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Thursday, January 9, 2014

blue snow

Late afternoon…..4:10 pm on Wednesday.
The lowering sun shone across the field of snowdrifts.  The dimpled snow is from all the rain we received on Monday night.  Before that it was smooth and sparkly.  Now it's crusty and icy.

It's been a cold week.  The wind has been howling for 3 days and tonight it's gone.  Maybe we'll sleep better.

We have more rain coming on the weekend. 
A lot…..25-35mm.  
I guess that's better than 20 cm. of snow.
Or…. is it.

Another January thaw…..the second in a week.
Not good.
But it might melt the ice on the driveway.

I got out two days in a row this week.  I felt like I was released from winter's grasp although it was extremely cold.  Tomorrow I have laundry to catch up on and cookies to bake and a blogpost to prepare for Saturday.  I hope you'll come back.

I hope you've had a good week and enjoy the upcoming weekend.  Thanks so much for stopping by for a visit.




  1. Oh, how lovely is the light on the snow - and the shadows. The weather is sure up and down, isn't it? Glad you could get out for a bit.

  2. The dimpled snow is kind of interesting. Bet our will turn dimply too, rain is on the way.

  3. The snow does have a blue hue, good capture Pam. We are to get warmer temperatures and rain on Saturday.

  4. We're expecting rain here Sat too. I just hope our January thaw doesn't last long.

  5. Hi Pamela
    Lovely photos and your header is wonderful . We are warming up for the weekend as well and rain is in our forecast gona be a sloppy mess out there after . I know what you mean about getting out after the nasty weather , Miggs and I took advantage of the sunny day we had today ! Thanks for sharing . Have a good day !

  6. Nice shadow photos--are you joining the challenge? I absolutely love your new header! Great job!!!!!

  7. We are experimg the rain on Saturday too, what strange weather and none of it good!

  8. Beautiful photos! Glad you could get out...

  9. That blue snow definitely represents the mood of the week, I would imagine, with so many being housebound, missing their daily walks or just stepping outside for some fresh air. Great photos, Pamela! Have a lovely weekend!


  10. Your snow pictures are beautiful Pamela, I'm glad that you have been able to get out, it is horrid when you are stuck indoors isn't it. Hope that the rain melts the ice and does not add any problems. xx

  11. With all that snow you have floods to look forward to like we have, seriously I hope you don'e. Nice photos, I love snow

  12. i can hear it raining now... it might be some ice though, with the temps all low & cold. brrr!! ( :
    i feel i need to sing about a Blue Christmas now for some odd reason? i hope you are not getting blue from being too cold. stay warm. big big hugs.

  13. Love your blue.. I am glad for the last rain as it got rid of all the ice on the poor trees.. smile..
    There is just so much ice out there, though.. Take care, my friend.. xo

  14. Interesting rain pattern on the snow, Pamela. The ice in your driveway looks very slippery. We have a rain warning for this evening

  15. Love the new header, love the blue snow!! Hope you get your baking and washing etc.. done over the weekend
    We have a lovely sunny day here today after all the wind and rain since Christmas which has caused so much damage all over the UK. Have a lovely weekend, love Jackie in Surrey, UK.

  16. A blog post to prepare for Saturday? I like the sound of that. It's warmed up here and is snowing right now, but is supposed to get above zero tomorrow. I have some ice that needs to melt, too.

    Your dimpled, blue snow photos turned out really well, Pam. I love your views.


  17. I'll always come back. You have had some rugged weather this week! Getting the boys at the bus stop has proven to be a brisk business, but that's all I know of being out.

    Remember when they used to say that there's no such thing as blue snow. Fools. =D

    If blogger allows me back on my own blog, I am also featuring some blue snow. Until then, I'm just visiting blogs and enjoying the sights.

  18. Love those blue shadows - have a great weekend!

  19. Pretty shots Pamela! God is creative in changing the colors of what seems to be the ordinary for us Canadians! Hope you will be thawing out soon!

  20. Those are lovely photos Pamela. We are heading into a few days of milder temperatures 0 to +7 Celsius but that will also come with rain. We are hoping some of the ice melts from the driveway and path and around the mailbox (driver can't get in to deliver the mail). Have a good weekend.

  21. Hello Pamela! I thought I would stop in and immediately found myself admiring your beautiful winter photography! Just beautiful photos capturing what may be too cold to stop and linger near lately!!

    I hope your weekend is warm and sunny!


  22. I always enjoy visiting you...and..of course I'll be back! You can't get rid of me! hahaha!
    Nice new header...perhaps I should try something smaller like that...sometimes I think mine are TOO big...
    Oh...what kind of cookies?
    Enjoy your weekend♥
    Linda :o)

  23. Blue snow for the January blues...it will go away eventually.


  24. I wish we had still had some snow. Our measly snowfall is long gone. We're back in the 40's and 50's. These are beautiful snow scenes!


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