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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

candlelight dinner for one

Just because you're alone doesn't mean you can't enjoy your meals by candlelight.

With the days now dark at suppertime I often light candles on our dinner table just to make it cozy.  
My dearest has been away on a business trip this week since Sunday afternoon but that didn't stop me from enjoying a nice dinner with the candles lit.

I had the local evening news program on the TV and my new CL magazine at my side to enjoy.  :)

I cooked some salmon and potatoes and made a nice tossed salad.  The dark green blob is Million Dollar relish.  I don't usually eat that many potatoes at all!  I forgot and cooked too many.  :)
I love salmon and could eat it almost every day of the week.
I had enough left over to make a sandwich for supper tonight.

Do you like salmon or any other kind of fish?
We like haddock fillets too.

Murray arrives home this evening so I have to make an airport run.
He was in Newfoundland and the rain storm we got here on Monday turned into a snow storm that is to hit "the rock" (as Newfoundland is commonly known) this evening and tomorrow.  I'm so glad he got out this afternoon.  
Do you know where Newfoundland is?  No?

Well, it's a good sized island that kind of sits in off the coast of the provinces of Quebec, Nova Scotia (Cape Breton actually) and Prince Edward Island.  The Atlantic Ocean surrounds most of it.

Here is a link to a map of Newfoundland.

Newfoundland also has a large area of land on the mainland called Labrador which is part of the province and you can see it in the maps.  It's actually called Newfoundland and Labrador.  You can see how far it is from where we live in New Brunswick. 

There's a bit of eastern Canadian geography for you. 

Thank you all for your sweet comments on yesterday's Notecard Wednesday post.  I appreciate you all so much.

 I must run and eat my salmon sandwich and then head for the airport.  :)  I hope you have a nice cozy evening.  It's cold out there!




  1. looks like a delicious meal. i wish the hubby loved fish like i do ... but i have to get it when i go to restaurant or other outings. ( :
    i love your table decor. very cozy for this season.

  2. Your table and meal look sooo pretty. I love love love candles on my table while eating....even for breakfast.:)

  3. Looks like a lovely dinner Pam. You and I would get along well - I LOVE salmon too. I could eat it every day!! You'll be happy to have your honey home tonight!

  4. Your table setting looks lovely Pamela and we like fish here to haddock is my fave Cod is Papa's . Have a safe trip to the airport and back . I have never been to Newfoundland but have had lot's of friends who have family there ! Thanks for sharing ! Have a good evening !

  5. Beautiful! You didn't have to eat alone, you know, you could have invited me to dinner - it looks fabulous! :-) But such a good idea to make it pretty and with candlelight even when eating alone.

  6. So lovely that you make an effort to have a lovely meal and table setting for one! Hope that Murray is by now safely home and that you can have a candlelight dinner for two tomorrow. xx

  7. I think it's wonderful that you prepare a nice meal for yourself and even light the candles. I must say your dinner looks very good to me. I like salmon and often order it when we go out to dinner. For some reason I cook it more in the summer on the grill. I think it's because I don't like the smell of fish in the house.
    Thanks for the Canadian geography lesson. When we were in BC we were trying to come up with the names of all of the provinces. We had to cheat and look on the internet. Some of them I was unfamiliar with.

  8. Above comment from Kim (Happy@Home). Forgot I was signed into my other e-mail.

  9. By now, I hope that you guys are safely home.

    Your supper looked delicious and your table beautiful.

    I do like fish...haddock and scrod mostly.

  10. Your table setting and supper look wonderful! I do like Salmon, but we rarely ever have it. Husby doesn't care much for fish - I don't either, but I do like Salmon and Tuna Fish. LOL

  11. I am a candle freak as well, Pam....nothing better!
    Your dinner looks great...good for you for actually cooking when your hubby is away...
    I usually turn to "junk"....when he is away!
    We eat a lot of fish as well....I have a great Salmon recipe...from Chef Michael Smith...whom I believe...is..
    An East Coaster!!!

    Enjoy your evening with your hubby♥
    Linda :o)

  12. What a beautiful table arrangement! And I still cook too much at times since our sons moved out. I'm trying to learn to like salmon, yours looks delicious. I think I simply need to learn how to prepare it better. I really enjoyed the geography lesson, I hope you and your husband had a safe trip home. Must be great to have him back!

  13. How wonderful your hubby is coming back today. I love your candle for supper idea, even though you are by yourself.

  14. ... I lived in/on Labrador for a few years when I was very young -- my two sisters were born there, as well as my mom. Betcha didn't know that. Lol.

  15. Yes love the candles now that the dinner hour is after dark and the days are colder. I sometimes do the same when hubby is away. And I too could eat salmon every day, and second, chicken. Your centerpiece looks lovely and it reminds me Christmas decorations are only a week away (after thanksgiving!)

