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Sunday, December 15, 2013

a snow stormy Sunday

the view from our living room window at 9:00 (with tree lights reflecting)

We woke up to the snowstorm this Sunday morning.  

We decided to stay home from church, which is in the city, as the roads are bad and will only be getting worse by 10:00.  Thankfully it is Murray's Sunday off to be playing keyboard or we might just have tried the trip.  We have done it before.

This photo, below, was taken Dec. 30, 2012 on our way to church.  We met the plough/grader on the way but the roads were really snow packed and not ploughed most of the way.  Once we got there it was decided to cancel the service!!  

December 30, 2012

The view out our kitchen window this morning.

The wind is blowing from the northeast so it will drift the snow to the back of the house.  The snow on the table is already twice that deep.

The snow is a blur in the wind.

The view out our dining room window.
See the blowing snow?
Not nice.

So, although church wasn't cancelled this morning (for those brave souls who live nearby), we decided it wasn't worth the risk to drive country roads in a blizzard.  However, our Christmas music night has been postponed until next Sunday, December 22.   We usually get a few  hundred people out for it plus there are about 75 people involved including little children.  Safety comes first.

This is where we'll spend the day ~ in our cozy, warm home.
I think we'll watch a Christmas movie or two and probably have a nice nap.  I hope the power stays on!  The winds have really picked up here in the last few minutes.

I'll have some post storm pictures to share tomorrow.
Enjoy your Sunday.  
Be safe on the roads.




  1. I hope that you stay safe Pamela, it certainly looks as though staying away from church was the right thing to do today. I am sure that you can have the odd Sunday off for weather such as this. It looks beautiful, but not good to be going out and about it. xx

  2. Pam, I've been thinking of you this morning and worrying about you driving in for church on this stormy day. Glad you decided to stay home, safe and warm. It's not worth risking ending up in the ditch!! A lot of church services were cancelled this morning, as well as Chapel at the DECH which is a first! Stay snug and warm. I'm going to make a big pot of Chili this afternoon (comfort food ya know!!) and finish decorating.

  3. It looks so warm and comfy in your home. :) Beautiful! No picnic on your deck today, either!

  4. Looks snowy and beautiful. Cozy inside, indeed . . . Wise decision Pam . . . The snow here has been non stop and the lake affect today is like "white out." We haven't had snow like this, this early . . . in years . . . plus bitter cold!

  5. Church was canceled for us here this morning, too, as a result of the storm that came through last night. Glad to be home and safe. I love the picture you posted looking out the window. It looks so warm and cozy. Stay warm and safe!

  6. Right decision to stay I at home I think. Hope it will clear up for your special Christmas music night next weekend. Your home certainly looks nice and warm enjoy!!
    The weather isn't too bad here in Surrey UK, had some rain today and it is a little windy,.Gales are forecast over the Christmas period! :-(( so glad we are at home most of the time.

    Harry is enjoying the lead up to Christmas, he had his nursery party last Friday and he was a snowman. He loved the indoor bouncy castle and Father Christmas. He is very good with remembering the words to the songs and carols.

    Keep warm and safe, Jackie in UK.x

  7. Stay cozy and warm and safe ... good decision to stay off the roads in weather like this. We have just finished clearing the paths, deck and driveway from the same storm system. The plows have done an amazing job on the roads, as always.

  8. I shoveled first thing this morning, but it wasn't even ankle deep. A little more snow has come since then and the skies are cloudy, so I`ll see what happens. Staying home was a good idea, Pamela. There is something snug and luxurious about being inside while all is cold and white outdoors. Enjoy your Sunday.


  9. This year's snow and last year's look pretty much the same. We haven't had anything close to that yet. Just ice. I'd rather have snow. It might be a pain, but snow makes for beautiful photos!

  10. Hi Pamela, your photos are beautiful, I must say. I am experiencing the exact same weather conditions here in Montreal. Stay warm and safe.

  11. Nice scenes of your snowy landscape Pam. It's better to stay home and safe on a blustery day than brave the roads. Hope you don't lose your power.
    Keep warm.

