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Spring 2018
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Monday, March 31, 2014

out like a lion

Murray snow blowing our driveway this morning (Monday, March 30).

OK.  Enough already!  March is definitely going out like a lion here.

Friday is snowed lightly all day.
Saturday it was sunny and +8C and a gorgeous spring-like day.

The driveway was melting down again.

On Saturday at about 7:30 in the evening it was almost dark and I saw an animal on the deck railing.  At first I thought it was a cat ~ a huge cat.  Then I saw it was a raccoon and he was trying to get at the bird feeder hanging on the shepherd's hook.  I scared him off then got my camera and took this pic of him going around the side of the garage.

Mr. Raccoon - looking very fat after hibernating all winter.

I think he lives in the barn nearby.  Last summer there were 5 of them.  I wonder how many survived the winter?  I guess I'll be bringing the bird feeders in every evening now.  :(

The noise.....
tick tick tick tick x millions..... and the wind.
That's the sound of ice pellets on our house the past 2 days.

Sunday morning we woke up to a fresh snowfall of about 11cm. (5 inches) and the east wind was blowing.  We went to church and when we got out at noon it was changing over to ice pellets.  That continued most of the past 36 hours to add another 10 cm. on top of the snow.  
This morning the back deck looked like this.  Think piles of salt.  That's just what this stuff looks and feels like.

I shovelled part of it off.  It took me a good 30 minutes because the snow/ice pellet mix was so heavy (I'm guessing 10 pounds per shovel full).  I had to take small scoops (x 50 or so) and throw it as far as I could.  The snow bank behind the deck is almost 6 feet deep now.

after I shovelled
  See Mr. Squirrel on the railing?

I guess we are fortunate as parts of the province are without power tonight due to freezing rain for the past day and a half.  
Oh and there's another 10 - 25 cm. of snow and ice pellets coming tonight and tomorrow in some parts of the province!  About 10 - 15 for us.

Tomorrow is April.  I expect April will probably be like March normally is and bring more snow, rain, wind and a nice day or two here and there to remind us that it is spring.   I've heard the word Sprinter being tossed around as a new season.  Spring/winter.  Get it?  :)

Before I post this I'll update the weather at 7:18 pm.  It's now snowing and the wind is blowing it around like a blizzard.  
I hope the weather is better where you are.  

Have a nice cozy evening.


Saturday, March 29, 2014

a final Sunlit Sunday

This is the last Sunday to participate in Sunlit Sunday, a wonderful meme hosted by Karen at "My Little Home and Garden" blog.
She started the meme a couple years ago as a way for us to share what brings sunshine into our lives through the long winter months from January to March.  It's been fun to join in these past 3 months.  
The presumption is that spring and nice weather will bring even more sunshine into our lives starting in April.  Some of us in Canada are hoping that is true after the very snowy and cold winter we've had.  We are really hoping for more springlike weather here.

I bought this beautiful mixed bouquet of tulips last  Tuesday and they are still going strong.

This past week we've had a pair of purple finches at the feeders.

Dining with the doves on the table after Wednesday's snowstorm.

Saturday was beautiful here.  Sunshine, a mild +8C, that made snow go down and water flow.   We walked the dogs and chopped ice from the driveway.  Murray repaired the snowblower to be ready for Sunday.
 Sunday there won't be any sun shining here.  We are under a severe storm watch for snow, ice pellets and freezing rain....a lot of freezing rain....it won't be nice.  So, I'm glad for this meme that brings 'sunlight' into my computer to look at on a stormy Sunday afternoon.  {hopefully the power will stay on!}  I hope you will join us for this last Sunlit Sunday.  Thank you Karen!  

And I wish you a blessed Sunday no matter the weather.


