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Friday, November 15, 2013

the week that was

It's Friday.  That week sure went fast!

We had a long weekend just past with the Remembrance Day holiday on Monday so we were busy.  Saturday we went to town to the market but I didn't buy anything there.  And you saw that we went downtown to the shop Savour Decor in my last post.  By the way, thank you for all your kind comments on my friend Janice's store.  I think she would love it if each one of you would visit her shop.  If you're ever in my town I'll take you there personally.  :)

We stopped by the big box building store with the orange signs and they had all kinds of nice Christmas arrangements made from fresh greens for sale (above photo).   While I didn't have any birch sticks to use for my own arrangements, I did use some maple tree branches that had blown down this fall.  Whatever works.  ;)

I always do my own greenery arrangements with cuttings from our own trees, however, we cut down our huge white pine trees this summer so I have no pine.  I'll have to go to the back roads and find some maybe.  

This is one of my containers.  It has spruce, cedar, sedum blooms, red dogwood sticks and some faux berries from Dollarama.

Container # 2.

On the way to town we saw this unusual sight.

A Mobile Tim Horton's restaurant.
This popular Canadian coffee shop is being renovated so they brought in a portable one.  I've never seen one before.  Cool eh?

Speaking of 'cool'….

My favourite ice cream is in the store now.  Candy Cane with slivers of dark chocolate.  Yum.  I won't be buying any this year, unless I have a really weak moment, due to the possible gall bladder attack I had 2 weeks ago.  I haven't had ice cream for 2 weeks!  I know that doesn't sound so bad but when one has a cone of ice cream every other day…..well…..  Let's just say I quit cold turkey and I don't dare to taste it again!  It's been difficult as it was my comfort food or treat in the afternoon.  It's all good though ~ I've lost 4.5 pounds.  :)


I bought my Paperwhites and Amaryllis bulbs and will plant them today.  They should be blooming around Christmas time.  
Do you buy these bulbs to grow?  They are so fun to watch as they sprout, grow and bloom.

The skies are grey with some blue patches and the temperatures are going to be very mild for us this time of year at around 9 or 10 degrees Celsius.  


Ah, yes, I've been doing a bit of this all week.  Today I'll do more.
But no tree yet.  Although I've seen several up and lit already.
We'll put up our outdoor lights tomorrow as it will be a warm day for the task.

I hope you all have had a great week and I hope you have a really nice weekend.  

Blessings to you,



  1. Last night when I walked our dog I saw several trees lit up through the windows. A bit early for me but I did not mind seeing theirs. :) I love decorating with fresh boughs but I always forget to go to the Dollar store to find those little berry branches. Good reminder and I have not yet got my amaryllis bulbs and paperwhites. Another thing on my list. My children never liked the smell of the paperwhites but seeing that one is at university I may get away with them this year.

  2. Your display pots are beautiful!! I probably need to de pumpkin my front step this weekend, so I will have a look round and see if I can find somethings to make a display like yours to brighten things up. Thank you for the inspiration! xx

  3. Good morning, Pam! The mobile restaurant is really interesting. I guess it's better than closing completely while they are renovating.
    I love seeing all the Christmas greens. Your containers are beautiful. I bought one this year from the youth group at church. I haven't gotten it yet. I will cut my own greens for my window boxes.
    Way to go with no eating of ice cream or other sweets. Wish I could do that.
    Have a great weekend.

  4. Pamela
    Your Winter pots are so pretty! Is that a solar light I see peeking out of one of them?
    I would love to have your warm weather today since I have to do outdoor work today.
    Tim Hortons-we can't live without them, can we?
    I hope to get my bulbs today, but I won't decorate quite yet for Christmas.
    I'm still too busy with our bedroom.

  5. i wonder how to compare Tim Horton to us Americans? ... would it be to our Starbucks, but i think there are way more Tim Hortons (will they ever come to the US?) ... when we were in Canada both times the Tim Hortons were every where ... i mean like within close areas ... you could walk to one & then the other. are you all addicted? (not you personally, but all Canadians?) ... do they have Tim Hortons Anonymous like AA? you know i am kidding, right?

    have a great weekend, Pamela ... do folks ever all you Pam or just your full name ... not sure i have ever asked you that? do you other nicknames? ( :

  6. Love the shots of the greenery...I saw some arrangements at Super Store already. They sure are tempting to buy. Do you have to water or spritz them throughout the holidays though?? I have never really used fresh greens? Hope you have a wonderful week end, and I have been thinking about decorating, but have not brought anything out yet.....

