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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

April in New Brunswick is not pretty

No sireee....April is not a pretty month here.  We are slowly losing the snow in our yard but I know we are the exception to the rule because we are in an open field and get lots of sun when it's shining.  You can see a huge difference in this side of the yard compared to a couple of weeks ago.

Let's take a tour of the yard shall we?  Warning:  It's not pretty!

The tulips are up.  I'm hoping the deer don't discover this delicacy and eat them all up!

A few of the daffodils are starting to bloom.  I'll cut some to bring
inside when they are more plentiful.

This was a Goldmound Spirea shrub that got so damaged from the heavy snows the past 2 winters that it wasn't worth keeping.  It was too big for this area as well.  I think I'm going to buy a peony for here.  I've never had one before so hope it will grow well.  I hear the deer don't eat them.

In the rock garden, the iris are starting to poke up some leaves.

Deer tracks in the muddy vegetable garden plot.  

When we bought the additional piece of property at the back of our yard last fall we inherited the garden and also this rhubarb patch.  It's starting to shoot up new growth so I'm thinking about all the nice rhubarb desserts I will be making soon.

I took this shot from up by the garden plot and looking at the back of our house.  We are going to make some changes with the deck next month, hopefully.  We are planning to remove the tall tower and remove the old deck which is really in bad shape, then build a new deck which will be twice the size of the old one.  I would like to have a pergola built on one part of the deck as well to give us some shade. I'm really excited about this project and will do some posts on it once it gets started.  We also hope to move the little white shed to one side and to build a new larger storage shed on the left out of view of this photo.  Hubby needs a larger space for his yard 'toys'.  :)   Note the cedar tree to the right of the shed?  The deer have eaten away at almost half of it this winter.  The snow was very deep there so they could reach quite high.

This is a sad little garden.  The lights are electric and all crooked from the frost.  The garden will be removed as the little shed is supposed to be moved to this area where you can see the tree stump (also to be removed!).  The big rock will go in another garden spot. There is a hosta, rudbekia, lavender and purple coneflower growing here.  I think.  Not sure if they survived.  I would divide plants from my other larger rock garden and poke them in here.  Ugly and sad looking so it's going.  Hard to believe there was over 4 feet of snow in this spot at the first of the month!

This is mole damage to the lawn.  Does anyone know how to get rid of or deter moles?  And how do we get that dirt/mud back into the tunnels?  Our son's lawn is horrible with mounds of mud all over one area.  The moles have tunnelled so much that it's really soft to walk on the ground in that area.  You feel like you could sink into the earth.  Any suggestions?

And this is what most of our lawn looks like.  Brown dead grass.

This was a hot day mid-July last year.  Our neighbour's garden (now ours) and our old deck.  It will be a new view this year and I'm really looking forward to it.

So there is our yard in April.  There will be lots to do with cleaning up but not for another week or two as it's very wet in spots.

How is your garden/yard coming along this week?  Have you mowed the grass yet?  Don't you love the smell of fresh mowed grass?  

Have a great day!



  1. You have so much to look forward to, especially the rhubarb! It's so lovely to start seeing the new growth especially after such a harsh winter. We have been busy growing, pruning and mowing as things are moving on very quickly over here. I plan on planting all my seedlings out of the greenhouse next week! Have a wonderful rest of week planning your new garden and decking xx

  2. Now it's not quite as ugly as you said...there some encouraging signs! I would be so excited about that rhubarb! When I was growing up, we had a huge patch of it that grew behind the garage and I remember in the summer, breaking off a stalk and bringing it in to wash it...then we'd dip it in the sugar bowl and eat it just like that! Nothing bettert han strawberry-rhubarb cobbler...oh my gosh! We have mowed once and most of the leaves are on the trees...I just love that bright, apple green color of the new growth...only thing I don't like is the oak pollen....yellow dust on everything!

  3. wow! good luck with the moles! the garden patch looks promising. my mom always grew rhubarb in wisconsin. helped her can sauce every year. YUM! :)

  4. I think you've at least turned the corner with winter. I love rhubarb pie and haven't had any in YEARS! We had a mole problem at a previous home and it's my understanding that the moles are there because they eat grubs that are present in the soil. If you can treat the yard to kill the grubs, it takes away the moles food source. Whether it's as simple as that, I can't really say. We didn't have much success with trapping or poisoning efforts.

  5. Those Moles are pesky little critters! Our daughter in Alaska has "Voles" in her yard. They tunnel like that too...Maybe they're the same type critter, just with a different name!

  6. So glad to see that the snow is almost gone there ! You have a lovely property . Sounds like you guys will be busy soon with the the gardens and all the changes . My mum loved to garden both flowers and veggies and she grew rhubarb and strawberries and make strawberry rhubarb pies and jams YUMMY ! Slowly we are getting our gardens prepared for planting on the May 24 weekend ! I love the smell of fresh cut grass to but that will still be some time yet for us as the long winter has prolonged the growing of the grass , this time last year we had cut our grass twice already . Thanks for sharing . Have a good day !

