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Friday, December 27, 2013

a white Christmas and then some

Christmas Day ~ Murray cleaning the driveway, yet again, after a Christmas eve snowfall.

Christmas has come and gone for another year.
On Christmas Eve we went to church for the service then our son and his fiance came over for a light 'lunch' and we had a Skype visit with our daughter, son-in-law and 2 grandsons. 

This is a bad photo off my computer screen (dirty and dusty!) but our grandsons looked so adorable with their new bathrobes that we got them.  They looked like little Yoda bears.

We had a great Christmas morning with our son and his fiancé joining us for breakfast and gift opening before they went to her parents for the rest of the day and we went to Murray's sister's 
1 1/2 hours away for Christmas dinner.

The roads weren't the best due to the snow pack, plus from Oromocto on down to Hampton they got freezing rain last Sunday that is still coating everything.  Over 40,000 customers were without power all week and there were 20,000 without power over Christmas.  There are still thousands that won't have power restored until New Year's Day!  Let me tell you, I am thankful we just got snow, ice pellets and a bit of freezing rain and not the heavy rain they got last Sunday!

These next photos are of the ice on the trees along the highway.   {through the dirty salt sprayed windshield} They were bowed to the ground so it's no wonder the trees snapped and broke down the power lines.

In front of our house on Christmas morning.  
The road was barely cleared all day and you can see the ice on the tree tops.

On Boxing Day it snowed again.  It was such a pretty, gentle snowfall and was supposed to be only a few centimetres but it snowed all day and we got about 12 cm.  or about 8 inches.  My family came from other parts of the province for our annual get together and braved the terrible, unploughed roads to get here.  There were 18 of us all together and although it was crowded in our small living/dining room we had a great time and enjoyed a fabulous pot luck meal. 

Our backyard winter wonderland.

Guess what??  There is another storm coming Sunday night into Monday.  Oh yes, we're getting a good dose of winter weather here in New Brunswick this year.  I do think we've had enough already though.  It's not even January yet.  We get most of our snow in February too.  

A corner of the backyard.  Those are my 'foot prints' where I trudged through the deep snow and icy crust up to my knees to take pictures.

I've been having fun playing with my new camera the past couple weeks.  Hubby got me my Christmas present early ~ a Nikon D5200.  I have a lot to learn and am hoping my nephew can give me some guidance soon.  However, I am enjoying the DSLR features of this camera and getting some  pretty good photos.

I hope you all had a great Christmas holiday and enjoyed your time with family and friends.  

It will soon be New Year's Eve.  We don't have any plans yet.  Do you?

I just looked out the window and guess what?
Yes, it's snowing again and the sun is shining too.  Maybe there will be a rainbow.

Enjoy your weekend.




  1. Beautiful shots but I can imagine it's quite tough over the holidays to travel through the snow. We are dealing with high winds and flooding. Mother nature is flexing her muscles during this holiday season x

  2. Just gorgeous -- so glad you didn't lose power! We haven't had a smidge of snow this winter and it was 60 degrees here today! Weird!

  3. I have wondered about the ice storm and heavy snows and how they might have affected my blogging friends. I'm glad that you didn't lose power. The snow is so very beautiful, but dangerous, too. I'm hoping for some more here in Victoria, although I certainly did enjoy the bit we had in Chilliwack when we were there. Today has been rainy but the sun is shining now (through my dirty windows).
    It sounds like you had a busy, but fun celebration with family. Isn't Skype wonderful?

  4. Oh such a gorgeous photo of your grandies Pamela!

    I just love your snow photos it looks just like a Christmas card - thank you for traipsing through knee deep snow for us - the lengths we go to for our blog posts!!
    But the effect the snow storms have had on hundreds of homes and people is horrific. We've seen a little bit on TV news here.

    Lucky you - Santa has been very kind this year - have fun with your Nikon Pam!

  5. Lucky you getting a new camera. The storms have been awful across the eastern part of Canada. It is supposed to get to +2 Celsius for the next couple of days so a lot of the ice will be dropping off. The hydro crews have worked tirelessly to try to get everyone back to having power, but it seems just as they do, more branches come crashing down and there are more outages.