  12. Home is the perfect place to be during a snowstorm, not stuck in the ditch. A movie and blanket kind of day. Enjoy and take care. Jen

  13. I spy your Amaryllis on the window sill!
    You got what we got!
    It is snowing here again...our road {crescent} has not been plowed!
    Put the kettle on!
    Linda :o)

  14. I love snow days! We are having a chinook here today...the wind is blowing and the snow is melting! I don't think I will like that about living in Southern Alberta. I really was hoping for a white Christmas,,,,,but there is still a few days to hope for snow! Enjoy the day indoors,,,,we are hosting a neighbourhood potluck here today. One good thing, I am done all the decorating in time to have a few groups of company in over the next 10 days. A favorite part of the holidays :)

  15. Very nice line-up of snow photos! That first photo with the lights reflecting in it is just magical! Also, your living room is lovely and so inviting.

  16. As the snow fell yesterday, that's what we did too, Pam!...:)JP

  17. I can't think of a cosier-looking place to wait out the storm.

  18. So glad you didn't brave the storm and go out on the road Pamela. Have a wonderful day. Carol

  19. Good plan, it looks warm inside, freezing outside.

  20. Oh, I'm glad they postponed the program until next week!
    It is a snowing and blowing for sure.
    Your warm home looks like the a good place to
    cozy in until the storm passes.

  21. I hope you didn't lose electricity and had a lovely, cozy day at home...and that you got that nap!

  22. Church was not cancelled here either, but wonder of wonders, John felt that it was too nasty to be on the roads if one didn't have to be. Although it was a light snow, it sure was slippery as if walking on silky shifting sand. It sure looks pretty at your house.

  23. oh my, i hope you have 4x4 vehicle to drive in all that wild weather. that looks like a great deal of snow. so pretty to look at though. i love the street shots. ( :

  24. The storm here settled late last night. Today was so much better I was able to finally get out and do a little bit of Christmas shopping. Wise for you to stay put, those roads can get very scary in inclement weather. You have captured the storm excellent with your camera!

  25. Oh my - such snow. It brings back memories of living in Wisconsin when we were first married and had little children. It is beautiful - but I have to admit - I love our rainy winters here on the Pacific Northwest Coast of Washington - as Don says - you don't have to shovel rain. The grandsons long for a few days of snow - and I hope they get some - but hope it doesn't last too long. Your house looks so warm and cozy. I'm glad you stayed home.

  26. I'll say really do have snow!!! We do, too. It is so cold all the time. It bothers the Fibromyalgia so I try to stay inside.. Your Christmas tree is beautiful and very elegant. Your house always looks so pretty. I got a glimpse of your white poinsettia....oh, it looks beautiful. I was thinking of you when we went to order one for a dear friend of ours. I told my husband that you had gotten a white one this year and we thought that sounded very nice so we ordered one for our friend. The amaryllis that I bought for home here are acting like duds, too. Not doing much...I mean the bud is there on both of them but just sits there. My paper whites are going to be good, I think. I told my daughter that maybe we should give it a touch of Miracle Grow....????

    Time for me to get to bed. Have a lovely week!

  27. I know it can be difficult to live in, snow, but I love it. I can see it on the mountains but it seldom gets down here. It's been about 60 degree's the past two early morning's and we can sit out on the front porch and drink our coffee! Lovely..but must be so wonderful to look out your windows and see that beautiful sight! So Christmas!! :)

  28. It looks very wintry, Pamela, and very cozy in your house.

  29. Love your tree with all the snow out the window in the back. We did the same thing about 7 years ago, toughed the storm and landed at church, with only a small crowed it was announced cancelled. I remember speaking up (leave it to me big mouth) and saying, "Yes the roads are going to get worse, but we made it this far, I'd like to at least have a prayer and communion before I head back." There was silence and then the priest said why not, he even prayed we all made it home safe. I just couldn't imagine going and leaving with nothing.

    We are digging ourselves out this afternoon, sometime lol

  30. Wow, Pamela! I think y'all made the correct decision to stay home from church and not get out on those roads! That is really something - so beautiful but could be so dangerous! A nice warm home is the best place to be on a day like that. I'm sure your Christmas music will be wonderful and more folks will get to come and hear it. Thanks for popping in to see me and be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  31. It's a good idea to stay off the roads when the weather is bad. I hope you had a nice Sunday all safe in your cozy home. I love the photos looking out the window.


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