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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Happy Easter

Hallelujah!  He is Risen!

Easter is here and we celebrate the risen King.  
I wish you and yours a wonderful and blessed Easter weekend 
with family and friends.
Happy Easter!

Thank you for your visits, Easter Greetings, and comments on my Good Friday post.  
I will update you on the flooding, which has not affected us at all, but has affected thousands in our province.  We are thankful for the cooler days and nights the past few days that have slowed the melt of the snow down and thus, the runoff.  There are 2 rivers with huge ice floes in them that could cause some serious damage though and threaten several communities.  Perth-Andover is a small town on the St. John River that is threatened and it was flooded in 2012 so they are still recovering from that one.  The flood watch is still on as the ice moves out of the rivers.  




  1. continued good hopes for you and those around you for the flooding situation. happy easter to you!

  2. Oh, Pam, only good wishes and thoughts heading your way and to those affected by the flooding. Happy Easter to you, my friend...:)JP

  3. So sorry to hear of the flood possibilities. Glad you are safe.
    Happy Easter to you and yours.

  4. Happy Easter , and keep safe!

  5. Happy Easter to you Pamela.
    Will say prayers for those in the flooding
    danger zone in your area. LOVE your
    profile photo!

  6. Happy Easter, Pamela. What a pretty card you have created.
    So sorry to learn of the flooding in your area. Glad to know that you are safe.

  7. Yes, it is such a pretty card! thinking of those in flooded areas and thankful to hear you are okay. Wishing you and yours a blessed Easter.

  8. glad to hear you were not affected by the flooding. that always is so scary for folks. we had a bunch of rain lately. the weather just keep changing so much. we heard of folks on the new that got caught out in their canoe ... i am not sure why they were out in it in the 1st place on such a rough day??! seems like of silly to me. but no clue on that.

    happy Easter!! ( :

  9. I'm glad you have not been personally affected by the floods there, Pamela!

    Have a very happy and blessed Easter!

  10. Happy Easter to you and I hope you escape the flooding!

  11. Have a wonderful and safe Easter!

  12. I;m glad to hear the flooding has not affected you, Pam. It pays to live on higher ground. Happy Easter!

  13. Happy and blessed Easter to you, Pamela. I'm glad to hear also that you weren't affected by the flooding.

  14. Happy, Happy Easter. I love this day!

  15. Happy Easter, my friend! I'm so glad to know that you haven't had any trouble with flooding. I've been wondering about that and I did pray for you in that regard. We have no snow at all on our property now. With a temp of 23 last Tuesday, it really took a beating. A lot of folks we know had flooding in their basements but not us. Hope your new week offers up many blessings and the flooding doesn't come near you.


  16. I hope that you had a lovely Easter!

  17. Thank you, Pamela. I am sure that you had a blessed Easter. I hope you all stay safe and dry.


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