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Spring 2018
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Thursday, January 31, 2013

a very balmy last day of January

A balmy January 31st.
It's 12 Celsius (52 Fahrenheit) today with rain and very strong southerly winds.  I think temperature records might be broken.

You can see by my photo above that our driveway is bare and will be frozen solid in 12 hours time when the temperature drops again.

Poor Frosty has melted down to a blob.
His head fell off yesterday and his torso last evening.
Those are his arms laying there.
So sad.  
He lasted over a month though and survived the first January thaw a couple of weeks ago.  Then the deep freeze kept him pretty solid until yesterday.

This storm is part of a large system that has brought rain and tornadoes in the southern US, freezing rain and high winds to parts of Ontario and Quebec and heavy rain and wind to the Maritimes.

I can see the rain blowing in drifts sideways out the window.
I'm glad it's not snowing as it would be a blizzard.

Can you see the rain?

Rain on the dining room window distorts the view.

A great day to stay in and read a book and drink tea and pack.
Yes, I must pack for our trip to Alberta on Saturday.
We leave at 4:00 am for the airport so today and tomorrow are the only days I have to do laundry and pack and clean the house.

Yes. must. clean. the house.  
I like to come home to a clean house don't you?

That's what's happening today.

One more post tomorrow then I'll be off here for a couple of days.

I hope you are well and staying safe from any bad weather in your area.



Wednesday, January 30, 2013

a farmhouse style table vignette

Farmhouse style decorating seems to be quite popular in blog land right now and I love it.  Even though I don't live in a farmhouse I do live in the country and I love the vintage things that make up this style of decorating.  I guess my style would be considered a bit traditional with a country cottage feel.  

I have seen 2 other vignettes similar to mine in the past few days.
Although I made mine on Sunday afternoon it is uncanny how similar it is to Pat's at Back Porch Musings.  Check it out.

I started with a vintage wood and wicker tray on top of a vintage tea towel.  I added the white ironstone bowl of faux eggs (from Cracker Barrel), an aqua striped hand towel, ironstone mug with old silverware, an old butter dish with a cow on top, my great-aunt Beth's salt and pepper shakers with a worn "D" on them and my favourite ironstone pitcher.  I didn't have any real flowers this week so these are faux tulips.  They look pretty good don't they?

Do you like the farmhouse style?
I do.
When you have old things it's good to put them to use.

Freezing rain changing to rain and mild temperatures today and rain and 10C (50F) tomorrow.  Then back into the deep freeze!

Have a great day!



Monday, January 28, 2013

full wolf moon and a snow bunting

A double moon?

This is not a good photo.   :)
I took it through the living room window at supper time Saturday as the Full Wolf Moon rose in the sky.  Just past the blue hour.
The moon is actually the lighter colour in behind the bright white moon reflected in the double paned glass.  {It was way too cold to stand outside in the snow and get a proper shot.}
I don't know why the shadow is so bright.
The moon was actually very bright, almost as bright as the one in the foreground and I don't know why the one behind is so pale.  

Just a fun and interesting photo.
It's all about perspective.

Today I took a little drive and saw some beautiful snowy scenes which I will share soon.

I saw a flock of snow buntings which was quite exciting.  We usually only see them around this time of winter for some reason.  They are usually in small flocks and are very distinctive when they lift off in flight together.  Their dark brown wings and white bodies really show up even against the snow.  Or perhaps it's more their behaviour in flight that makes it so.

This little snow bunting was alone and kept hopping away from me as I was parking the car.
I finally got the window down and zoomed the best I could to capture it from 15 or so feet away.

Do you see that hill in the background?
It looks close but it's really 14 miles away.
The bird is on a 3 foot high snowbank.
It's all about perspective, right?

Here is a long shot looking up the river to the hills.
Snowmobilers travel this route a lot.
And so do animals.  Do you see the tracks in the snow?  Deer and coyote.

The view to the left. (more tracks)

And to the right.

This is the area where I take sunset photos in summer.  It looks very different right now. 
Kind of frozen.  ;)

We are going to have a temperature warm up starting tomorrow through Thursday.  Rain is in the forecast for Wednesday and Thursday and temperatures around 7 C.  It will be a nice reprieve from the bitter cold of the last 10 days.  I think a lot of this snow will be gone and the ice opened up a bit.  It might not be safe for snowmobiling for a few days.
{I pray every time I know my son is out sledding}

I hope you have a super week.



Sunday, January 27, 2013

waiting for spring

I took these photos one of the sunny days earlier this month when it wasn't so bitterly cold and I could go for a walk.

I love the bright red building against the white world around it and the tire swing waiting for someone to come along and play on it.

I am linking up with these blog parties ~


Won't you join us?

Wishing you a wonderful week.



Friday, January 25, 2013

baby boots

I'm not sure where these baby boots came from but they were in my mother's things.  I tried to find some information on them but only found newer shoes from the 50's.  I know they were made in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Look at those tiny white buttons.  Imagine trying to button these on an active toddler.

Sweet vamp detail.

The maker's sticker is still inside.
La Parisette
Trade Mark
Hand Turned Cushion Sole
Baby Shoes


I wonder how many feet toddled around in these little shoes.
I wonder where they took them in the house or outdoors.
I wonder if I wore them.
{I don't think so}

I love these little shoes.  I think they are so sweet.

Does anyone know what generation might have worn them?

I'd really like to know.

Have a great day and stay warm!



Thursday, January 24, 2013

retrieving memories

A little frost on the trees.