  16. Very pretty setting for one. Glad to hear hubby is arriving home safe and sound, they winter storms are so unpredictable. Those potatoes look very good, hope you put the recipe on here....always looking for different ways to cook potatoes. Diane

  17. I have a tendency to light candles a lot around our home. As for fish, I love it. We eat a lot of wild salmon. I am so worried these days about farmed fish that I stopped eating it about a year ago. I am like you, could eat it every night. Oh and Newfoundland...love that place. We are hoping to go back.

  18. Hello Pamela, Almost every night, this time of year, we have candles going at dinnertime and then we usually leave one going for the evening. As soon as the time changes here we start out candles every night. Your dinner looks delicious. No, I do not eat fish. I am horribly allergic to fish. I can eat any shell fish but not regular fish without a shell. I know, it is weird! Along with everything else, I have some allergies that are very serious. But I must say ..your salad looks delicious. We eat a lot of salad here. The fresher the better. Your table looks so pretty. . I always try to have a festive centerpiece on our table, too.

  19. Pamela,

    Your dinner for one table setting is charming in that candlelit glow! I would also have a magazine (on the side, as a side - calorie free and just as appetizing!). Your dinner looks very tasty and I love the way all the colours of the veggies make such a statement!

    How I LOVE the Maritime Provinces! I've told you before, I think they are idyllic in their landscape/ocean/architecture/FLOWERS and of course, the people, so sweet and polite! Just like you!

    Happy homecoming for your hubby and have a lovely day!


  20. Hi Pamela,
    What a beautiful table you set for yourself...good for you! I only wish Maine was a little closer to NB so we could have dined together! The fish looks delicious; my favorite is haddock. There's nothing like a hot haddock chowder on a cold winter night. I love CL magazine too and could spend hours pouring over the photos and ideas. Hope your DH got home safely. Your friend,

  21. Hello Pamela,
    Your dinner for one looks so delicious and good for you for lighting the candle and making it special. My Mr. frequently travels on business, too. I love Halibut and Prawns and smoked Salmon. My Grandfather came from Nova Scotia after his family emigrated from Ireland. He was a commercial fisherman for many years off the coast of Massachusetts where I grew up. Love your blog - new follower :) xo Karen

  22. I'm all for lighting candles, putting on the music, having a favorite magazine, when dining alone!! I'm impressed with the delicious and beautiful plate of food you prepared for one!
    Mary Alice

  23. I love what you put on your plate. I love those potatoes and salmon is my favorite food. Lovely to dine with candlelight.

  24. Did you get a storm last night? It was -11 here, which isn't that warm, brrr...

    But we heard that you were getting some bad weather.


  25. Whoops forgot, that looks like a very delicious, and healthy dinner.


  26. I love candles at the dinner table in these dark months. Newfoundland Labrador is a province that we would both love to visit - but not in the winter months. Glad you husband got off the rock before the big storm hit them.

  27. Candles are on the table these dark nights. So cozy. I'm impressed that you set such a nice table for yourself. I usually set a tray (properly) and eat in front of the television if I'm alone. Bad habit, I know. We love salmon and all kinds of seafood - well, maybe not calamari or octopus.
    Glad your husband left Nfld before the storm hit.

  28. That meal looks delicious. It would suit me to a "T". It is different when a person eats alone. I would go to less trouble so I'm impressed with your efforts. Keep warm!

  29. You set a lovely table, Pamela. The meal looks good as well!


  30. I can't say I have ever done that...enjoyed a lovely candlelight dinner all on my own. Good for you!

  31. Pamela
    We have been watching 'Canada Over the Edge' on TV so we are learning a lot about all of the coastal Provinces!
    I do hope to see it all in person some day.
    I do like most all fish, except I'm not fond of some sea foods like Shrimp.
    Your table setting is pretty! You look all set for Winter with your decor.

  32. We have been enjoying candle light around here as well... and I am so glad that you made things special for yourself! Have a great week end!

  33. What a great idea, to light a candle centerpiece to make single dining special! We love salmon and eat it pretty regularly. We have get it flash frozen and air shipped to us from Alaska. DH especially likes to fix it on a smoking plank. YUM! And yes, we are quite familiar with Newfoundland! We were supposed to go there for a 2-week vacation this past July, but we had to cancel it all because of DH's cancer treatments. If he can get a clean bill of health report in January, we'll be rescheduling and planning it for July 2014. It's been a place on our travel bucket list for years and years!

  34. I like the idea of making your meal special even if you're eating alone. I have never been to Newfoundland! And how I would LOVE to go!

  35. I will have to remember to set a gorgeous table by candle light and all for myself when my hubby is out of town and to serve myself such a wonderful dinner! Beautyiful Pamela! Thank you for your kind comment.

  36. Gosh I thought I commented but I don't see it here. I wanted to say that salmon is one of my favourite fish meals. And your table looks so inviting. Glad that your dh got out of NFLD before the snow hit. And gorgeous banner!!

  37. Hi Pamela, What a beautiful blog you have. I found you through a comment you left on Muddy Boot Dreams, and I am now a new follower. salmon is also my favorite and yes, I think I could eat it every day of the week. xo Laura


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