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Friday, November 8, 2013

white pumpkins

I have to admit that I kept a wee bit of orange in my decor.
I had this faux bunch of berries, {could they be bittersweet?} that I decided to cut apart into several small bunches.  I thought they looked pretty with the mini white pumpkins in the vintage milk glass bowl.  

I love the texture of these little pumpkins.

This is part of my interim decor until next week when I start my Christmas decorating.  
However, I don't feel like decorating for Christmas at this point.  For some reason I'm not in the mood yet.  I think the weather is too nice.  Maybe I need snow on the ground.   

Last year we woke up to this on November 8th.

First snowfall November 8, 2012 but it didn't last.

That got the creative decorating juices flowing for sure.

We're in for some much cooler weather this weekend with the chance of flurries or showers.  I guess it depends on how cold it gets.  But, we won't be shovelling it.  I hope!

I hope you have a beautiful weekend.  




  1. That's a nice touch with the white pumpkins, Pamela. Love these shots. Maybe you'll get in the Christmas spirit soon.

  2. I like the arrangement and a touch of orange seems appropriate at this time of year. There are still leaves on the trees, as well as the ground, around here. A few snowflakes were falling during my walk this morning, but they're melting as they hit the ground.

    Stay warm this weekend.


  3. Your white pumpkins look great with the orange berries! I see we got some rain in the night. No snow yet though.

  4. The bittersweet (or ash berries?) look perfect among the pumpkins!

  5. When I looked at the first picture (before I started to read), I thought, oh, bittersweet berries! Great minds must think alike!! Love the little white pumpkins and the way you have set up this lovely display. Glad that you are not shovelling snow this November 8th! xx

  6. I absolutely love these little white pumpkins. I still have mine sitting in a large bowl on the table. I am surprised at how long they last. A couple are looking a bit tired but most are still great. Your hit of orange is really nice.

  7. Very nice combination of white pumpkins and bittersweet.

    We got a light dusting of snow overnight. It's melting though.

  8. I think the little touch of orange made all the difference.

  9. So pretty...the white pumpkins with the berry garlands.

  10. i like seeing the orange berries with the white pumpkins, they are very pretty!!
    I haven't started decorating for Christmas yet, I think I will wait until the snow falls or the spirit moves me. :) We are in for a wet weekend, too, mostly rain and snow showers. Not bad for this time of year, though!
    Hugs, cindy

  11. Sweet combination of colours and textures, Pamela. Christmas just doesn't seem to be registering for me, yet. What a difference from last year on this day, for you. It is beautiful!

    Happy weekend!


  12. It does look like bittersweet! I like it a lot, but understand the desire to move on. I rearranged the living room this week in preparation for the tree, but no decorating until the day after Thanksgiving.

    Aren't blogs handy for knowing when things happened? November 8 snowfall that didn't last and such thinqs. I should check to see myself.

  13. Nice arrangement of pumpkins and berries. I've been walking around the stores and seeing all the Christmas decorations but I'm not ready to give in yet. December is soon enough.
    I'm not hoping for snow either ... love these sunny but chilly days.

  14. Beautiful pumpkins and berries. I've started getting into the Christmas spirit now that the adverts on tv are full of temptation again but I still feel that the year has gone far too quickly so holding back a little before I start the festive decorations. Have a wonderful weekend. xx

  15. These look so pretty, I think that they would look lovely on my table as well...your chose well~

  16. Oh, those white pumpkins are gorgeous. The bittersweet looks so real and adds the right flavor to the pumpkin centerpiece. You do things so nicely!

  17. Yes our Thanksgiving is very late this year so it is a short time after that to Christmas. And I hate to put up Christmas before Thanksgiving! So …. things will be a rush, but I agree, some winter weather would help! Have a great weekend!

  18. Love your header of frosty photos . Lovely pumpkins and colours with them . I like the first bit of snow fall makes for a new canvas for photos ! Thanks for sharing . Have a good day !

  19. Love your small pumpkins and yes, I think it is bitter sweet. Very nice look with the white and a bit of orange.

  20. Love your new header....very dramatic and awesome with the frost! I too have not gotten in the mood for Xmas. I am still walking around outside with a sweater on, maybe once the really cold stuff arrives will get me in the swing of things!

