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Spring 2018
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Monday, June 30, 2014


A couple of my friends and I trying to stay cool.  

Hi Everyone!

I'm back from our concert weekend in Shediac, NB and the weather was quite impressive(ly) HOT.  As I said in my last post we were going away to the East to West Festival for a few days.  We went down on Friday morning which was sunny and promised to be a beautiful day.  However it poured rain on Thursday.  I mean poured.  The venue was at a car racetrack outside of Shediac on the coast of New Brunswick.  

Some of the huge crowd on Friday evening.

Picture a paved sloping racetrack in an oval with a grassy area in the centre.  Now picture 40 mm of rain pouring down and flowing off the paved track into the centre of the 'bowl'.  Kind of reminded one of Woodstock back in the 60's.  Not that I was there.  Haha.   I'm glad we didn't have tickets for Thursday's performances.  People were wearing rubber boots (I think Walmart and Canadian Tire sold out ), ruined sandals or just going barefoot {through the ankle deep (in some spots) mud and water} all weekend.  It was pretty gross and must have been so cold on the feet in the evening but they (I'm talking mostly young people here) didn't seem to mind.

a small sampling of the mud

Friday dawned clear and sunny and the temperature climbed to 28C.  Saturday it climbed to 32C.  Yes, it was hot but we had a great time and enjoyed the various bands through the 2 days.  My favourite was Third Day who performed late Saturday evening.   We sat at the edge of the track so we wouldn't get our feet muddy and so we wouldn't go deaf.  It was LOUD!

Standing in the Gap, the group from our church that my Piano Man hubby played for, started off the afternoon on Saturday.  There were more people than in the photo there but it was very loud in front of the stage.  Only the strong and the young could stand it.  :}  You can see Murray seated at the right on the stage. They all did a super job of getting the message across in music and word for awareness of the sex trade in Canada and across the world.

Looking toward Prince Edward Island.

Since we were at the coast and staying at my cousin's cottage we walked down to the beach on Sunday morning.  Twice.  The tide was in both times so we couldn't get on the beach.  But, it was so calm and peaceful and sunny and hot, that is was just perfect to see.

Huge rocks have been brought in to prevent any more erosion of the shoreline.  There were always cliffs here but the beach was also wider even when the tide was in until recent years.  Now you have to wait for the tide to go out to enjoy the beach at this particular area.

Sunday we were lazy.  The heat....and the late hours....sapped us of energy.  We took our cousin out to breakfast then headed home after a brief stop in Moncton.  The air conditioned car felt great.  
We don't have AC in our house and it's 34C in here today (31 outside).  I'm not moving much.  :) 
Our son and his fiancé are coming over for supper and we hope to dine on the new deck if we can stand the heat.  
The deck is finished and I'll share some photos about the building of it soon.

Tomorrow is Canada Day and I would like to wish all of my Canadian readers a wonderful holiday.

I hope to get caught up visiting soon.  Thanks for stopping by and keep cool.


Thursday, June 26, 2014

breaking away

The other morning we woke up to heavy fog.  Actually it was Monday morning past.  And it evolved into a beautiful summer day.

Hosta leaf with raindrops and dewdrops.

We had a heavy rain the evening before that left everything dripping with water.

Purple Iris fallen from the wind and rain.

It's almost the weekend and for us up here in the true north strong and free it's almost Canada Day.  It's actually on Tuesday, July 1, but a lot of folk will take Monday and even Friday for a really long weekend.  We are some of those folk.

Dew covered cobwebs on the jack pine tree.

We are taking a break and going to the "East to West Christian Music Festival" in Shediac, NB.  This is Canada's largest Christian Music Festival and it's a first for New Brunswick.  


If you enjoy contemporary Christian music you will know of Third Day, The Newsboys, Jeremy Camp, Tenth Avenue North, Sidewalk Prophets, The City Harmonic, George Canyon, Dan Bremnes and many more artists.  They will be there starting Thursday evening through Saturday evening.  I can't believe we will be privileged to see and hear these artists in person.  Being from the Maritimes, a very small populated part of Canada, we don't have the opportunity to bring in big acts like this.  They just don't come this far north or east.  So, to have them all at one spot for 2 days is amazing!  We have had Chris Tomlin and Mercy Me here before and some of the smaller acts.   Every August there is a huge similar event in Gilford, New Hampshire called "Soulfest".  We've never attended that event although hundreds of people from the Maritimes go down each year.  So, this is a first for us and a first for N.B.

