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Saturday, November 23, 2013

first snow

Friday  morning I awoke to this gorgeous sunrise.
When I checked my Facebook I noticed a friend posted her photo of the same sunrise.  I then posted mine and shortly after 3 other friends posted their photos.  It was an interesting perspective to see the different views of this gorgeous sunrise all within several kilometres of each other.

The day was sunny with clouds but the wind finally had ceased after blowing all week long.  I went to town and did a bit of Christmas shopping.  I found a lot of great sales going on as if it was 'Black Friday' or something.  Yes, we have Black Friday here now.  I think it's next Friday though.  The merchants are trying to keep the shoppers on this side of the border.  :)

We went out for supper last night at The Diplomat, a popular Chinese/Canadian restaurant in Fredericton.  It's always busy there and we don't go very often and last night it was so busy.  There wasn't any parking as the hotel next to it had an event going on as well.  Murray had to park on a side street.  We met up with friends and joined them for supper.  I had the No. 1 Chinese combo…. I ate half of it….way too much food.  

A robin visited our yard on Thursday.  Apparently there are many staying around this year as several friends have seen them.

This morning we woke up to our first snowfall.
Always pretty and magical.

It snowed for a couple of hours but melted in the above freezing temperatures.  It'll be all melted later.

This is already melted.  It was pretty while it lasted.

So, since we didn't get the outside Christmas lights up last weekend when it was 10 degrees Celsius we have to do it today….when it's 2 degrees and windy (very windy again!).  

We dug out the Christmas tree and decorations from under the stairs a few minutes ago.  I may tackle that later today.  I'm doing something different this year with burlap garland.  We'll see how that goes.

We also dug out some of the old vintage and antique dishes that I store there.  I think I'm going to sell them.  They are in boxes all the time and I have no place to display them. If I don't sell them I'll donate them to Kings Landing Historical Settlement.  They need to be in a safe place where they might be seen and appreciated.  (I'm not an ebay person as packaging and the cost of mailing is not worth it)  I hate to part with them but someday they will be gotten rid of by our kids.  We just can't keep everything.  What would you do with them?

Well, that's what we're up to today.  

Thanks for visiting and I'd like to welcome my new followers this week.  I appreciate each one of you.  Have a wonderful weekend!




  1. Lovely images of your first snow! The sunrise is gorgeous! I love the cute Robin! Have a happy day!

  2. That's the perfect amount of snow, just enough to get you into the mood, not enough to make you shovel. We are warming up to a balmy -7 today.


  3. Pamela, the sunrise was gorgeous. And I hate to admit it, but I've never eaten Chinese food; and in your last post I also admitted I have never eaten salmon so now I really feel silly (and so unadventurous). We had our first snow yesterday too, but most of it melted except in the shadows. Oh! Black Friday shopping, I have never, ever braved that insanity in the stores. And my Christmas lights are lying on the lawn next to the garage, I had high hopes I'd get them up before we went down to the single digits, but of course, I didn't make it in time. We're really cold here today and windy. And it's the first day of deer hunting, so I'm not going to go outside til after dark. Good luck with your vintage plates, they sound lovely, but I know what you mean; I don't want to leave a bunch of stuff for our kids to deal with eventually, either. My husband prefers to keep everything, unfortunately we don't have unlimited space either. Have a great weekend!

  4. Gorgeous sunrise!! We don't have much of a view of the sky for sunrises - blocked by the (large) house next door. I wasn't happy to see that snow this morning. but it's all melted now. I can happily wait till about Dec. 21 for snow!! If you don't get a sale, KL might be very happy to have your vintage dishes... Of course, I think that's an excellent option... :)

  5. That was an amazing scene...that glorious red and orange sky! How fun to have found some great deals Christmas shopping and to get a head start. Have you heard the latest here? Stores will be open on Thanksgiving Day, which effectively eliminates Black Friday. Crazy!

    Our snow is gone, but I am hearing rumors of "an event."

    Your plan to donate vintage dishes to Kings Landing sounds good and right to me. Just go through them once again to select any you might want. Oh my! Such tough decisions, but you are right, they are probably only a burden to the future generations. They don't know what they're missing.

  6. Oh that sunrise is just glorious.
    Snow really has a way of making everything look so clean when it first falls.
    You might see if any of your friends would want to buy those dishes and pick them up. I'm not one for selling things online, either...

