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Friday, March 14, 2014

dear winter, we are so done with you.

Photo taken Wednesday, March 5 after Murray cleared the path.

Remember my saying we had a beautiful sunny stretch of days last week?  I went out one of those nice days and took photos of all the snow in the backyard.  It was deep!

You can see the snowdrift was almost 2 feet deep in spots.

The flower beds are buried, the shrubs are buried, the fire pit is buried.

Well, we had quite the blizzard yesterday.  There was snow and sleet and very strong easterly winds that blew the snow into great drifts.  Schools were closed in the whole province which means the plows weren't on the road much so driving was treacherous.

 This was taken out front at 9:00 in the morning during a lull in the storm.  The wind actually blew the snow off the deck.

After lunch I went out and cleared off a bit of the back deck and filled the feeder again.  The doves stopped by for a snack.

By suppertime there was 2 more inches of snow on this table.

This photo was taken this morning, March 14, and is the same area as the first photo above.  The path is filled with snow and the drift is deeper.  I can't even get around the house to take photos of the snow on the other side.  You'll have to take my word for it.  I haven't heard the official snow total for our area yet but I'm guessing at least a foot.

This is the snowbank next to the front deck.  The deck is between 12 and 18 inches from the ground so you can see how deep the snow is here.  I wonder how long it will take to melt.  

This is looking down the road this morning from our driveway.  Murray snow blowed the driveway last night.  The road, at this time of writing, is slushy to bare/wet from the road salt and sun.
Gotta love that March sun!

Looking toward our neighbours yard and house.  A huge drift.

So Winter, when are you going to leave?  I know Spring is arriving on Thursday but I also know that spring weather won't be ours to enjoy for a few weeks yet.  Winter, are you going to leave us alone now?  Can you let Spring come in with it's warm breeze and sunshine to ever so slowly melt the snow you left behind these past four months?  We would really appreciate it.  

How's your winter going?  Is it on it's way out or is it lingering a bit longer before it allows spring to come in.  
Have a nice weekend, whatever the weather, and  >>>>

I was getting ready to make scrambled eggs one day two years ago and when I broke them into the bowl this is what happened.  A happy smile.  :)  




  1. Like your eggs! I just read another big storm is coming through the south this weekend and to expect plane delays. And its very cold here today. Such a different winter but it hasn't been boring!!

  2. Love your photos Pamela and we could probably trade places and wouldn't know the difference of where we live from Maine to Canada. I just put up almost the same photos...the piles are so high some are at least 12 feet now where it's been plowed and out front in our driveway at least 7-9 feet....and then tomorrow....a rain storm. This should be interesting...can you say massive flooding everywhere. Oh and you hit the nail on the head...."Winter we are so done with you" sentiments exactly. Love and Hugs and have a wonderful weekend.

  3. I don't know how that snow can look so beautiful and be so annoying, all at the same time. But that March sun is shining occasionally and although our backyard looks like yours, I'm thinking there's hope for a good melt. ;-)

  4. We have heard about yet another winter storm in your part of Canada. I hope that something will magically happen and you will look out next week and see some grass and bare pavement. You know I sympathize. Keep smiling Pamela !

  5. I hear you Pamela ! We got that dumping on Wed . Today is sunny warm +8 and warm winds and a lot of the snow we got has gone down lots of melting and dripping going on here lol ! Hope spring pushes the old winter dude out for good soon ! Thanks for sharing ! Have a good weekend !

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  7. Sorry blogger is acting up for me lol ! Wonderful photos !

  8. Your egg smile made me smile too!
    I can't tell you how sick I am of Snow!
    It looks very similar here. Every time it warms
    up, it snows again...I know I won't be seeing
    any grass in my yard before we take off to go North.
    That's for sure!

  9. That is a lot of snow, Pamela, hope it melts for you quickly.

  10. love the smiley face eggs - that is too cool!! ( :
    i have to ask - have you built an igloo yet? wow, that is a lot of snow. i wonder how long it will take to melt. please keep us posted. keep us in the know on the process of the melt. the "BIG MELT". i am so not sure if i should say "sad" ... but i am something for ya. that plain stinks. i know spring is somewhere. but not sure where??! we don't have snow but the weather is just nuts ... tuesday we had 70's & yesterday we were in the low 30's ... so crazy.

    have a great weekend. lots of tea & staying warm is in the future for you.

  11. I've been hearing on the news about snow, snow and more snow in your part of the country. Brrr. Spring is certainly on the move in my neck of the woods, so it's got to find you eventually.

  12. Love your eggy smiley face! That's looking on the bright side. Your snow pics are beautiful. I imagine you will be glad to see clear ground. Our snow here in southern Massachusetts is going away slowly but surely.

  13. Wow, not only do you have snow . . . it looks like it is packed in solid and then drifted over too!
    I guess the best thing we can hope for . . . is for sunshine and melting!
    Welcome Spring . . . SOON!

  14. That is a lot of snow.

  15. Looking the same here Pam although sunny today which has been nice. Calling for some rain tomorrow which should help get rid of the piles of snow.
    Someone should write a song "dreaming of a green spring".

  16. You sure have had your fair share of snow. I think you got ours

  17. That is a crazy amount of snow!!! I hope that you don't get any more. At least your eggs are happy though!! xx

  18. Lingering and looking a lot like your corner, though not as pretty. We did have fun sledding today. Might as well enjoy the snow while it's here. (i will be happy to say goodbye.)

  19. Goodness - that is quite a lot of snow! I do hope you have a wonderful spring and summer to make up for all of that! Your ground will be nice and soft for gardening when it all melts. (Trying to look on the bright side, but I really do feel bad for you). It is quite beautiful, though. xo Karen

  20. Love your eggy happy smile! You have TONS of snow. I just saw on the news we're getting 1 to 3 inches of snow tonight...guess spring will have to be put on hold for awhile longer.

  21. Wow, you do still have a lot of snow! I have to say that path is pretty cool, though! I can understand why you're ready for spring.

  22. I think we need divine intervention to get rid of this winter with it's winds and cold and snow. You guys definitely have had way too much snow.

  23. Oh my gosh I can't believe how DEEP the snow is! That is why we moved from NJ to Atlanta. We just couldn't take these kinds of winter.

    We've been having pretty good weather. I'm sure we'll soon get into spring tornado season :)

  24. OK someone tell spring to hurry up, this is more then enough snow.

    Hail for us today, and a whole flock of first day Robins.


  25. Oh my, that is so much snow! I don't feel so bad about our winter after seeing what you've had to deal with. Hope it all melts soon and green grass takes its place. Take care and enjoy your weekend.

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  27. Your snow looks clean, though, or at least cleaner than the snow here. We had a warm day yesterday that melted quite a bit, but there's still tons more.

  28. Wow that's a lot of snow to melt yet! It is so nice and white though. Ours is almost gone and what is left is what we call snirt. Snow and dirt. It is not pretty at all. I hope spring arrives for you soon!

  29. That is one pile of snow you have, Pam. Your husband must be looking forward striking plowing off of his things to do.

    I laughed at the last photo! It's all how you look at things, isn't it!


  30. Hi Pamela! As beautiful as the snow is I know you're ready for it to be gone! You've had so much of it.
    Be a sweetie and have a great weekend,
    Shelia :)

  31. Oh, I do hope the snow disappears quickly. I know it takes a long long time to melt all those piles of it. Love the happy eggs!

  32. Good grief, I would be cursing winter too if I had to deal with snow drifts like that!


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