiful pictures. I found the colors different down here this year. There was some red, but the leaves looked almost dried up and curled. Weird. Yours are lovely. Have fun in Moncton!

  9. Such beautiful colours on the trees, and how lovely to just pull the car up and get out to take some pictures! Hope that you have a lovely time catching up with your friends.

  10. Your autumn photos are beautiful! We went for a walk along the trails here this morning and there was beautiful fall colors-alas no camera today.

  11. You chose a great title for this post, Pamela. The colours are gorgeous in your area. Some of the trees have turned and are dropping leaves here, while others are still mostly green. It's a bit of a mixed bag.

    Have a wonderful and fun time with your friends. I imagine there will be plenty of laughter and stories!


  12. Wow! Gorgeous colors! We've started to get some, but we're not quite there yet.

  13. Barbara, the colors are just incredible! I love that road blazing with color on either side. And your reunion sounds like a wonderful getaway – have a fantastic time!

  14. The colors are just gorgeous! Most of our trees still have their leaves they are just now starting to turn!

  15. It is indeed gorgeous! I love the branches in your milk can, too. We don't have any Fall colors here in Florida but we hope to travel up to the mountains soon to see some. Maples are always the prettiest trees. The color varies so much depending on what type of maple tree it is. Enjoy your time with friends! Hugs!

  16. Beautiful colours Pamela. Well, our trees have pretty well had it, nakedly awaiting the first snow fall which will be the next bit of nature touching their branches. Yep, I said it, snow fall. :)

  17. Very brief time in fall that we have to enjoy all the vivid colors. You still have quite a lot of color there. We do, too, depending upon where one looks. In my own yard, the colors have slipped from vibrant to more of a bronzed look. Your maples really put on a show this year with that vivid orange. I did get some of my leaves painted with candle wax to preserve them. (Course I have to keep them around for another month at least with such a late Thanksgiving.) Your orange leaves look like prime candidates for that process. I remember that last year the girls were at your place, right? It'll be fun to go and be hosted this time. (Thank God that Murray kept his balance...oh dear...that must've been scary.)

  18. The color is gorgeous, Pam! It hasn't been the best here. Very sporadic. A color here and a color there. I did find a little on Sunday.
    Have a fun time with your Bible School friends!

  19. Such a brilliant orange! Beautiful. We are probably two weeks away here. I can't wait!

  20. The colors this year are so lovely, and brilliant. Have a wonderful weekend, and don't stay up too late...lol.


  21. So beautiful! Our maples have barely started. They say that it's because our nights have not been cool as they normally are (even when it warms up in the daytime.) So we patiently wait, Meanwhile I can enjoy your photos!

  22. Gorgeous colors. Our maples are in full hue just now, but the wind whirls more leaves away each day. Soon all will be bare. Have a wonderful weekend.

  23. Enjoy your Friday and Bible study, hey that is tomorrow already!!! where did the week go? I think I'm going to have to drive over to NB to see some colour, perhaps we have way too many evergreens here on the Island or I need to drive further than my French Gardener wants to go out for a run.

  24. I just adore the colorful branch stuck in the old milk jug! Great idea! The colors are beautiful there. Here, not so much in the lower elevations. Except for some red dogwoods or black gums, the leaves just look tired.


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