  7. ok, i just noticed some one said they have never had Chinese Food .. that is too shocking. we have one in our neck of the woods that is fabulous!! no MSG & all that jazz. their steamed broccoli is extra tender & delicious. we always ask for extra.

    i love the snowy shots. you enjoy!! the dishes - are they something they would have used that the Kings Landing during that time of history? ( :

  8. How wonderful to wake up to such a sight! I hope you don't freeze getting your lights up! I have boxed up a lot of dishes, etc as we're having some painting done. And wonder what to do with them all .. I need to start purging but I still enjoy using them. But I don't think the kids will! Have a good weekend!

  9. Beautiful! I love getting photos after a new snowfall! We actually had our first snow about ten days ago which is rather unusual. Of course, we've had 60 degree days since then. LOL

  10. What a glorious sunrise! Beautiful capture! And the first snowfall already? I hope we get a few this year. Thank you for sharing the photos!

    We were going to start decorating today, but we're both feeling a little puny, so putting it off until tomorrow.

  11. P.S. We have a lot of old dishes too and we have no idea what to do with them. With less room at our new cottage, the dishes are still stored in boxes. Sigh...

  12. Beautiful sunrise ! We had a few flurries for an hour or so this a.m but not enough to cover the ground.

    The shop you asked about is called SAjo Weathered Home in Marda Loop 1113411 20th St SW Calgary ~ hope you are able to pop in for a visit sometime.

    Have a great weekend!

  13. The first dusting of snow is always exciting and the snow laden view from our daughter's home up north is nice, from the inside. Driving has been treacherous and we hope it will improve for the drive back south on Sunday.
    I hope the King's Landing will take some or all of your antique dishes, it would be nice to still see them on display there. I've been wondering about all my "stuff" lately too, I know the kids won't want it. (sigh)

  14. We are in the midst of snow squalls.Snowing off and on all morning. Flash Freeze many accidents. Staying in by the fire knitting.

  15. Hi Pamela
    It is cold -3°C feels like -10 °C windy and blowing a blizzard of snow every now and then with the odd peek of sun here today . Papa and I had to pop into town for a few bit's and pieces but other then that just puttering . Lovely photos ! I like the first snow falls . It is hard to give up some stuff that you have had over the years . The Robins have stayed here to as has the Eastern Blue birds at least I still heard them as of yesterday ! Thanks for sharing and stay cozy and have a good weekend !

  16. Let it snow.............but not quite yet around here please! We don't usually get much, and more likely after the holidays, but a dusting for Christmas would be perfect. Aren't the sunrises just amazing at this time of the year...............makes me wake much earlier because I don't want to miss the painted skies.

    Have been donating quite a few things lately - including china. We ladies of a certain age seem to have this in common knowing they will be disposed of later anyway! Sadly, I have a feeling nobody will cherish my grandmother's/mother's precious bits like I have. They just want the latest from Pottery Barn/Crate & Barrel these days!

    Stay warm dear - cooling off here also and we may light our first fire this evening after watching the Christmas tree lighting at the nearby shopping center. Off to make soup - warming sustenance will be required later!

    Hugs for the weekend - Mary

  17. Evening Pamela, I have been feeling sorry for myself all day as I still feel awful with pains in throat and ears!!I am just catching up with emails and posts on Facebook and Blogs although I think I might go to bed soon. It is 8pm here in the UK!!
    What a beautiful sunrise and how pretty the snow.

    Since we cleared a lot of things before we had the decorators in, we gave a lot of china, pictures and frames to Charity shops. I think it is a lovely idea to give yours to the settlement as you can still see them and I am sure they will be looked after and loved by lots of people in the future.

    I never keep books when I have read them as I like other people to enjoy them too instead of just collecting dust in a bookcase. I do keep some information books but not novels.

    Our tree won't be coming out until the weekend before Christmas.
    Next week we are celebrating my son Sam's 40th birthday!!

    Enjoy the rest of the weekend, keep warm and safe. love Jackie in Surrey UK.x

  18. Pamela, a spectacular sunrise, indeed! My goodness, what bold and striking colours! The first snowfall is always the sweetest, isn't it? We romanticize it, as it is a powdery dusting of snowflakes, soft and subtle on the landscape. Then...three months into winter, we are a little fed up with the slush, dirt, and wet socks and boots!!

    Your snow covered greenery is like a gift from the Snow Queen, love that ribbon!

    Have a lovely weekend!

    PS: Why not let your children sort through all those plates to see what they want, and donate the rest?

  19. Beautiful sunrise photo! I have so many things that I should go through and get rid of too. Hate to even think about it.

  20. I've been thinking the same thing about sorting through our possessions. That's a positive thing about moving - you sort through everything periodically. But we've been here for 26 years! Quite a lot accumulated.