  21. Pamela
    I think your bittersweet makes your white pumpkins pop!
    I'm so done with Fall. It seems like it has gone on and on..
    And then the weather has been so cold for a long time now
    that it makes me want to turn my thoughts towards Christmas.
    Your snow covered tree from last year is so pretty.
    Have a good weekend-Kimberly

  22. The little white pumpkins are cute and the touch of orange from the bittersweet is just enough for me. I started bringing out the winter decor this week and the Christmas things will come out in another week or so. The snow this morning helped with the spirit of decorating.

  23. i enjoy the orange & white combo. nice decor. feel like every folks r decorating for Christmas early & earlier. i wonder why? ( :

  24. I have no plans to bring out anything Christmas until December - I was at Winners yesterday and the cashier said, Merry Christmas, it's way too early for that!

  25. Pamela, I've been gone far too long, and have enjoyed catching up on the posts I've missed. I love the white pumpkins and the orange berries. Your header is beautiful and the basket of hydrangeas is stunning. I was also sorry to hear of your recent gallbladder attack, how scary. I hope you feel better now. You're giving me courage to try to change my diet, since my doc wants me to go gluten/dairy free. I'm working on it, lol. Chocolate is my big addiction, too. I allow myself sixteen dark chocolate chips as a treat a day, oh, how I love chocolate.

    Let's hope the snow holds off for a long time yet. I'm not ready!

  26. Your Nov. 8, 2012 looks like our Nov 5th 2013. Most of the snow has melted though and should be gone before next week which is supposed to turn really cold. I like the little pop of orange with the white pumpkins. I have been decorating my rental space for Christmas the last couple of days. I have a lot more of my Christmas stuff to go through.
    Hope you are having a good weekend.

  27. .......from white pumpkins to snow! Oh my gosh, I do recall your early snowfall last year, it was a surprise when we were still here enjoying warm, sunny days.....and we have the same right now! I'm just loving this weather - truly my favorite time of the year. Last evening I was able to go out to dinner without a jacket, just a light sweater, but did twirl a scarf around my neck - love scarves! A few brave ones were dining outside still - noticed several restaurants have heaters running on their patios now.

    Hope all is going well and your weekend is better than the last one dear!
    Take care - thought of you last night as I nibbled my square of chocolate when I got home - we never eat dessert out!

    Love and hugs - Mary

  28. The white pumpkins and the bittersweet is so pretty. Lovely display! Your images are gorgeous. Have a happy weekend!

  29. Pretty little white pumpkins! They're my favorite. The berries add a pretty touch.

  30. Love the white pumpkins and the bittersweet. Simple and beautiful!

    This time last year I was in Churchill, Manitoba, photographing polar bears in -30F weather, and loving every minute of it!

  31. Pamela, beautiful little boos with the berries. I have never seen real bittersweet, but on the faux I have there is a little gold collar around the berry, so don't know??? It's pretty anyway. Yes, snow would put you in the mood, I think, it's getting colder here but still sunny, but I'm still thinking of Christmas..Happy Weekend..Judy

  32. Your creativity is wonderful Pamela - Those little pumpkins with the bittersweet is so attractive!
    I love your snow image from last year - where I live we just don't get snow. I wish we had it once or twice even during Winter.
    I have to drive to the South Island or better still pop over to the family in France for Christmas to have a snowfall!
    Enjoy your weekend.

  33. You mean we got snow before you? What's up with that one?

    I always find that the time after Halloween, before Christmas is a kind of wishy washy what do I do now decorating time...we don't put Christmas up until a week before. Too much retail Christmas in my past, and November 1st is not the start in my


  34. The white pumpkins look pretty with the bits of bittersweet! I'm not in the mood to decorate for Christmas - it's still pretty warm in the afternoons. I wore shorts and a short sleeve shirt one day last week. So we haven't quite hit our cold all day weather yet!

  35. more wee orange pumpkins for is going to be white all the way!
    I love these!!! And they flow right into Christmas...Fabulous!
    My small ones are still on my hall table....but...they are definitely ORANGE!! hahaha!
    Linda :o)

  36. Hi Pamela,
    No snow here in Maine yet either; it's been a warm and sunny fall. I agree that it makes it hard to think about Christmas. We did at least get the Christmas boxes down from the attic...I need to weed them out and, hopefully, downsize. Love your photos of the white pumpkins!


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