Thursday, March 27, 2014

Good Fences

Fenceposts with snow hats along the Trans Canada Highway near Banff, Alberta.  These fences are to keep animals, like elk and bear, from going on the highway and causing accidents.  These are really good fences!
February 2014

Fences along a service road on the prairie on the way to Red Deer, Alberta.  February 2014

We survived the blizzard of yesterday and this photo was taken early this morning.  You can see the the sun is shining and the wind is still blowing the snow around.  The road is bare and wet this afternoon.  We didn't get more than 10 cm. of snow but the wind was bad and blew it everywhere.  It looks like January out there.  Still waiting for spring!!  Oh, there are actually 2 fences in the picture but they are pretty well buried under the snow!  :)

The former meme, Friday's Fences, is now being called 
GOOD FENCES and is being hosted by Theresa at 
"The Run *A* Round Ranch Report". 
I hope you might drop by and visit or join in.

Have a great Friday and weekend.



Wednesday, March 26, 2014

safe from the storm

Murray bringing Marshall back to Mark after his 'walk'.

This morning, our neighbour called to say that Marshall, our son's 13 year old dog, was at his door.  I was flabbergasted as Marshall lives down the road at our son's (he lived here for 11 years), is about 99% blind and 90% deaf.  Thankfully Murray was home because of the impending blizzard and walked over to get Marshall.  I called Mark and he came up to collect him. When I called Mark I said "Are you missing a dog?" (he has 3) and he said "Yeah, I've been looking all over for him and figured he went on his 'death walk'".   Marshall is 13 and failing in health so we expect he could just wander off any day now to die in peace.  Poor thing.  I told Mark where Marshall was and to come and get him.  He couldn't believe he made it this far without getting hit or lost.  Neither could we!  Why does a dog, or any other animal, do that?   How do they 'know' where they're going?  Do they know where they're going?  Was he just walking and wandering trying to find home again?  Or was he coming 'home' to us to say good bye?  It makes my heart sad to know that he could have walked and walked and gotten totally lost and that would be the end.  On top of it all, he didn't have his collar and tags on!   Our neighbour used a belt for a collar and leash so Murray could get him home as he was rather uncooperative.  It's hard to steer a blind/deaf animal.

Marshall at home 3 weeks ago.  

Just before the blizzard started here we could see it coming toward us in the valley at about 11:49 am.

This is one hour later with the wind blowing the snow.  I noted the potentilla shrub which is already almost buried under 3 feet of snow.  We'll see what it looks like tomorrow when the storm is over.  They are calling this blizzard a "blizzacane" as the winds that  are accompanying it are almost hurricane force along the coast of Nova Scotia.  There will be between 10 and 60 cm. of snow falling in the Atlantic Provinces with this storm, depending on where you live.  We might get 10 - 20 cm. here but the strong winds will make drifting bad.  And there's a possibility of another snowstorm on the weekend with even more snow.  Unreal!  

So I am very very thankful to my neighbour for spying Marshall in his yard this morning or who knows what would have happened to him in this blizzard.  I don't even want to think about it.  If you have a pet then you know how I feel.

Marshall in May 2012,  where he loves to be.

I am very thankful that Marshall is home and safe from the storm.



Monday, March 24, 2014

colouring it pretty


I am having some fun with the iPhone app 'Waterlogue'.  

Winter is still hanging on here rather tenaciously.  We had about 
10 cm. of fresh snow on Saturday and there is a huge 'weather bomb' coming on Tuesday night into Wednesday packing strong winds and lots of snow.    We'll get through it.  We're tough that way.  And I'm feeling a bit more chipper this cold Monday than I was last week.  Thank you for your encouraging comments.

It was a beautiful Sunday afternoon and almost spring like.  The sun was bright and melting some snow along the roadsides but the wind was brisk and cold.  

These are the snowbanks from clearing the driveway in our son's backyard.  There will be a wedding reception back there in August. And all the snow will be a distant memory.  :)

Puddles along the road from the warm sun.  And snowbanks.

The corner of the yard at sunset last night.  

the view at sunset last night

Colouring it pretty.  

Some spring indoors.

Wishing you a wonderful week.  



Friday, March 21, 2014

spring is here, somewhere....

spring greens ~ May 2012

"Spring has begun
There's no grass in sight
If the spring birdies were here
They'd all have a fright!"
~ P Gordon
Yep.  That's my poem for today.   heheh

Spring is here.   Somewhere...
That field, which is across the road from us, is all snow still.
And it will be for a few days.... weeks.... dare I say months?
No.  But weeks for sure.  Unless we have a major melt.

