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Friday, December 6, 2013


This little birdie has taken up residence under my cloche for  Christmas.

I threw a few berries in for her to eat, but so far she's ignored them.

A vignette on our antique drop leaf table.

The feather tree sits in an old milk glass dish.  I'm not sure what it's original purpose was.  The small vintage glass balls are the perfect size for the tree.  The vintage Putz house was my mother-in-law's and got me started on my collection.

I think Birdie's determined to wish you a wonderful day.

What are your weekend plans?  Are you as busy as I am?
I am taking part with a choir in a concert tonight and Saturday evening with The LaPointes, a contemporary Christian group, at a church in town.  It's their final Christmas concert as a group and a really big event.  

 Yesterday I baked 2 kinds of shortbread cookies ~ Craisin shortbread cookies and regular shortbread cookies with frosting.  Then I made a large pot of vegetable/chicken soup.  The cookies are now in the freezer although a few were enjoyed before hand.  ;)  
The freezer is a good place for them.  However, it doesn't take long for shortbread cookies to thaw out and they taste good when they're cold too.  Don't ask me how I know.  

I've been visiting around in blogland and gone on some of the Christmas virtual home tours too.  I noticed a lot of red and white and, country or farmhouse style this year.  Did you?  I love it!  There are some very creative decorators out there.

The weather this morning is cloudy and foggy after rain in the night.  It is mild but the weekend will be below freezing again. I don't like this roller coaster weather do you?  

I bought this Amaryllis bulb about a month ago and planted it in the pot per the directions a week later.  I think it's a dud.  My blogger friend, Linda of Stitch Lines, also bought the same bulb at the same store and hers is also a dud.  I asked at the store the other day about these 'dud' bulbs and the clerk suggested I wait another week then return it.  I hope they have more bulbs that aren't duds by that time.  Have you ever had a dud bulb??   It's rather disappointing when you're expecting gorgeous blooms around Christmas.   

Well, that's it for today.  I have things to do, like laundry, and a run into town this afternoon to the Christmas craft market, errands, pick up hubby, come home, eat a quick supper and get ready to go back to town for the concert.    Phew!  

"Birdie" and I wish you a wonderful weekend!




  1. Pamela ~ your little birdie under the cloche is just adorable. Love the feather tree too!~ Shortbread sounds yummy (I know it tastes good cold) ;-), Have fun at the concert tonight. Love the new header, that shed is beautiful in the snow. I don't like the warm then cold temps either. I wish the weather would make up it's mind ~

  2. Every day now seems busy, doesn't it? Have a good one!

  3. Your birdie and other vintage decorations are so sweet - and pretty. Have a wonderful weekend!

  4. Sweet little birdie vignette under the cloche Pam. I'm off to a Victorian Christmas show at our local antique barn this weekend and hope to get some good photos.
    Enjoy your weekend.

  5. they are calling for bad weather this weekend. so i am wondering what is in store? i bet the grocery stores will be full to the brim. nuts!! ( :

  6. Perfect spot for that beautiful ornament. You wore me out listening to ou talk about your schedule. Don't forget to smell the roses. Carol

  7. Oh, I like your little Christmas decorating scene! We will be doing our Christmas cards this weekend. I have been waffling about doing any baking because I don't need to be nibbling. I may do some truffles for gifts to neighbors. And no, I've never had a dud bulb before. Funny, but it looks like it is green so it should spout up!

  8. You little vignette is so cute! Love the little bird and tree. My decorating is mostly done. Haven't even taken a picture. Have to clean up the mess around it. Life is really busy. I haven't even had time to do a post. Tonight is a Christmas program and dinner at a church. Tomorrow is jam packed with activities. I'm going to a cookie walk and buy my cookies. :0) Another Christmas party and then a girls basket ball game with my friend. I do have my Christmas letter and cards done. Now to get them addressed and in the mail. It has turned into a winter wonder land here with lots of snow. And it's cold barely above zero during the day.
    Have a great time at the at the choir concert!

  9. Your post reminds me that I want to get some bulbs up and ready for forcing - I hope I won't be too late!
    Will you be having grandbabies from Alberta over Christmas? Our Alberta contingent will come for New Year.