  7. It is very unattractive here, too. Your property is beautiful. You can do so much! Moles. There's a lot of mole damage here, too. My sister told me to place a half stick of gum in each hole. The eat it and can't digest it...supposedly. A cheap enough experiment. Sorry about the loss of plants. It was a foul and miserable winter. Have you been hearing the rumblings about weather predictions for the remainder of spring and summer?

  8. Just think how much you will enjoy it...
    Sitting on your deck...
    Surrounded by beautiful flowers...
    Cool refreshment in hand...
    Sounds perfect to me♥️
    Enjoy your evening...
    Linda :o)

    ps...April is nearly over!

  9. Pam, it is a hard time of the year. When the gardens look like this, I almost can't imagine that they will ever return to anything of beauty, But they always do. It won't be long now..A new deck will be so nice for you, especially with that gorgeous view that you have everywhere..Happy Wednesday..Judy

  10. Your yard might be brown Pam, but I see promise and life starting to stir. I like the sound of the deck renovation and I'm sure you will enjoy a larger area for entertaining.
    With mole tunnels you have to pack them back down and overseed with grass, unfortunately the juicy fruit gum trick doesn't work. There are sound emitting devices you can buy that drives them away (http://www.amazon.com/Sweeneys-9012-Gopher-Sonic-Spikes/dp/B000SZV6KU) or just Google sonic emitting devices for moles as there are many on the market. Some people swear by moth balls.

  11. You've got company - it's very much like that here too. Just in the 50s, but most of our snow is gone. Warmer days are a comin' Don't lose hope! :-)

  12. Wow! What a difference! But it will all be so beautiful soon! When our weather warms up it can be quite sudden, and it's always so strange for it to be so beautifully warm and everything still so brown. Something wrong with that picture. But it won't be long for you now!

  13. You are one day closer to that green grass, Pamela!
    It sounds like your have some grand building plans for
    the summer. I look forward to seeing it done-especially
    your pergola! Will Murray do all of the work himself?

  14. I live in a condo Pamela so lawn service is provided and I am happy as I am highly allergic to grass. Can't wait to see your new deck project. So happy the snow is melting.

  15. We have never had a problem with these tunnels before, our problem is chipmunk tunnels, what a mess!

  16. The only sure way to get rid of moles is to trap them, the English tunnel traps are the best. Moles are very territorial, and if one is driven out, another will move right in, just like filling a empty apartment. They also live in close proximity to each other, so you will have to find the main hole, and place the trap there. Good luck, they are doing a lot of digging there aren't they?


  17. The deer love my rhubarb! I would love to have a big patch! It won't be long and your new garden will keep you very busy!! The excitement of what is to come!!!

  18. Our area looks pretty similar, only on a smaller scale. We have some grand garden/yard plans, if it ever warms up enough to implement them!

  19. Take heart--soon colorful blossoms will bless your gardens.

  20. Wonderful pictures, Pam. Up until last week, I would say you are ahead of us but we did get some warm daya=s and finally, our grass is good and green. I wanted to tell you that we have had a terrbible time with moles or shrew here in our neighborhood. Jim ended up putting some mothballs down in the mole hole and they are gone. Our neighbor had them so bad that he had to do something with a rag and setting it on fire and shoving it down the hole. I know some people will not like this but we tried everything...even the "Have a Heart traps. Nothing worked. You just can not let them take over your property. So maybe those suggestions will help your husband.

    Have a wonderful rest of the week.

  21. Ha ha ha, we won't be cutting grass for a long time. I still have snow here as most of the yard seems to be shaded. Don't feel so bad, I think at this time of year all our yards are not looking prime. Once that Mr. Sun shows himself a lot more often not only will the garden and grass feel good but so will a lot of people I know.

    The mole tunnels, hum. I think you could rake the earth back flat but as for putting it back into the holes I'm not sure you can. These little critters need to be moved and removed to a spot they can enjoy, like a forest far away.
    Great tour and your plans for the shed, gardens and deck will keep you busy over the next month or so. I should make some changes around here, to give me something to blog about I seem to have lost my blogsense. Take care

  22. Oh what a beautiful view from your deck. It won't be long Pamela till your grass will be green and the flowers will be blooming... This has been one long winter. It's still on the cold side here as well. Our snow just melted in the last few days but it still lingers in the bush. We woke to an inch of snow yesterday. By lunch it was all melted.
    I don't ever recall snow at this time of the year.
    take care my friend.

  23. It's not so bad- can't wait to see the green of summer either!

  24. Oh I hope it warms up soon! I can't believe the mole damage! We have a few in our yard - but I've never had damage like that!

  25. New Brunswick and PEI are the same - April is not our pretty month. And then add sticky red mud on top. :) But, don't forget Pamela - when everyone is sweltering in July and August we'll be enjoying a beautiful summer. I think I'd rather have it our way then deal with humidity all summer long.

    Maybe being a snowbird would be the best of both! It's really quite appealing.

    Happy weekend!


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