I changed my header to give me hope that spring weather will make it's way here eventually.  
I've been visiting a lot of blogs the past 2 days with lots of excitement for the arrival of spring.  And yes, it (spring weather) has arrived in many locales around this continent, but not here.   

"The first day of spring is one thing, 
and the first spring day is another.
The difference between them is sometimes as great as a month."
~ Henry van Dyke

Mr. van Dyke got it right didn't he?

Am I jealous that some of you have grass showing among the piles of snow, or green lawns, or daffodils in bloom, or tulips poking through the dirt?  Yes, I'm afraid I am.  It's been a long cold and snowy winter for many of us and we are longing for warm air, sunshine and some colour in the landscape.  

I'll even settle for dandelions in the grass.

Oh, I know it will come one of these days.  We'll wake up and find the temperature is above freezing (15C would be awesome) and the sun will be shining.  We might even hear the familiar chirp of the robin or the sparrows tweeting from the trees or the call of the killdeer as they fly over the fields newly freed of their winter blanket.  I will walk around the yard and admire the blades of green grass poking through the brown dead stubble of last year's growth and see the crocus in bloom and the daffodil's green shoots poking through the earth.  I'll feel the warm southerly breeze as it wafts across the landscape warming the earth and all upon it.   I'll poke in the flower beds through the still frozen soil looking for signs of new growth.  The sedum is often the first to show.  I'll want to get out the patio chairs and decor and prepare for summer days on the deck.  I'll walk over to the vegetable garden plot and wonder what will grow there this year and if the deer will enjoy it more than we will.  I'll be anxious to get the new shed built.  It will have a covered porch where we can sit and enjoy the view.  We'll be able to have some bonfires in the fire pit and roast marshmallows and hotdogs.  I will be watching for the swelling buds on the maple trees as they burst into lacy blossoms before their leaves form.
Ah, the early days of spring are so magical.   I am waiting for that magic to happen.  Are you?

And do you know what's interesting?  I just looked back and found I wrote similar thoughts on April 24, 2013 when our spring was about 2 weeks later than usual.  YIKES!!!  That's a month away!  Well, lets just hope we have an early spring this year.  We're due for one.

Are you yearning for spring (weather) as much as I am?  

Have a wonderful weekend!  
No matter what the weather may be...
Spring will spring upon us all eventually.  
{I'm a poet!}

Linking to Sunlit Sunday.  This is the second last Sunday to participate.  I hope you will join in.



Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Note Card Wednesday

When Vee reminded her readers of the upcoming Note Card Party on Wednesday, I couldn't believe it was that time again.  I missed last month's party as we were away.  Now I was wondering what photos I will contribute to this month's party that would make nice notecards.  I haven't been out much to take pictures other than ones of all the snow around here so I thought I'd do some travel type notecards with scenes of the Rocky Mountains in Alberta.  I posted these photos in February so you have probably seen them.  I hope you don't mind.  There isn't anything spring themed going on here so it will be winter's snow.  Here we go...

Beautiful vistas at every turn in the road.

Castle Mountain

Lake Louise

The box cover.

I invite you to visit Vee at her lovely blog "A Haven For Vee" and join us for Note Card Wednesday or perhaps you'd like to just visit the other participants and see what they've shared.  
Thank you for hosting us, Vee.

Thank you so much for all your kind comments and visits.  I enjoy hearing from each one of you.



Monday, March 17, 2014

a bird lover's tea time

I am dreaming of springtime and sweet birds and spring blooms this week for Tea Time Tuesday at Sandi's where the theme this week is A Bird Lover's Tea.   

I will have to dream though because there is still a lot of snow all around us and the springtime birds haven't returned to our part of the world yet.  I love watching the birds in our yard all year around and can't wait to hear the sweet sounds of the summer songbirds when they finally arrive for the season.