  10. Hi Pam....
    You are getting kooky like me!!!! Giving the wee birdie a few berries! That made me smile♥
    I have a similar feather tree....still packed away!!! Must get crackin'!
    Enjoy your day....and your evening♥
    Weather is crazy here as well....and the wind....GEEESH!

    Linda :o)

  11. The weather swings stink. Freezing rain today.

    On to your beautiful little bird. He's so darling. I have a broken black bird...maybe he could use some glitter...hmmm...

    Your bulb shows a titch of green...perhaps there is hope for a January bloom.

  12.'s not a dud, it's cold. That's all...give it some tender loving warmth on the bottom of the pot, maybe on top of the hot water heater, or the fridge, or on a heat will reward you with lots of color soon. Amaryillis sometimes have been in cold storage too long, and need the heat to start to grow again. Important thing to remember is not to over water it when it's still sleeping. Be patient, one time I had to "encourage" one for over 2 months...but it was quite cold in my little condo. Yes some do bloom in the bag, and in the store, but you don't want those ones. I took as close a look at it as I could in the photo, and if it's not mushy it's fine, really. Now go and give it some bottom heat...they are very tropical. As soon as it starts to sprout move it to a bright spot, and make sure to give it a quarter turn each day to keep the stem straight. You'd be sitting there too if you were used to a warm climate, and suddenly cold.

    Have fun with it.


  13. Your little birdie is cute under the cloche, Pamela. I am making cookies and perhaps my fruit cake this weekend. I won't be doing much baking as my back does give me trouble when I stand too long. I have been busy getting my mother settled down here in Charlottetown too. It's wonderful to have her so close by even if it is in a nursing home. I hope your bulb blooms for you. Nothing like fresh flowers to enjoy at Christmastime or anytime. I've enjoyed your post and I wish you a lovely weekend.


  14. I so enjoy seeing your lovely home and what you get up to! Have a great weekend!

  15. Oh, I love that little bird in the cloche-so cute!! :)

  16. It certainly is a busy time for everyone. I finished the gift wrapping today and have started decorating the tree. Your little bird is very cute. Enjoy the weekend.

  17. I always intend to force some bulbs at this time of year...and never get around to it. So, you are one step ahead of me...even if your bulb is a dud! Love your 'birdie in the cloche'.

  18. Pam I love your little wishin' birdie. I bet he's wishin' winter would go away!! I took my bulb back to SS today - they cheerfully refunded my money. I read the above comments and Jen's suggestion of some warmth from the bottom just might work, who knows. I had mine under a light for some warmth but it was warmth to the top- I bet she's right and some warmth for the roots might be just the answer! Anyway, I got a refund and bought one that was already sprouted- two stalks. We'll see how it does. Good luck at the concert tonight- you'll be just up the street from me. Sing loudly and maybe I'll hear you!!

  19. Your decorations are beautiful, I love the bird under your cloche, and your feather tree. Very pretty. I was going to suggest that you contact Linda re the bulb, but as I see she has commented and not offered anything I guess that buying another one and then returning the dud is the way to go. Have you tried watering it and talking to it! (nicely, don't tell it to hurry up!) xx

  20. Love your bird under the cloche. Cute idea.

    Don't give up on the bulb yet. Sometimes they are very slow to start growing. The bulb looks healthy in the photo.

  21. That is a sweet little bird under glass! It is certainly a busy time of year and there is so much to do and places to go. Have fun at the concert and have a nice weekend!

  22. Your little bird is perfect as are the red berries. I adore shortbread. I'll be over soon!

  23. I like the tiny tree and bulbs! My daughter would like it, too.

  24. Everything looks so pretty, still decorating here. No bulb dud here . . . growing beautifully!

  25. Hi Pamela, felt so good to read you post tonight. I have been going to therapy for my thumb and shopping and doctors and everywhere and I am behind so have not been here very much. You post today is wonderful! I bought quite q few amaryllis this year to give to my daughter and a couple of friend and two for myself. Well, as of tonight I told Jim that I think one is going to be a 'dud'!!!! When I opened the had already started a very short stem and a rather large bud. The bud is getting bigger but the1/2 inch stem is turning white. So it looks like I might have a pink and white one on a tiny stem...if it gets that far. The other bulb is red and it really is slow coming out of the bulb. But I bought some paper whites also and they are growing so fast. We will see what happens. Your bulb look like it has some green but seem like by now it should be growing a lot .I have always had this same kind of amaryllis before and they have always grown perfect flowers. I hope these do for both of us