  6. Goodness Pamela, you are getting so much snow, almost unbelievable.
    Glad you have your power, feel really bad for those who don't - we've been in that predicament during bad ice storms some years here and it's no fun.

    Love the pics though, thanks for trudging through the deep snow - enjoy your new camera.
    Take care and a very Happy New Year dear - glad we are blogging buddies - you are such a lovely lady.
    Love - Mary

    P.S. The boys in those robes - adorable!

  7. Beautiful snow photos, especially on the pines! I'm glad you had a great Christmas!

  8. That snow can be so pretty, as long as it doesn't damage the infrastructure. Glad you didn't experience power loss. I have never seen trees so bowed down with snow. It is snowing here now with weather advisory for tomorrow. Temps will be going down to minus 40 again for Sunday. Ah, the joys of living in our climate! but, I am very thankful for the light and heat we have...so many folks have problems far worse.

  9. Your snow and ice days sound like what we have had. Although right now it us like springtime outdoors. Snickers woke up wanting to go out because she heard something and now I am awake from the fresh spring air. It feels like rain outdoors and it is just the snow dripping off the trees. Be safe Pamela . . . plenty of hidden icy spots.

  10. You will enjoy the camera! I hope your weather does not get any worse. I am glad we rarely get snow here in this part of Oregon!

  11. The snow and ice are pretty but also nasty. Many people in the Toronto area still have no power from that same storm. Glad you had a nice Christmas, Pamela, and I wish you all the best in 2014!

  12. We seem to get the tail end of your storms, or they build more as they work their way south. You will love your dslr. You will find a lot of good blogs that give great instructions and lessons.

  13. Gracious, you are getting a big dose of winter weather up there! We have rain predicted today, and I bet that storm system is the one that will move up to your area in a day or two. I don't mind snow, but ice is very scary business! Thank goodness you are staying warm and not experiencing the hardship of losing electrical power. The grands look very cute, BTW! I'm happy that your Christmas was a good one!

  14. The Maritimes has been getting one crazy amount of snow, like you said, it's way too early for so much!

  15. Ha. The lengths we go to to get a good photo! :-) I love the beautiful snow and blue skies, but hate driving on roads like that. Sounds like you had a lovely Christmas. I think we should adopt the 'Boxing Day' tradition. Have a wonderful weekend, and thanks for stopping in at Cranberry Morning to see my own snowy Christmas photos. :-) P.S. Stay warm and safe!

  16. So pretty, Pamela! I am so thankful you were safe in all your travels. I don't drive in that stuff, but of course, our experience is little to none down here. Enjoy your new camera. I think you will love it.

  17. So glad that your travelling relatives, and yourself were safe on the roads. I love snow, but ice and bad weather conditions are no fun. We had some snow over nite, but not near what you have accumulated! It sure is pretty in your province, and with that new camera of yours you will have lots of photo opportunities. Have a great day!

  18. I love all my Nikons and the pix are beautiful....our snow all melted...:( JP

  19. Cute little Yoda Bears and beautiful snow and ice photos! But the ice can cause so much damage. I'm glad you didn't loos power and were able to enjoy Christmas with family.
    Happy New Year to you! Have fun with that new camera!

  20. Congrats on the new camera. Your snow scenes are beautiful. Can't wait to see more.

  21. Enjoy your new camera! It's always fun to get a new one - and then there's so much to learn and experiment with! Really enjoyed all your snowy scenes today! Here at my daughter's, it's 19 below zero this morning. That's a real warm-up. It's been hanging at 45 below for several days.

  22. Oh my...those photos are telling for sure. You really had a load of snow and ice.
    I know I don't need to say enjoy that new camera! Fun times.
    Blessings ...

  23. Hi Pamela....Your Christmas sounds wonderful! We had a delightful Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, too. I really like all of your pictures. Did you take them all with your new camera? I especial like the pic of the computer with the daughter, SIL and grandchildren. Those little boys are so cute!


  24. oh my - i wonder if you will ever melt again? it looks so cold. gorgeous shots!! i love your family photo ... do you see them often? where are they again? ( :
    big big hugs.

  25. The snow is just beautiful.
    Driving on it is just part of living in Canada in the winter!
    Not for the faint of heart..
    The g'boys are sure cute and they are really getting big.
    So glad you're celebrations were good ones, Pamela.
    And I'd say your new camera is already doing a great job!