  7. Oh all looks soo pretty . You got a long weekend on remembrance day ? we here in Ontario don't any more we used to Papa had to work and the school bus went by that morning ! Yup Tim Horton's is also state side now has been for a year and from what I hear it is threatening for the other coffee shops now ! I love Timmie's English toffee coffee YUMMY ! I had my gallbladder out had no choice it made me very sick after a while even when I did watch what I ate lost so much weight and it became infected . Hope all goes well for you ! Thanks for sharing . Have a good day !

  8. I love your photos and you have inspired me to take a walk in the woods and do some clipping of greens...I do all my own arrangements too and it's about 50 degrees here today...even the flies have come back out, the grass here is still green too and it's a perfect day to get outside among the trees. I'm torn between doing that and since I started a knitting project yesterday...a small one...just another warm pretty scarf...I love of my all time favorite pastimes and making Christmas decorations with greens too...hmmmm...what should I do? Oh...and that photo of the ice did you know...that is what I wait for every year at this time too....but you....I will resist...."not gonna' do it"....wouldn't be prudent at this juncture....hahaha....hugs and have a great weekend.

    1. P.S. Forgot....congratulations on your weight're doing great and I bet you feel better too. Those gall bladders can be mighty troubling when we indulge....sometimes getting older isn't all it's cracked up to be when we want what we want. : )

  9. Never seen a mobile Timmies before, that's too cute. The one up the highway doesn't look like it's going to be open for Christmas, I can see the lineups in my mind.

    Love what you created with your greens...we need to get down to the creek before the snow sets in. And can you believe that Wallymart is selling decorator 4 foot lengths of birch for $5 each?



  10. Pamela, love your winter arrangements; I get a lot of ideas from the ones outside big box stores and then go home and whip up something cheap, ha. Oh, that ice cream...I've never met an ice cream I didn't like, and that one is really tempting. Congratulations on your weight loss, that's fantastic!

  11. I've seen those mobile Timmie's around - they're always so much nicer when they do the renovations.

    Love your winter planters!!

    And, love your tin reflectors, I have some of those that belonged to my parents!

  12. I love your winter pots! I do the same and gather all the greenery off our own trees and put in some faux berries. I love the smell of cedar!

    I'm glad you mentioned putting up lights this weekend! That is what we should do as it's supposed to be warmer. Great idea! We usually put it off and and then it's cold. :)

    Have a happy weekend!

  13. I'd like to try that ice cream it looks yummy! Love your winter containers!

  14. This is like a lovely Friday Fave post! I'm inspired by your Christmas arrangements. It would be a good weekend to go gather my greens and berries down on Point Prim. Thanks for the reminder!

    Also thanks for the bulb idea. I'm heading tomorrow and I'll get some. Did you get them at the big box store H. D. ?

    Sorry to hear about the maybe gall bladder attack - it must have been very painful to cut out ice-cream. I've never tried that kind. I probably will and I'll probably find those lost 4 pounds of yours :)

    Happy weekend!

  15. I'll say it again...blessed Canadian gals who have already moved on. Your greenery looks beautiful. You must have a friend with some pine! Congrats on the weight loss and continued prayers for no more attacks.

  16. Love your twigs and greens from your yard for winter arrangements. Very nice!
    Happy decorating Pamela . . . still too early for me. Thanksgiving in the states takes a back seat because it falls so close to December. I support it to the fullest right through the day and the month. (It would be fun to have our thankful celebration at the beginning of November though like you in Canada.).

    I enjoy having you as a blogging friend . . . grateful for that Gordon connection!
    Happy weekend to you.

  17. Hi Pam
    I always get my greens and red dogwood from roadsides, your containers are looking quite festive.
    Good for you to lose some weight before Christmas - it will give you an edge for all the sweets coming up. Guess you'll have to watch them too and see some yummy PC products for the season.

  18. I love the arrangements you made...they are even prettier than the ones for sale. I need to think of doing that to put at our front door. And it's hard not to eat your favorite foods for the holidays. I remember when I had to quit eating sugar....when the Cadbury eggs were at the check out, I had to look away! haha! I eat some sugar free chocolate now and it keeps me sane...or at least happy! Sweet hugs!

  19. Your arrangements are a great idea! Have a wonderful weekend, Pamela

  20. Your arrangements are just beautiful. I need to get my head around my pots in the garden and my hallway this weekend before my Christmas tree goes up. So much preparation! Have a wonderful weekend xx

  21. Good for you on losing 4.5lbs, Pam. Finding trees in the woods will be fun and I'll bet you get a nice variety! I enjoy doing that...:)JP

  22. I really like your Christmasy arrangements - so festive. The ice cream looks very tempting, but I'm trying to not do too much of that either! Have a great weekend.