    Did you say where you got your clothe? Is that the right name? I absolutely am in love with your bird with the berries and the white tree. Pamela, you really have a creative knack.... and some of the nicest things. That grouping is so very pretty . I would love that on my table. The bird is exquisite..

    What are you planning for Christmas? Is your daughter coming or are you going there? I know you told me before but honestly with the two surgeries in the same week before Thanksgiving...I find I am just catching back up on everything. Please forgive me

    Talk to you soon.
    Love and friendship,

  26. Pamela, with every post, comes a little peek into your pretty holiday vignettes, kind of like an online Advent calender! The tiny trimmed tree is adorable, as is everything! I used to belong to an International choir here on the island for 10 years, and miss it, especially around Christmas and Easter! Hope you had a wonderful performance and enjoyed the spirit of the season through song.

    Have a great weekend!

    PS: I won't ask about your expertise re: cold cookies...since I am also a connoisseur!

  27. What a sweet little birdie and a lovely vignette! I love your little tree and vintage house. My Mr. loves shortbread cookies - well, let's just say he loves all cookies, but those are his favorite. Your weekend sounds very busy, but very fun. I am staying home and finishing up my decorating. Enjoy your weekend! xo Karen

  28. I love the silver birdie in the cloche - wishes back to you dear!

    Don't give up on the amaryllis - they can be fickle but it doesn't look dead or dried up. Perhaps it will suddenly sprout. Mine are in full bloom, beautiful vintage red...................BUT I'll have to be honest here, they came from IKEA a couple of weeks back........the most authentic silk ones I've ever seen and I couldn't pass them up (bought 3) for the dining room table!

    Happy weekend - Mary X

  29. I love your winter header!! Oh, you have so much snow by the looks of it! We have a good snow cover now and colldd temperatures! Thats the only thing about living in Med Hat,,,,I don't know that we will get a lot of snow here, but the warmer temps on average will be great! I love your little birdie! So cute! I have been decorating and tweaking a few things around here. That country Christmas feel is what I am going for ! Have a great week end!

  30. Great header Pamela - looks like you got socked ! That's ho wit was here just over a week ago, then 2 days ago it went up to 12C and by the afternoon all 25cm was gone !

    Re: amaryllis - guess I've been lucky. We've had gorgeous blooms. I took the bulbs with to Florida and planted them outdoors (not sure if we were allowed to take them but I followed the "Don't ask, don't tell" policy). they're doing well, spreading, but no further blooms yet.

    Enjoy this special and blessed season.

  31. Such a sweet little bird under the cloche and a pretty vignette. Christmas is a fun time to play with decorating, isn't it?
    I also know that shortbread tastes good cold. I keep my baking in the freezer in the basement so it takes me a little more effort to go down and get something. But that doesn't really stop me.

  32. Oh wow, such a list of busy things to do. I think your birdie is so sweet and I always wish I had a cloche each and every time I see one. I should put it on my Christmas list, lol. Lets see weekend plans, hum they are almost over, but today I had 3 lovelies in for tea this afternoon in the tea room, I was just finishing up making 13 dozen cookies for our cookies exchange on Wednesday evening this week. I decorated the tea room with lights and hung vintage bulbs in the windows. Put a few more decorations on my wee little tree and went to Victoria's for homemade pizza and then we watched Christmas Vacation. I'm home now catching up, and believe it or not I made coffee this late. I'm still going to give your shortbread cookies a go. No, I don't buy bulbs at this time of year, I'm not always home to enjoy them and sometimes my kids forget to water them. Hum, I think the store will replace or give you your money back, too bad about it though.

  33. oh, he is precious! and your bright little tree is adorable!!!! very, very merry! ;}

    m ^..^


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