So, to welcome spring I got out some of my bird ornaments and birdhouses and some faux blossom sprigs to bring some cheer to my tea time.  The tall birdhouse was a gift from my daughter many years ago.  It stays indoors as it doesn't have a bottom board.

This nest and partial eggs are real, found in the yard.

This bird and birdhouse are from Michael's.

The fabric bird sachet is from Vee.

I just happened to have a slice of cheesecake in the freezer.  :)  And some fresh strawberries too.  Sounds yummy doesn't it?

My teacup is Salisbury Bone China from England.  Pattern # 3651. I like the pink flowers and the ruffled edge on the cup and saucer.

Thank you for joining me for this Bird Lover's Tea today.  I am watching and waiting each day for the spring birds to return to our neck of the woods.  
Please pop over and visit Sandi's "Rose Chintz Cottage" for Tea Time Tuesday and Ruth's "Antiques and Teacups" where she has a lovely Irish theme for Tuesday Cuppa Tea.

Have a lovely day and drink tea.



Saturday, March 15, 2014

Sunlit Sunday

It's time to join Karen for Sunlit Sunday again.
These photos were taken after the recent storm on March 13th.  The day after the storm dawned bright and sunny so it was nice to see the contrast of the shadows on the snow.

I noticed the shadow of the bird feeder on the hook against the snow as well as the spruce tree shadow over the garden bench.

My favourite tree has a 'bowl' around it formed by the drifted snow.

Another maple tree with a 'bowl' formed around it's trunk.

The mourning doves found a nice sunny place to roost for the afternoon.  The snow is now melted off the shed.

The contrast of snow and sky ~ white and blue.

It snowed about an inch on Friday night and rained on Saturday.  I heard we received at least 40 cm. of snow in Thursday's storm.  Our area has received 290 cm. of snow this winter.  That is almost 115 inches of snow has fallen since it started snowing in December.
And it's all going to melt one of these days.

Have a wonderful Sunlit Sunday.  I hope you will visit 
My Little Home and Garden and join the party.



Friday, March 14, 2014

dear winter, we are so done with you.

Photo taken Wednesday, March 5 after Murray cleared the path.

Remember my saying we had a beautiful sunny stretch of days last week?  I went out one of those nice days and took photos of all the snow in the backyard.  It was deep!

You can see the snowdrift was almost 2 feet deep in spots.

The flower beds are buried, the shrubs are buried, the fire pit is buried.

Well, we had quite the blizzard yesterday.  There was snow and sleet and very strong easterly winds that blew the snow into great drifts.  Schools were closed in the whole province which means the plows weren't on the road much so driving was treacherous.

 This was taken out front at 9:00 in the morning during a lull in the storm.  The wind actually blew the snow off the deck.

After lunch I went out and cleared off a bit of the back deck and filled the feeder again.  The doves stopped by for a snack.

By suppertime there was 2 more inches of snow on this table.

This photo was taken this morning, March 14, and is the same area as the first photo above.  The path is filled with snow and the drift is deeper.  I can't even get around the house to take photos of the snow on the other side.  You'll have to take my word for it.  I haven't heard the official snow total for our area yet but I'm guessing at least a foot.

This is the snowbank next to the front deck.  The deck is between 12 and 18 inches from the ground so you can see how deep the snow is here.  I wonder how long it will take to melt.  

This is looking down the road this morning from our driveway.  Murray snow blowed the driveway last night.  The road, at this time of writing, is slushy to bare/wet from the road salt and sun.
Gotta love that March sun!

Looking toward our neighbours yard and house.  A huge drift.

So Winter, when are you going to leave?  I know Spring is arriving on Thursday but I also know that spring weather won't be ours to enjoy for a few weeks yet.  Winter, are you going to leave us alone now?  Can you let Spring come in with it's warm breeze and sunshine to ever so slowly melt the snow you left behind these past four months?  We would really appreciate it.  

How's your winter going?  Is it on it's way out or is it lingering a bit longer before it allows spring to come in.  
Have a nice weekend, whatever the weather, and  >>>>

I was getting ready to make scrambled eggs one day two years ago and when I broke them into the bowl this is what happened.  A happy smile.  :)  


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