My Piano Man hubby will be playing for a group of 11 female artists from our church on Saturday at 1:00.  The group call themselves "Standing in the Gap" ('the Gap girls') as they represent and promote awareness for Stella's Voice, an anti-trafficking organization working to help orphaned girls in Moldova.  They produced a CD last fall called "Standing in the Gap" and all the proceeds went to Stella's Voice.  Although they originally were raising awareness of human trafficking in Moldova the awareness has spread to include Canada.  This is a global issue and we all need to be aware of it.    

We will hit the road and enjoy this weekend.  Even though it's been pouring rain here all day the sun is to come out Friday and it will be very hot and sunny for the next 4 days.   Perfect weather for an outdoor concert weekend!  Although you might hear me complaining a bit as the open racetrack heats up in the afternoons!  Maybe there will be a nice ocean breeze to keep it a bit cool.  

Have you ever been to a huge Christian music festival or have you ever seen any of these groups I mentioned perform?   Just wondering.  :)

For more information on the "East to West Festival" check it out here.

I'll be breaking away for a few days.  I hope you all have a fantastic weekend.  

Monday, June 23, 2014

a buttercup explosion

On Saturday morning I happened to notice a field of yellow across the road from our house.
This field usually has cows pastured there for the summer but they're in the field next to it so the buttercups are growing abundantly now.  It's a buttercup explosion.

Green and yellow ~ so pretty together.

It was very windy on Saturday so it was hard to capture a picture of the blowing buttercups.
They are a bit of a blur.  :)

Then among all the yellow and green is a splash of purple.  Blueflag Irises are growing in the wet drainage ditch in the field.

The grass in the ditch is really long.  That's a fence post sticking up.

A field of buttercups.  Their pretty yellow heads blowing in the summer breeze.

First it was dandelions, then buttercups and paintbrush, phlox, clover, daisies, and Queen Anne's Lace and the list goes on.  Wildflowers showing up along the roadsides, in fields, in backyards.  Natural beauty to enjoy as the summer rolls along.  Do you notice these flowers where you live?  Or, maybe you have other wildflowers that are different to your part of the world.  They are beautiful aren't they?  Take time to stop and admire the wildflowers.

Thanks for your visits and comments and a big welcome to my new followers.  Thank you so much  for following my blog.  I love to share my photos with you and I appreciate the many friends I have made along the way.   

Have a great day!


Sunday, June 22, 2014

St. Andrews-by-the-Sea ~ gardens

St. Andrews is known for it's many historic buildings, homes and churches as well as it's lovely gardens.  This is a garden in front of the shop La Baleine (The Whale).  I love the blue and yellow colour scheme with the weathered post retaining wall.

We saw this gorgeous dark purple lilac bush in a yard near the beach.  Does anyone know
what variety it is?  It was so beautiful against all the green leaves.  And, I didn't edit the photo.

This horse chestnut tree was in full bloom.  These blooms really stand out for their size and pretty colour.  So unique.

This is the Europa Inn and Restaurant.  When I was a teenager it was a hall and I remember going to a dance there.  :)  
We've never eaten there but I hear it's very nice.  It certainly looks attractive with it's double porches and all the hanging baskets and flags.

Across the street from the inn is the Crocker Hill Store.  This store is owned by Steven and Gail Smith.  Steven is an artist working in copper as you can see by the sign and lamp post.  They are fantastic gardeners and their former property, Crocker Hill, near St. Stephen (just across the border from Calais, Maine) had stunning gardens that were open to the public for many years.  They were even in Country Living magazine many years ago.  Steven is also a watercolour artist of birds.  They are a very nice couple and he gave us a little tour of their back garden.

More detail of the front bed.  He just finished the edging before we arrived.  It's so neat!

Photo taken May 20, 2012

The front walk into the shop.  Photo taken May 20, 2012.

 I love the scallop shells along the edge of the grass next to the walkway into the shop.  Everything is so neat and tidy.

This is a close-up of the Korean lilac.  Just gorgeous.

I took this photo on May 20, 2012 of their Bridal Spirea in gorgeous full bloom.

Now, on to the back garden.

This is the gateway as you peer into the back garden.  Another Korean Lilac, lovely plantings, the beautiful gate made and designed by Steven, and the weathered boards are very inviting.  The gate we entered through is almost under the Korean Lilac and is hidden.

This is the footpath that he has laid out and designed.  