  26. Do you get a rainbow when it snows in the sun? It sounds like a very busy but fun few days and an amazing amount of weather! The trees and bushes look so lovely with the ice on them, but we know it's not really fun as branches and power lines can break from the weight. Have a nice weekend.

  27. Gosh, we're barely into winter and look at the snow so far! Glenn was a good neighbour and did next door's driveway a couple of days ago with the snowblower, not knowing their water main was in the driveway and up several inches. Needless to say, he broke the snowblower and because we've had it for several years, is unable to get the parts needed to fix it. The good old shovel is going to be getting a workout now.
    The warm spell ends tomorrow and back to freezing temps and snow for us too.

  28. Congratulations on your new camera! I'm sure you'll enjoy it. Terrific pics of the snow up your way. It's beautiful even if it is treacherous. Taking the photos through the dirty windshield gives them a little texture. Your grandkids are adorable.

  29. Beautiful photos, Pam. So glad you had a wonderful Christmas in spite of the weather.. Like you we feel so blessed to have had hydro and praying this new storm is just snow... Blessings..

  30. Ahhhh...lovely to catch up with you again. It sounds like Pete and Repeat between the two of us...IF I had been posting. So glad that you have been enjoying a happy holiday!

  31. Amazing potos of a Winter wonderland and so happy you had a lovely C'mas. I love your visist with your daughter, hubby and those adorable bears! Thank you for your sweet and kind visit. Happy and blessed 2014 for you all!

  32. It is so beautiful - and how wonderful that everyone braved the snow and ice to spend Christmas together ! That sounds like a lovely Christmas. Stay cozy and a lovely New Year's to you and your family. xo Karen

  33. Pamela,

    Lovely photos of the snow on branches and blanketing the ground! What a splendid Christmas season you are having with family and friends! I think I may have already told you about my sister's house, being one of thousands in the GTA to be without power for two and a half days before Christmas, then having it restored just in time for Christmas, only to be cut off again the day after for another 30 hours!! And, many days were around -15°C!

    Wishing you a very Happy and Healthy 2014, all the very best!


  34. Morning Pamela...Your Christmas holiday sounded wonderful and I love the photo of your grands with their new bathrobes...they are soooo cute!!! Your photos and your weather is like an exact copy of ours in Maine and we too are getting ready for the snowstorm coming our way in a couple of hours and hoping again that we won't lose our power. There is so much snow and ice still weighing down the trees and they are saying that this storm will bring heavy, wet snow...so keeping our fingers crossed still.

    Our plans for New Year's Day is to celebrate our 27th wedding anniversary so we are hoping we can go out to dinner to one of our favorite restaurants....but they are saying by then our temperatures here are supposed to plummet and are predicting 18 below 0 over the next few days so we'll see how that goes. Anyway, hope you have a Happy Healthy New Year and here's hoping this winter weather will give us a little break in January. Hugs

  35. It all looks very beautiful, but it sounds as though things have been a little hairy, certainly with regard to the roads. I hope that you stay safe and that you have a wonderful 2014! xx

  36. Loved seeing your snow photo---and so sorry for those that have been without power. Have been there and done that----really tough. Hope you enjoy that new Nikon---I like mine. :)

  37. Despite the havoc it can wreak, winter has a beauty all its own. You've captured it beautifully - could have been taken along our road or our backyard. We were away when the storm hit our place but we got a layer of snow, a layer of freezing rain, another layer of snow and then a good dump of freezing rain to solidify everything (thank goodness no power outage at home). It made for wonderful sledding over Christmas and all of us could walk on the top thick crust without breaking through.

    What a great Christmas gift. I'm sure you'll master that Nikon in no time.

    Have a peaceful and joyful New Year, Pamela.

  38. From afar your winter wonderland is looking most beautiful. However, I know the dangers that can lurk beneath that beauty. So glad to know that your family members all arrived safe and sound.
    This seems like the ideal weather to stay in and get to know that new camera.

  39. We have all had our fair share of snow for sure, Pam your pictures are beautiful, especially the iced up tree tops and the drive down the icy road along the highway.... lol at the Skype picture and dust, you know Skype attracts Grandchildren and little dust particles every time you want take a picture. They look so cute in their new robes.


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