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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

a walk in Centennial Park

A couple weeks ago we went to Moncton, my hometown, which is about 2 hours from here, for the day.  While there, after some shopping, we decided to visit Centennial Park.  This park has been there since I was a little girl, long before the Canadian Centennial in 1967 for which it was named.  {I think it was called Natural Park back then.}  We went there a lot as kids and played in the playground and had picnics.  In the last 40 years the park was expanded and improved with many new amenities.   There was still lots of snow around and the sunny day was causing a lot of snowmelt so there was water flowing everywhere.  However, it was so nice we decided to take a walk around the lake.

This is the path down to the lake.  It's not a pretty picture in the spring time but I wanted to post it as just last week that building had water around it up to eaves of the roof!  The little bridge on the right of the building crosses Jonathan Creek which  flows into the lake, then flows into Jones lake and the Petitcodiac River.  The flood caused a lot of damage to the grounds and property, buildings etc.  Hard to believe that area was all under water.  

Even that day the water was flowing very fast under the bridge.  The lake has 2 man made islands in it.  On one side the water was open and on the other it was frozen.  I think this lake is even man made.  When I was little there was just the creek there through some woods.  So 'progress' and fooling with the natural flow of things isn't always good.  

Looking up the swollen Jonathan Creek

Looking down one side of the islands that is still mostly frozen.
A week later these islands were under water too.

This is along the paved path around the lake.  You can see the water running off the melting snow on the hillside on the left.  It must be very pretty in the summer months.  

This is the opposite side from the photo above.

This is the small gateway where the water level is maintained in the lake.  That day the gates weren't up all the way and you can see the flow of water and the ice jamming against it.  Not much wonder it backed up and flooded the area a week later with all the snow melt.

There were lots of people out enjoying the sun that afternoon.

I would love to go back to the park in the summer.  I wonder how long before the park will be open to the public again with all the repairs that will have to be made.  

It's another cool and cloudy day here today.  The ground is still to wet, frozen or snow covered to do much of anything outside.  Heavy rain is in the forecast for tomorrow which will bring the flood danger up again in some areas.   There is so much damage to roads and infrastructure in the province that it will take a long time and a lot of money to repair.  Thankfully, nobody was was hurt or died in any of the flooding so far.

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I hope you have a great rest of the week!



  1. the rains on top of snow melt does not sound good. i hope all remain safe!

  2. wow, i hope you get some much needed sun - you need some spring. some green. some color too!! looks so wintry still. i love the gigantic pine trees ... they look so huge. my fav shot. ( :

  3. Wow, that's really something! Such beautiful scenery! We've finally had a couple of warmer days here in Ohio, but the cold is coming back tonight :(

  4. Lovely photos and scenery ! Hope you get lots of sun and warm temps to help dry it all up and bit of wind helps to . Glad no one was hurt in the floods . Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  5. Sorry for all the flood damage in the park. You have introduced something completely new to me as I know nothing of this place and have never visited.

  6. Water is quite a force of nature, isn't it? Those are some amazing photos. I bet it was a bit muddy on your walk. Are all the road repairs, etc made before the next winter? I realize your warm season is relatively short. hope you're having a good week!

  7. We have a Centennial Park too, but so different to yours, ours is much drier and no snow and you often see racehorses exercising as ours is very close to a major racecourse.

  8. I love seeing the trees in the snow reflected in the water. Looks like it was warm in the sun, too. Enjoy your week my friend! Hugs!

  9. Wow, what a beautiful place! Gorgeous photos!

  10. I hope you are blessed with lots of sunshine. Rain on top of snow is maybe not so good!

  11. That is so beautiful - and looks just like northern Wisconsin. I think we're all ready for sunshine and warmer temps!

  12. Flooding has been so bad in so many areas of Canada this spring.
    That looks like a lovely park to visit and enjoy a walk.

  13. Oh gosh, winter sure has wreaked havoc this year. I hope you are high and dry!

  14. I can see where it will be so pretty this summer, Pamela.
    I enjoyed seeing the park where you went as a child!
    I sure hope the flooding is over with there. My folks lost our family
    home in a flood in the 90's. I know how heart breaking it can be..

  15. you should return soon in the future to see how it looks when warm and blooming.


  17. Looks like it would be a very pretty place in the summer, Pamela!

  18. Your photos are spectacular as always, Pam. Love the new picture of you, too!
    Mary Alice

  19. As pretty as it looks in your photos, I can only imagine how gorgeous it would be in the summer. Too bad that there is damage from flooding. It's been a long, hard winter.

  20. Spray safe from the flooding Pamela. Your childhood park looks so nice.

  21. Centennial Park is a great spot for a stroll. I haven't been there for a long while... Let's hope we don't get too much rain this week, and water levels can stay steady if not begin to recede...

  22. Nature's power really needs to be respected, doesn't it? Centennial Park looks like a great place for a walk on a sunny day, spring or summer. I hope you get to return there soon and that no more flooding occurs.

  23. Pamela, what a beautiful place to visit, I can understand why you would want to go back again, and again...

    Your photos are lovely, and no the snow doesn't bother me, it's all seasonal isn't it?



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