These are bits of glass and pottery shards, and old bottles that he found while digging in the garden.  He artistically lays them on hollowed rocks.  

This is under the Korean Lilac that is at the entrance to the back garden.  He has 'cleaned' it up a lot.

This is the back garden.  Very simple and low maintenance.  I love the granite water bowl .  There's a cozy seating/dining area at the far end.

This is the other corner.  I love the graduated granite rocks lined up.  There are rocks laid all around the edge of the cedars now hidden by greenery growing among them.

As you leave the garden you must duck your head.  :)  Don't you love the stone with the 'egg' on top?

I hope you enjoyed some of the beauty of St. Andrew's-by-the-Sea again.  If you live in Maine, it's not far from the Calais-St. Stephen border and well worth the visit.  You will need a passport to get into Canada of course.  And you might want to make a reservation to stay at one of the many bed and breakfasts, inns or the Algonquin Hotel.  If you missed my other recent posts about St. Andrews please scroll down or click on the labels at the bottom of this post which will take you to all my posts on St. Andrews.
Here are a couple of links if you are interested: St. AndrewsKingsbrae GardensCrocker Hill

Have a wonderful week!


Thursday, June 19, 2014

good fences # 13

Good fences are definitely needed around the decks and along the wharf in St. Andrews.  The heavy gauge wire one in the first photo was new about 5 years ago.  Before that there was nothing there and I used to dislike that walk out there as I'm afraid of heights and I'd walk down the middle unless a vehicle was coming.  Of course it doesn't help to have a hubby that likes to tease and scare me either.  Now I feel more secure when walking the wharf.

I'm linking with Good Fences # 13.

Have a wonderful day!



Wednesday, June 18, 2014

the Algonquin Hotel and more of St. Andrews

The Algonquin Hotel/Resort had it's official grand re-opening this week but on Sunday we took time to walk around the main lobby areas to see the changes and major makeover that was done this past year.  It is very beautifully done.  We were impressed!

The hotel was closed for a whole year while the new owners, Marriott, totally renovated it and brought it up to modern standards while keeping the old classic hotel look.  The hotel was originally  opened in 1883.  When we stayed there in 1977 on our honeymoon and again in 2002 for our 25th wedding anniversary it was very hot summer weather and there was no air conditioning in the rooms.  That has been changed along with modern decor, new suites with balconies (seen above on the second level), and I'm sure many more modern amenities that one can't see.  I'm glad they kept the original tudor style and the red roof.  It's a gorgeous hotel and I hope we can stay there again one day.

Sorry about the photo quality as I took these indoor shots with my cell phone.

Above is the huge "hall".  I'm not sure what it is called but it runs along the first floor of the hotel from the lobby and has several seating areas.  It has always been there and 'back in the day' had gorgeous wicker furniture.  There is a double fireplace at the end wall and the lobby is through the doors on the left and right of the fireplace.  The double doors on the left lead to the gorgeous new dining room called Braxton's.  There are several double doorways on the right that lead to the closed-in and open verandas.

We had to check out the restroom too.  It was pretty snazzy compared to the old cramped and out-dated one.


After we had our little tour of The Algonquin we drove downtown to Water St. and took a walk out the wharf.  This is something we always enjoy doing.

A colourful storefront on Water St.

There are a few whale watching companies.  That's something we've never done....yet.  Have any of you ever gone whale watching?

As it was just 2 days after the full moon the tide was in full and very high.  I don't recall ever being there when it was that high before.

One of the whale watching boats going out.

A few of you asked if I found any beach glass.  We found a few pieces of glass and some crockery as well as shells and a lobster claw.  The whitish piece in the upper left is a mystery but looks a lot like a vertebrae from some large fish or animal.  Rather a strange find but I brought it home.  

This is a vintage linen balsam filled pillow that my mother had for a long time.  I'm not sure where she got it from but I keep it out all year around.  It smells so good.  :)

I'm going to end here for today.  I have more photos of a gardening nature to share.

I hope you enjoyed seeing more of beautiful St. Andrew's.  I'll be back.

We had pouring rain here all morning and the sun has started to peek out at mid-afternoon.  It looks like sun and cloud for the remainder of the week and temperatures around the 20C mark.  I'm thankful that we didn't get the terrible storms and tornadoes that struck southern Ontario and the US the past few days.   There was so much damage and precious lives lost.  I can't imagine what it would be like to go through that.  Be safe!


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