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Thursday, October 3, 2013

meandering in Maine ~ day 3

On Sunday morning after a nice breakfast at the motel, we set out on the road for home.  We took Route 1 along the coast heading north.  It was another gorgeous day for driving and enjoying the beautiful scenery.

Our first stop was in Columbia Falls.  This is another one of those historic little seacoast towns with lots of big old houses built in the 1800's.   We (I) wanted to stop at Ruggles House.  There is a family connection to this house on my grandmother's side, albeit a distant one, as we are connected to the Ruggles that came to Nova Scotia.  We arrived an hour before the house opened, unfortunately, and didn't have time to wait around so didn't get a tour.  Murray and I toured it several years ago though and it's amazing the transformation and restoration that has gone on to this historic house.

This house was built between 1818 and 1820.

Just down the street from the Ruggles House is the Town Hall.

This was built in 1840 as the Union Church.

this plaque is on the front of the building.

It has a beautiful clock tower and weather vane at the top of the steeple.

The Pleasant River flows to the Atlantic through Columbia Falls.

Columbia Falls below the bridge.


Next stop is Eastport, a small city consisting of islands and the easternmost city of the United States.
One can take the ferry from here to Deer Island in Canada.

It has an historic downtown and is known for it's fishery.

The wharf where the ferry docks.

Right across the harbour is Campobello Island.  If you look to your right just down the coast you can see the international bridge to Campobello Island where President Theodore Roosevelt had a summer home.

That was our last stop in Maine until we reached the border at Calais/St. Stephen (Canada).

We hadn't had lunch and it was almost 3:00 so we stopped at Carmen's Diner in St. Stephen and had a nice lunch.  This diner has been around for 60 years and serves up home cooked food.

The gorgeous window boxes outside the diner.

We stopped at an antique store in Lawrence Station on the way through and got home about 5:30.

Thank you for following along on our trip to the coast of Maine.
It certainly is a beautiful place to visit and many of you expressed that you had been there before or would love to visit.
There is definitely much more to see and a lot of history to take in when you take the time.  And shopping to do as well.  :)
If you missed my first 2 posts on our trip just scroll down to the previous 2 posts.

I'm off to Kings Landing Historical Settlement this morning with fellow blogger Linda, of Stitch Lines.  And I'm taking my camera along of course.  We'll both probably do posts on it soon.

Have a wonderful day!




  1. oh, I don't know what to say except:
    You take so many amazing pictures Pamela!
    It is like we have traveled there with you!
    Thank you for sharing!

  2. I really enjoy seeing those beautiful white buildings, and they look spectacular against that gorgeous blue sky. Everything is so clean and tidy, really lovely. I enjoyed my virtual trip to Maine very much, thank you.

  3. I'm feeling envious of your coastal tour. I haven't been to the Maine coast in what seems forever. Your photos are so nostalgic for me!

  4. What a wonderful trip, Pamela. Your pictures of the river are stunning. I haven't been to Campobello yet. It is on my bucket list.

  5. I miss just popping over the border to visit all the historic little US towns...they are always so pretty. And this one is no exception.


  6. Perfect locale to enjoy early Autumn and all that it has to offer Pamela -- I'll have to go back and see your other two posts! xo

  7. Oh I've had a wonderful time - the buildings are so interesting - and the scenery spectacular.

  8. Wow! Your last three post have been more than interesting to me. I absolutely love you taking me on the trip. So many different things to see. I love and adore the old house that you said your ancestors were connected with somehow. The fence is so pretty. I love the harbor and the streets with all of the old buildings. The window front with the beautiful flowers. My what a great little get away. I am sad it is over with. But I am looking forward to the next post about Kings Landing Historical Settlement. That should be very interesting, too. Didn't you do one before on that little museum type place. I am looking so forward to hearing all about it. Should be very interesting!


  9. Beautiful pix and totally "Maine"!!!!...:)JP

  10. A wonderful trip of historical value and gorgeous scenery. You could be a tour guide Pam. :-)
    Have fun with Linda today.

  11. I have enjoyed visiting Maine with you!

  12. My dream is to visit Maine when the leaves are so beautifully colored. Before I tour all over the world I feel I should at least see the most eastern end of Canada...and then of course jump across to Maine!

  13. Gorgeous views, places . . . what a pleasant trip . . .

  14. The Columbia Falls photos make me want to be there with a picnic !!!
    How beautiful Pamela!!! Sounds like you have another fun day coming up :)

  15. I enjoyed following along with you. Such a pretty area. Your photo of the Pleasant River is just beautiful. Makes me wish I was there.

  16. Pamela, you go to all the beautiful places. What a great trip, and, as usual, your photos are the most beautiful ever..Keep enjoying..Happy Weekend..Judy

  17. We used to stop at Carmen's Diner when I was little, my grandparents lived in Saint John and we went to the US a few times together to visit relatives - my memory of Carmen's is chocolate ice cream in a small stainless steel bowl, that memory was so strong for me, I grabbed up three of those little bowls one day when I saw them at VV.

    We went to Campobello Island and toured the house a couple of years ago, it was so interesting and beautiful!

  18. Oh that's a good restaurant to know! I have really enjoyed your trip to Maine. Gorgeous photos and great tips. Did you go through Harvey on your way home? I wonder if they still have that wonderful bakery.

  19. Thank you for the glorious tour!

  20. Almost feels like this should have been a 3 week vs a 3 day trip - so much to see and explore. Thanks for taking us along. Wonderful shots of lovely places.

  21. Man, I'm gonna have to get up there one of these days! The scenery is stunning! I really like the clock steeple on the town hall. That's a beautiful building! Gorgeous shots of the river!

  22. I've had your blog open all day on my laptop to look at photos when I have time to sit down for a break. You've taken so many wonderful photos and it's fun to see you and hubby together. We had hoped to travel up to Maine sometime and it's my dream to go to Nova Scotia and PEI. I'm leaving your blog open again for my hubby to look through them! Enjoy your Sunday afternoon! Sweet hugs!


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