On a mild winter day.

A flower bed at rest.

frosty trees

The land is sleeping under it's winter blanket.
The trees are dormant awaiting the first breath of spring's warmth.

And we wait for the bitter cold to depart thinking about those warmer days that seem so far away. 

They lie in our memory though.
We can retrieve them at will and remember the warmth of the sun, the sweet smelling breeze, the beauty of springtime blooms.

Isn't the brain an amazing thing?

Raspberry Parfait Million Bells

So are computers.
I can retrieve memories stored there too.

Are you retrieving pleasant memories of summer during this cold snap?
Or perhaps you're making memories where it's sunny and warm.
Do tell.



Wednesday, January 23, 2013

the coldest day this winter?

Taken from the living room window - inside where it's warm.  ;)

This morning's sunrise.
I have noticed that it has moved farther east from the south which is a good sign.

The promise of a beautiful day.
It is -25 Celsius right now at about 8:35 am.

And this is what the highs are for today in the Atlantic Provinces of Canada.

The -19 C. is below zero F.
The -35 is the windchill factor.

The pink shows where there is an extreme windchill warning.  That would be the provinces of New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island and a wee bit of Nova Scotia.
{The green land with the sun to the left of New Brunswick is the state of Maine and I know they are in this deep freeze too}

Schools in some districts to the north and west of Fredericton are closed today.
{Fredericton is actually situated at about where the "i" is in Fredericton}

So, who wants to go out today?

Not me.

Thankfully I don't have to go anywhere but, I sure feel sorry for anyone who does have to go out.

I'm staying in to wrap Christmas presents.

Yes, we are doing another Christmas with our daughter's family in Alberta in February.
{where it's the same temperature as it is here}
No southern vacation destinations for us.

I am so excited to see our grandsons as it's been almost 6 months since I was last out.
And Hubby is coming too.  It will be his first time to meet the baby who turns 6 months old on January 31st.   I know we'll have lots of fun entertaining and being entertained and lots of snuggles with our dear little grandsons.

So, that is what I'm doing today ~ wrapping gifts and trying to keep warm.
I'd better sign off for now and wish you all a good day.  I hope you are warm and cozy and don't have to go out in the bitter cold.

Oh.  I'd like to say "Welcome" to my new followers and to thank you for visiting and your kinds comments.  



Monday, January 21, 2013

it's hot chocolate weather

the wind blowing snow across the fields

It is definitely hot chocolate weather here this week as the temperatures are in the minus double digits Celsius and there is a windchill factor added in as well.

Won't you join me for a mug of hot chocolate
and a cookie or two?

You will notice I'm using my snowflake mugs and plates today.  Nothing fancy.  They were purchased a couple years ago at SuperStore.

When you have been out playing in the snow ~ skating, skiing, snowshoeing, sliding, snowmobiling or just shovelling snow ~ it's nice to come inside for a mug of hot chocolate and a cookie.

Chocolate chip - oatmeal cookies

Do you play outdoors in winter?

This little birdie has his scarf and hat on.

I think he needs something on his feet though. :)

I am joining Sandi at Rose Chintz Cottage and helping her celebrate her 3rd year of hosting 
I hope you will join us over there.

and also Antiques and Teacups for
Stay warm this week.



Sunday, January 20, 2013

winter colour

Is it spring yet?

No.  I wish. It's only the middle of January ~ it's still winter. 

But, this is how I like to brighten up my indoors in winter.  I like to buy fresh tulips, from growers
in Prince Edward Island, along with some other
fresh flowers.

When most of us think of winter we see lots of white snow and grey skies.  There's not much colour in the landscape and one has to get out and look for it.  

Or one can stay in and find it too.

Here is where I found my colour this past week.

A simple $8.00 bouquet from the grocery store.

Oh, I could whine about the bitter -18 Celsius cold, the snow, the dampness that seems to go right through me, the biting wind, the short daylight hours etc.  But, I am trying to be positive and upbeat this winter and look on the bright side.  

I hope I can keep this attitude up since it is only January and we have 3 more months before we see the beginning of the end of winter here.
{I'll let you know how that's going at the end of February}

And I have some outdoor colour on the back deck that I can see from my dining room table where I blog.  It really helps to see this every day!

I'm linking with a new party over at  
Life is a Garden




Saturday, January 19, 2013

pink and white sunrise

A recent sunrise after a fresh snowfall.

Pink and white perfection.

We have had the most beautiful sunrises and sunsets this winter.  

Love it!

And it's snowing again today.

Have a great weekend.

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Friday, January 18, 2013

baby, it's cold outside

Baby, it's very cold outside.

The poor little birdies are trying to keep warm while they dine by sitting on their tiny feet.

This little one was lifting it's foot off the table and tucking it under it's feathers.

There's the proof.

But, do you see the sunshine and blue skies?
That's the bonus. ;)

The high will be -16 today.
Saturday will be -13.
Sunday will be +3.
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday will be -15, 16, 17!

That is minus not a dash.  :)

And those are in Celsius not Fahrenheit degrees.

I will be drinking lots of tea.

And staying indoors.

I shouldn't complain as it is much colder in the northern territories of Canada.  I have a friend in Nain, Labrador and it's -44 Celsius there today!

No I won't complain.
I'll stay cozy, move around a bit (that's important), curl up with a book and a blanket, and drink tea.
{and do some housework}

What do you do to keep warm on these cold winter days?  

Stay cozy and have a great weekend.
I have a house to clean for company tomorrow.
That should warm me up a bit.



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