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Monday, June 30, 2014


A couple of my friends and I trying to stay cool.  

Hi Everyone!

I'm back from our concert weekend in Shediac, NB and the weather was quite impressive(ly) HOT.  As I said in my last post we were going away to the East to West Festival for a few days.  We went down on Friday morning which was sunny and promised to be a beautiful day.  However it poured rain on Thursday.  I mean poured.  The venue was at a car racetrack outside of Shediac on the coast of New Brunswick.  

Some of the huge crowd on Friday evening.

Picture a paved sloping racetrack in an oval with a grassy area in the centre.  Now picture 40 mm of rain pouring down and flowing off the paved track into the centre of the 'bowl'.  Kind of reminded one of Woodstock back in the 60's.  Not that I was there.  Haha.   I'm glad we didn't have tickets for Thursday's performances.  People were wearing rubber boots (I think Walmart and Canadian Tire sold out ), ruined sandals or just going barefoot {through the ankle deep (in some spots) mud and water} all weekend.  It was pretty gross and must have been so cold on the feet in the evening but they (I'm talking mostly young people here) didn't seem to mind.

a small sampling of the mud

Friday dawned clear and sunny and the temperature climbed to 28C.  Saturday it climbed to 32C.  Yes, it was hot but we had a great time and enjoyed the various bands through the 2 days.  My favourite was Third Day who performed late Saturday evening.   We sat at the edge of the track so we wouldn't get our feet muddy and so we wouldn't go deaf.  It was LOUD!

Standing in the Gap, the group from our church that my Piano Man hubby played for, started off the afternoon on Saturday.  There were more people than in the photo there but it was very loud in front of the stage.  Only the strong and the young could stand it.  :}  You can see Murray seated at the right on the stage. They all did a super job of getting the message across in music and word for awareness of the sex trade in Canada and across the world.

Looking toward Prince Edward Island.

Since we were at the coast and staying at my cousin's cottage we walked down to the beach on Sunday morning.  Twice.  The tide was in both times so we couldn't get on the beach.  But, it was so calm and peaceful and sunny and hot, that is was just perfect to see.

Huge rocks have been brought in to prevent any more erosion of the shoreline.  There were always cliffs here but the beach was also wider even when the tide was in until recent years.  Now you have to wait for the tide to go out to enjoy the beach at this particular area.

Sunday we were lazy.  The heat....and the late hours....sapped us of energy.  We took our cousin out to breakfast then headed home after a brief stop in Moncton.  The air conditioned car felt great.  
We don't have AC in our house and it's 34C in here today (31 outside).  I'm not moving much.  :) 
Our son and his fiancé are coming over for supper and we hope to dine on the new deck if we can stand the heat.  
The deck is finished and I'll share some photos about the building of it soon.

Tomorrow is Canada Day and I would like to wish all of my Canadian readers a wonderful holiday.

I hope to get caught up visiting soon.  Thanks for stopping by and keep cool.



  1. oh, that muddy field was probably a big party for those that needed no encouragement. :) i'm not one for crowds and loud music these days, but i'd have escaped to that water front in a heartbeat.

    enjoy that new deck! stay as cool as you can!

  2. Glad you had a good time despite the mud.
    That coastline makes a most beautiful picture.
    I'm anxious to see your new deck. We're in the early stages of having a new patio built and I can't wait to be able to say it's finished.
    Wishing you a Happy Canada Day.

  3. Happy Canada Day!! hope you will celebrate lots. stay cool. around here they are calling for the warmest temps we have had all year. so scary. ( :

  4. Thanks for reporting in! Gosh, how'd it get so hot there? It wasn't hot here until today. It's 90F. Wonderful that the message was out there. Somehow, I thought it was the gospel message and had not realized the weekend was based on this important social issue. Murray looks right at home on stage and at the keyboard. You look pretty cute there sandwiched by your friends.

  5. Happy Canada Day, Pam! What a worthy pathetic to know such things exist!!!...:)JP

  6. That is hot! At least you avoided the downpour, had some fun, and got the message out to the audience.

  7. There was no coming out of there clean! LOL! Apparently there was some beautiful scenery nearby, too!

  8. It looks like you had a wonderful time.

  9. Lovely photos of the colorful umbrella's and 3 sweet friends. Too bad about the rain, but glad you missed it. A beautiful picture of the sea - stay cool and Happy Canada Day to you!

  10. Well, that looks great fun despite the inclement weather! I had a similar mudfest at Glastonbury Festival a few years back - this year I gather Dolly Parton vied with Metallica for the top slot. Loved your shot looking toward P Edward Island. Happy Canada Day from the UK!

  11. I think a pair of Wellies would have been perfect in that muddy field. Happy everything went well even though it was HOT!

  12. Happy Canada Day Pamela!
    Glad you survived the muddy conditions and enjoyed the music.
    Imagine there used to be beach there even at high tide, it looks so different now. Our coastlines are definitely changing and not for the better in most cases. Now the fires are back in the West and terrible storm damage in the midwest - the planet appears to be taking a beating. Must say all those Scandinavian/Baltic countries seemed very calm - of course their Winters are long and snowy (but so aren't yours!), but they don't seem to have the terrible storms we get.

    Hope it cools off for you soon - at least we have a/c, couldn't survive here without it - such spoiled babies aren't we!!!!!!

    Hugs - Mary

  13. I'm glad you had a nice time even with the lousy weather. You got some great shots. I love your beach photos.
    It was 38 here today, same for the next couple of days :(

  14. Well, I'm glad your rain turned to 'hot, hot, hot'...just in the nick of time. Sounds like you had a fun time...and you still have your hearing! :) Beautiful shoreline pic! Happy Canada Day to you and yours.

  15. Happy Canada Day, Pamela! I'd imagine just sitting on that pretty coastline would be cool and cozy! Can't wait to see the deck!


  16. Looks like a blast! The photo of the water are so beautiful.

  17. Wow, what an event! I wouldn't have enjoyed the loud or the downpour and resulting mud, though. And i think you're right, that it doesn't bother the younger group. That photo of PEI is just beautiful!!

  18. I'm glad that you had a good time and enjoyed yourselves! This past weekend was the biggest musical festival in the UK called Glastonbury, and the mud there is legendary, and it is far far far muddier than your location was!! Everyone seems to have a good time though, not that I have ever been, but it is very widely reported on. xx

  19. I had a few friends at that festival too - they're renting a cottage in the area. They didn't go over til Sat so missed the rain. What a deluge! I would have liked to go too but we had 2 weddings on Sat.

    Hope you have a wonderful Canada Day celebration! (PS can you see me waving in that picture of Prince Edward Island :) )

  20. Happy Canada Day Pam! Looks like it was a fun festival.

  21. It sounds like the concert was fun. You look like you were having fun!!
    Your pictures taken from your cousins cottage are just beautiful.
    Oh, there is just something about the seaside.....

  22. Pamela sounds like a really fun but very hot time. I'd have been wilting...we are getting hot here also, but hoping for a bit of a breeze.


  23. Happy Canada Day, belated. Looks like you had a grand time, and I a imagine that the music was wonderful.

  24. Oh wow it looks like fun even with the mud and the noise. What a great cause.
    Keep cool there is a storm heading to you am I right? Be safe. Hug B

  25. I totally relate to the summer heat taking away your energy! I hope you had a marvelous Canada Day! It all looks so festive! Stay cool and have a wonderful rest of the week!

  26. Look what fun you are having! I love how cute the three of you look under those colorful umbrellas! Enjoy your week my friend! Hugs, Diane


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