    I think it would be nice to donate your dishes to King's Landing.

  21. Pam, I know what you mean about extra things and never want to go through that again!...:)

  22. 'It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...'! Though across the line they have yet to celebrate Thanksgiving.

    I'm thinking the robin is confused! He's going to be doing a lot of shivering if he doesn't head south.

    Enjoy your first snowfall.

  23. What a gorgeous sunrise! We have been having some spectacular sunsets this week and have been unable to snap a shot...it goes down so fast! We may also be getting some snow here in NC this week...I hope so! Have a wonderful weekend :)

  24. Hello Pamela! So nice making my rounds tonight thanking you and all my Bloglandia friends for a warm welcome back! Brrr.. as I type old MAN Wind blew into town with such a force he brought with him out first snow storm!!
    EEKS.. good thing tomorrow is a day of rest...or not. Perhaps because I'm snowed in I'll put up the Xmas tree!
    I enjoyed my visit with you! The sunset is amazing!

  25. Magical Pamela - I'm so glad you were awake!

    Your light snowfall looks lovely - I wish we had snow in winter on the odd day - not the wet and mess though!
    Too much to ask I guess!

    I'm the same - I've still got unopened boxes in the attic from the move from our big family house.
    With my daughter living in France, I take the odd thing when I go but she needs to come and have a sort through!

    I think what you're planning is great. We can't be storage depots forever!

    Enjoy your Sunday

  26. The sunrise photo is beautiful! I have some dishes, too, that I should sell or donate. My children won't want them, I know, they want everything new and modern. I was happy to get things from my mother and grandmother. It means a lot to me to have something that was theirs. But, if we move in a couple of years, we won't want to take everything with us.

  27. A gorgeous sunrise and then beautiful snow, what a day!
    I'm looking forward to seeing how you've decorated for Christmas, Pamela!
    I'm thinking of using burlap too this year.
    I don't know what to say about the dishes...I'm afraid I wrestle with what to do with mine too.
    I'm thinking if the kids don't want it, maybe the g'kids will. Silly, probably!

  28. You always make me remember the great meals at The Diplomat!

  29. Love the sunset and fresh snow is always so pretty!

  30. The first snow is always magical. Beautiful images of snow and sunrise in your corner of the world. I'm hope, hope, hoping that we get some this year.

  31. Lovely! I have seen people break up old dishes and use them to create mosaic items, like birdbaths, serving trays, etc.

  32. I've been doing a lot of burlap also, seems and looks rustic to me and I like the look. I can't wait to see what you have done. Something about the first snow fall makes you want to get those decorations out from under. Great shots before it melted.

  33. Pamela, I've decking the condo this weekend. Your sunrise is gorgeous, just gorgeous. It may snow here a tad Wednesday. Can't wait to see your holiday decor. Looking forward to the holidays. This is Thanksgiving week. Yum! Carol

  34. I am happy for you that it is just arriving now. We have had snow for some time, although it left a week ago after staying for a good week or more but it came back with a vengeance and no doubt...it is here. The wind is so cold and the snow is blowing.
    Good thing is, I feel like decorating.

  35. We had snow this morning as well. I have boxes of china, silverware and crystal that has never been unpacked from our last move and I should donate them like you. I hope you have a blessed week.

  36. Such a beautiful sunrise and snow scene! It is a hard one with things that you have packed up. I struggle to get rid of things, and in fact, just bought back a box of china from my parents today which is the last of the stuff that my Dad rescued from his Mum's house after they emptied it out earlier this year when she died. Very few people want things it seems, so if your things can find a home elsewhere now, and you know where they are going, and that they will be appreciated that seems to me to be a good thing to do. If your children don't want them, you might as well pass them on now! Hope that you reach a good decision that you are happy with! xx Oh, just thought, you could photograph them before you donate them, then you will have a record to look back on!

  37. Beautiful sunrise! The first snow is always so pretty. We're having our first really cold days which are hard to get used to!

  38. Hi Pam.. Lovely photos.. We had a speck of snow but thank goodness it did not last.. I love the thought of your old dishes .. What a great idea to give them to Kings Landing.. Our children just do not want all of our stuff, I know.. At the shop old dishes do not sell either..
    Have a great week, my friend.. xo

  39. We've got snow too and lots more promised tomorrow and Wednesday. Winter is here, I guess.

    I have a friend with an antiques and collectibles shop so when my kids don't want me to pass something down to them I ask my friend if she wants to try to sell them.


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