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Saturday, January 18, 2014

Sunlit Sunday

This is about the only sunshine we've had around here this week.  It's been cloudy, rainy or foggy every day except Monday and Wednesday, when the sun shone beautifully.

Lamplight, warm colours and a cozy throw help warm up the atmosphere inside.

We received this beautiful Christmas card from a cousin in England after the holiday was over.  I love the snowdrops on it and know they are starting to bloom over there already.

Today I was changing out some of the above winter things for Valentine's Day decorations.  
I'll share those with you another day.

What are you doing to bring the "sunshine" in during these dreary winter days?

Perhaps you would visit Karen at "My Little Home and Garden" for Sunlit Sunday
and see what others are doing in this regard.

Have a blessed Sunday.



  1. Wonderful photos Pamela . Not much sunlit here hoping for some sun tomorrow . Thanks for sharing . Have a good weekend !

  2. What a bright cheery yellow and I love that beautiful card. We had sunshine today so I opened the drapes to let it shine in and warm the house. Enjoy your weekend and happy decorating! Hugs!

  3. Well....I bought 16 gorgeous Orangey Tulips on Thursday...
    And...they are brightening up my family room ♥️
    Also.....we had the perky Miss V for a few hours today....she can brighten up any room!
    Those yellow Tulips certainly look sunny and bright....
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend...
    Linda :o)

  4. What lovely photos...they made me smile. I love your warm and snuggy one!! I watch the skies in hopes of a glimpse of sunlite. And they it does appear once in awhile and I
    try to catch it with my camera and share it on FB and on my blog!


  5. Love your photos! I've been doing one project every day which more or less amounts to spring cleaning. Just felt the urge.

  6. You are magic with a camera girlfriend !!!
    Oh and by the way - that top photo?
    The winter scene?
    Magnificent - even if I'm fed up with the white stuff already - you make it look gorgeous!

  7. Your cheery posts, and lots of other lovely blogs have bought sunlight into my life over the last week. xx

  8. Nothing spells sunshine like a beautiful bunch of yellow flowers!
    I love bright happy flowers through the long winter months too Pamela.
    I think the snowdrops and bluebells in England are better than anywhere else in the world!
    There is something so beautiful about the English countryside!
    Happy Sunlit Sunday!

  9. Lovely shots..that card is just beautiful and flowers carry sunshine around them! :)

    Deb from Homespun & Frugal Little Bungalow

  10. I love yellow tulips, or any tulips, for that matter and yours are just the perfect burst of sunshine in your already warm and cozy home!

    PS: Lovely card!

  11. I have a similar bouquet only pink - aren't they lovely?! they make me smile. Such a spring-time promise. Well we have a nice fresh coat of snow and everything looks much better this morning. Here's hoping the sun comes out this week and we'll have lots of scope for our cameras. Have a blessed Sunday Pamela!

  12. Sunny & bright, love the yellow tulips. Great colour choice!
    Everything looks warm & cozy, enjoy your day today!

  13. Good Morning, Pamela

    I could settle into that cozy corner of your couch with a good book and I like the piece of wood furniture beside it. Also, the winter card is beautiful and you've reminded me to send a message to the visitors I had from England a few weeks ago.

    As for the sunny, yellow tulips, I love them! Tulips are one of my favourite flowers and yellow is a colour that just makes me feel happy. Here, I'm still enjoying the poinsettias and waiting for the amaryllis to add a blast of colour; it has really shot up lately.

    You're a sunny spot in any day, Pam. Thank you for joining in and encouraging your blogging friends to visit.


  14. Love the tulips, they brighten up any day. Have a blessed Sunday.

  15. Tulips are my favorite flowers and bring sunshine when there is none.. especially the yellow ones.

  16. Liked this Pam, very much. Little touches here and there keep us warm with hope of what s ahead. Beautiful card from your friend.

  17. gorgeous tulips Pamela .. my favourite colour
    it's a snowy Sunday, once again, but I'm bringing sunshine into the day by visiting the Sunlit Sunday posts :)

  18. Your tulips are gorgeous! I've been looking for primroses this time of year at the floral departments of the grocery stores. I have a hankering for those right now. But I haven't spotted any yet!

  19. I can almost feel the sunshine looking at those tulips. Beautiful

  20. Very pretty and my favorite color...

    The snow is falling gently down...big flakes, I have the fire on and classical music playing. It is pleasant and peaceful. I have spent some time praying for the church service I will not attend, but John is there. Perhaps, one day, I'll be brave enough to once again drive in snow. Perhaps I will make a little video.

    Have a sweet Sunday! Thank you for sharing your posies with me for I have none but yours! =D

    1. A little video of falling snow and not my driving in it! LOL

  21. What beautiful sunshine can be found in the petals of these gorgeous tulips...and hope of spring!!! Have a grand day!!

  22. The beautiful yellow tulips are so cheerful and just the perfect spot of sunshine! We have real sunshine beaming in the windows this morning and it looks so good. Have a lovely day!

  23. Love the tulips! The yellow makes me smile -- a happy color! I think we are dreaming of spring!

  24. Yes indeed, I have seen my first snowdrops here so my seed catalogues are coming out now to plan the garden. I will buy some summery flowers tomorrow to brighten things up. Have a wonderful week xx

  25. We have snowdrops here too - such a pretty sight, under the trees.
    Your tulips are gorgeous!

  26. sunshine has been very scarce this week. We get so happy when we see it...
    Snowdrops are such a sweet flower!

  27. Beautiful flowers! I'm not quite ready for spring, but I understand those who are.

  28. The yellow tulips are a breath of sunshine for me Pam. If we weren't going away, I'd be buying flowers for around our house because it has been dreary and snowing again.

  29. Wonderful blog your flowers made me smile

  30. You were quick to catch the sunshine, Pamela. I have to be very fast too! :) Love those Yellow tulips!

  31. How bright and cheery are those yellow tulips - like little bits of sunshine on a stem.

    Snowdrops are blooming here and I love their creamy colour and softly nodding heads. But I'm too lazy and cozy with my cup of tea and warm rice bag at my back to go outside and photograph them. Another day. It's grey here and I just feel like hibernating.

  32. Those yellow flowers are so cheery!

  33. The yellow tulips sure brighten up a gray day! I love the snowdrop Christmas card. Have a great week, Pam

  34. Such pretty yellow tulips...a bit of indoor sunshine in your life.

    We are in the middle of a inversion, clouds, and more clouds on the horizon.


  35. tulips . . . a soft throw to warm you . . . a lovely vignette . . . all brought smiles to my face.

  36. I am working on a little play room for the children who we will soon be welcoming to our home. I am recovering a small sofa and painting the bamboo part of it and painting a chalkboard tomorrow as well as the top of a small table. That is my plan anyway! We have had a lot of sun, but a lot of snowy days as well.
    Photos of your home are always very cheerful and cozy. I love seeing them.

  37. Pamela, your home looks so warm and inviting. I love the tulips and the package of snowdrops, too. I'm hard at work on the Wisteria stained glass lamp, it's about the only way to bring light in the house some days. At least we have 'glass flowers' to stare at. Hoping for sunnier days ahead.

  38. I dug out some of my fruit and bird paintings to set around my house for the winder. My granddaughters popped in and had a fit over them. We framed them for their rooms and they took them home with them. So guess I will be painting some more flowers and birds for the winter. Love your chair and afghan. So homey and comfy looking.

  39. We have been enjoying our sunshine so much!

  40. I feel very fortunate that Colorado's skies are often bright blue, even in winter! In NYC they were almost always grey in winter.

    I think your yellow tulips are delightful and they would cheer me up instantly!


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