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Sunday, November 3, 2013

the critters of Kings Landing

The oxen played an important part on the farm in the 1800's.
There are two oxen at Kings Landing Historical Settlement but only one was out the day I was there in early October.

He was enjoying munching on some hay in the warm sunshine.

This is Jesse.  Or is it Jessie?  I'm not sure.

These guys were on the move so are a bit blurred.

This guy had flown the coup and was on the lam.  

four horses in the pasture

two pigs in the pen

The heavy haulers.  :)
{they pull the wagons of tourists through the site}

I hope you are having a good weekend.  




  1. I think these guys have it made! The bull has some interesting curl to his horns...a little extra at the end. Any idea of the breed of horses on the wagon? They're stout. Nice selection of farm critters!

  2. It looked like it was lovely weather for the visit. Lovely series of photos.

  3. That first critter looks like he means serious business! Wonderful "Critter" pics Pam!

  4. I bet those animals are well tended! That sure looks like a nice historical park.

  5. They all look very content, The ox is very impressive, he has such a gorgeous, glossy coat, and it looks so rich with the sunlight shining on it. The pigs are my favourite though, I just love their faces.

  6. The oxen is amazing isn't he! Love the heavy horses too. xx

  7. Very nice series of photos. I really that oxen. Have never seen one to my knowledge.

  8. The ox is magnificent -- hard to imagine how each of our countries would have been settled without them.

  9. Such fun pics, Pamela! You caught them all in the act - of their daily routine! I don't know why I love those birds so!

    Enjoyed this post of King's Landing and I'd love to visit one day!


  10. Lovely photos ! I love farm animals . Thanks for sharing ! Have a good day !

  11. Great farm animal photos. The bull is certainly a creature to inspire wariness.

  12. The huge oxen were a valuable asset to a farm, weren't they? King's Landing is similar to Pioneer Village in Toronto and it's fun to visit and realize how lucky we are today with modern conveniences.

  13. I especially love images of sheep. So cool.

  14. Those guys sure look like gals to me. = D

    A wonderful gathering of the Kings Landing menagerie. They all look healthy and happy.

    1. John says that there are some guys and some gals. Likely story!

  15. Looks like it was a beautiful day!! Great pics!

  16. Another wonderful perspective on the beauty of this spot, Pamela!

  17. Great photos Pam, of all those critters we enjoyed visiting!

  18. More wonderful pictures from The Landing. It is so wonderful for me to see the "old timey" ways. I really wish I could get over to the old Genesee Country Museum right close by here. Oh, it is so much fun so I know what you are talking about . Thanks for the pics of the oxen , team of horses and the chicks and etc. So enjoyed all of them.

    - Did you happen to receive an email with a picture of Jim and I at the bottom? I have a feeling that it did not go through although I sent two and they never came back to me. Well, my surgeries are this week so I will try to send a pic of us some other time.

    God bless you, Pamela!

  19. I loved seeing the farm animals, Pamela. The sheep looked so content!

  20. What beautiful images Pamela - love love love Jessie!!!
    ( in my world it's with an i - lol )
    That bull looks terrifying to me!
    Hope you had a great weekend - a terrible case of insomnia is allowing me
    to visit all my friends :)
    Much love,

  21. Critters is right...and you captured them beautifully!

  22. Adorable critters my friend, lol! You always take the most amazing images my friend, you are one very talented photographer dear Pam. Thank you for sweet and kind visit, I so appreciate it. Have a sweet week.

  23. Wow! That first critter looked right at you....and none too friendly! heehee! I like the chickens and the sheep. What a pretty day to visit and see the animals. Our high is 50 here today....feels cold but at least it's sunny. I hope your day is nice, too!

  24. Hi lovely lady.
    Your photos of the Bull are Gorgeous.! I hope this day is a wonderful day for taking new photos...also.
    I did post a new fall tablescape for fall come see.

  25. Pam- Hi! Glad you stopped by my place! I have a question - what is a "toque"? Do we have those in Texas??? :)
    The frost is beautiful, altho I'm glad it's up there and not down here yet. I don't do cold well, so I guess it's good that I live in Texas. Now that historical place with all the farm animals is something I'd love to see. I really enjoy learning about the ways folks used to live. Since I have my little farm now I'm trying to learn all I can about the "old ways" of doing things. I pick and choose. Some things I want to learn, some things I DON'T! You take such wonderful pictures!

  26. I love seeing all the farm animals, Pam! It takes me back to the time when I lived on a farm. I'd love to have a few chickens, but hubby says no and I know he's right. But, still....sigh.

  27. I love those animals and everything else in that place.. smile..

  28. what great creatures. i luv the horse team best. ( ;


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