  23. Your arrangements are more beautiful than ones I've seen in stores. I'm not much for decorating for the holidays but I love seeing what other people do. That ice cream sounds really good. I'm sorry you can't enjoy it this year but it's nice that you've lost 4.5 pounds. I could use an incentive.

  24. Good for you on staying away from the ice cream, Pamela. I know how hard it can be to resist a favorite treat.
    Your arrangements are so pretty. I like the addition of the red berries and the red twig dogwood.

  25. Your greenery arrangements are lovely Pamela. I have not started any decorating yet- maybe next week. I do have my new amaryliis potted though- no sign of any bud yet but it's only been 3-4 days... maybe next week!

  26. Lovely arrangements. I don't generally do evergreen arrangements - but love what others do. Oh I's miss ice cream too - I had an emergency gall bladder surgery a few years ago and now I can eat anything I want - even ice cream. I love the freedom of eating what I want when I want. I will look for my favorite ice cream during the holidays - spumoni - I need to clear out some freezer space and stock up on it. Hee Hee. I've seen one or two trees decorated - but not ours - not until the weekend after our thanksgiving. I think it limits us as to when we put up our tree because our Thanksgiving is so late - this year it is Nov. 28 - that is just crazy.

  27. I like your own arrangement of greenery. I prefer to make my own as well. I've run out of a good selection in the garden so stop along the sides of the roads for more :) I was lucky to get some birch logs last spring when the hydro company came along and cut down branches that were in the way of the wires. Some big branches were cut off the neighbours birch tree so I quickly went out and dragged some into my garden. I don't think the neighbours even knew it was cut as they work during the day ... an advantage of being retired :)

  28. Your containers are lovely, and that coffee shop is so creative, It would draw me in just because it is the way it is!

  29. You're getting a good jump on the season! I guess we will start decorating next week.

  30. Love that frosty fence line... I'm still in fall mode...

  31. This past week did go very fast. I really hope next week goes by just as fast. And I "might" have a bit of news to tell next Wed.. It's something that I know you will appreciate. We want God's will to be done first and foremost.
    I always love seeing what you have done, I really like the outdoor pots, I do wish I could find some evergreen cutting around here, but unfortunately the majority of our trees are deciduous.
    Have a great weekend!

  32. Hello Pamela, it's nice to discover your blog and to read through your week. What has made me comment is your reference to a gall bladder attack. Before I was diagnosed with gallstones I had a couple of occasions when I actually thought I was dying, the pain was so extreme that I had to be given morphine! A scan eventually discovered over three hundred gallstones and a large stone lodged in the bile duct. Here in Britain they whip out gall bladders on a daily basis, I believe it is the most commonly performed operation. However, I didn't want to lose any part of my anatomy, thinking that the gall bladder was put there to do a job of work. I looked on line and found the gall bladder cleanse. It's quite straightforward and I am now minus at least a couple of hundred small stones and have not had a bad attack since my first cleanse, well over a year ago now. I do hope that this may be of interest and helpful for you.

  33. Wow that ice cream sounds good! You are being so good about it though. Your green arrangments are wonderful! How nice to cut most of it from home. Stay well!

  34. Oh great all at Christmas red and green. We used to decorate for Christmas just a few days before the 25th but these days I usually start around the tenth. I love it.

  35. I think your lost pounds may be found around my middle!

    Your containers are really pretty, Pamela. I have yet to dig out any Christmas things, but it won't be long now until I do.


  36. I very much like your arrangements, Pamela. And the price was right too. The Candy Cane ice cream sounds delish!

  37. Looking good Pam...
    I got some grasses on Friday from the cottage..
    My daughter brought me a bag of goodies as well...she works at a floral wholesaler!
    I meant to get my urn done this weekend...but was not meant to be!
    I must ask her the names of everything I can pass it along!
    Enjoy your evening♥
    Linda :o)

  38. Pamela, I love your festive containers, they're both so pretty! Your shopping for seasonal greenery has brought back many memories of my stay in Toronto last year! So much fun, isn't it, gathering all the fresh boughs to decorate in the house, especially when you know you're going to be rewarded with some fabulous coffee from Tim's and my favourites, Canadian Maple and Apple Fritter!! What are yours?


  39. I so love your little wood container and yellow pot of Christmas snips. I'm thinking of getting some red from the dollar store and creating a container at the front door as well, I'm trying to give away this pumpkin first.

    Sorry to hear you gave up ice cream no that isn't what I meant, I mean about the attack. My daughter went through that at 16 and I sat up with her night after night. Nice post


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