Autumn 2017

Autumn 2017

Sunday, July 13, 2014

catching up from last week

baby tree swallow

Here is an update on the Tree Swallow family.  They fledged the birdhouse on July 6.  I happened to hear a bird chirping in a pine tree and saw this little one calling to it's parent for some food.  They must have flown out when I was away in the morning and I didn't see the other 2 again.  

The parent flew in and gave this one something tasty to eat.

I noticed 3 other swallows flying around over the back yard so figured it was the rest of the family.  They are gone now although I still see some flying over the fields catching bugs.  It was fun to watch the family as they were raised.  I've cleaned out the birdhouse and am hoping another bird, possibly a Bluebird, might find the home available for rent.  I should put a sign up.  :)  

Well, it's been quite a week following Tropical Storm/Hurricane Arthur's rampage through the province on Saturday, July 5.   The weather turned sunny and hot all week although it was nice and cool for sleeping at night.

This is one of our neighbour's homes where about 9 large trees were blown over or severely damaged by the storm.  Thankfully none fell on their home or barns.  This tree has an iron rod through it near the crotch.  I remember seeing it showing over 30 years ago but it's grown around it.   They are talking of getting an excavator to come in and lift all the huge stumps and roots out and removed by dump truck.  It's a huge task.

a very small pile of wood from one branch
There's way more than this!

There are still thousands without power a week later!  It's been a daunting task getting the trees, power lines, poles and transformers cleared up.  We've never experienced anything like this before.  We had the terrible ice storm over Christmas last year that left hundreds without power for almost 2 weeks but to have it affect thousands and in the summer time is unusual.  First count was 2000 trees lost in Fredericton alone but that was upgraded to over 4000.  That's not including the surrounding areas and the rest of the province!   It's an incredible loss and a very costly one.  I expect our electric power bills will be going up soon!   


We've been enjoying our deck a lot having meals out there or just sitting and enjoying the breeze. 

 We had a beautiful sunset one evening.  There have been some nice ones but this one was 
particularly 'hot' looking.  

I picked strawberries Saturday morning and we had strawberry shortcake that evening with friends.
Another game of Mexican train dominoes was played and the guys won.  

My sister, Margaret, aka Maggie, arrives on Wednesday evening.  I'm so excited to see her again.  
I've been busy getting her room ready and cleaning the house etc.  I finally vacuumed on Saturday morning.  We have carpet in our bedroom and on the front stairs.  The front stairs get all the traffic so they are awful to keep clean!  One of these days.....I may just rip it out!!   Then we'll have to get the stairs refinished!

Thank you for all your kind comments and prayers regarding my last post.  I truly appreciate each one of you and your thoughtful concern.  

I hope you have a wonderful week ahead.  I've been visiting a bit and will post again soon.




  1. So wonderful your sister is coming to visit. I really miss my sis who lives 500 miles from me.
    The strawberries look wonderful! I love strawberries!

  2. It looks so beautiful there, love the pictures of the wonderful birdies...the tree ohhhh so sad they take so long to grow, and I will have a strawberry.....thanks for the post I loved it, come on over for a visit...

  3. Pam, the damage from Arthur really impacted you and your neighbors...thank goodness you're all safe and homes unharmed! Removing such large trees is quite an undertaking. Your deck looks so wonderful...perfect to enjoy on cool evenings!...:)JP

  4. Love the swallow photos! Glad they made it. Beautiful sunset! Enjoy your sister's visit!

  5. Awful to see all the damage done by Arthur. What a beautiful home your neighbor has. They will so miss that big tree. Wow! Your deck looks amazing. Does the pergola work well for shading? Bet you're out there often enjoying the outdoors. Have fun with your sister!

  6. really sorry about all the trees and damage. and for those still without power... enjoy time with your sister!

  7. Hello Pam, Sorry about the damage from Arthur! I love your sweet Swallow shots.. Enjoy your visit with your sister, have a happy week!

  8. That is a lot of trees, and that's just one property. Will your province help with the replanting of trees? Our horticultural societies usually donate a tree to an area that has had a damaging tornado through.
    The deck was well worth the wait - very nice! I didn't get to pick strawberries, but I'll be ready for the blueberries when they come in.
    I'm sure you'll have a good visit with your sister when she comes.

  9. It was so nice to see the swallow baby before it flew the coop for good. Once again, great shots you captured.
    So sad to see all of those beautiful big trees leveled by the storm. I can imagine it will be very costly to have the stumps removed and the debris carried away.
    Strawberry shortcake sounds fabulous. Nothing better than making it with fresh picked berries.
    Have a wonderful visit with your sister.

  10. What luck to catch the momma feeding the baby bird!!
    Hate seeing old trees like that come down!! That should give someone plenty of fire wood for this coming winter. They were blessed in not having the tree come down on their home or barn!!
    It still amazes me that the hurricane makes it's way all they way to Canada!!
    This crazy weather!!

  11. Such lovely posts you present . . .
    The bird photo with the young one is very sweet . . .
    And your deck looks simply wonderful!
    Enjoy time with your sis, wedding and visit with your daughter and grands!

  12. Your deck is marvelous. I am sure you are enjoying it immensely! I looks so very nice. It is wonderful that your sister is coming. I know you love it when she visits. I am sure it was fun watching the new little birds. And I know you miss them now. It would be lovely to have a bluebird family move in next. They are so much fun to watch. My neighbor had them in his bird house and every night Papa bluebird would come over and land on my son's old basketball pole and net. I had so much fun sitting on the patio with a pair of binoculars!!!!

  13. Your new deck is lovely!!!! You must really enjoy sitting out there watching the birds and all that is going on. So sad for your neighbours with all of those trees coming down, but a good thing that they did not suffer any damage to their home or other buildings. I hope that they can get it cleared soon, but I guess with so many trees down anyone with the skills to remove them is in great demand. Enjoy your birdwatching! xx

  14. That new deck looks so inviting! And I enjoyed the sweet bird photos. I'm sorry to read about your brother's battle with cancer. I pray that God will help the whole family as you deal with this difficult issue.

  15. Strawberry shortcake sounds wonderful! Glad you are enjoying your deck and that the sun has come out for you. I heard on the news that some places in Fredericton won't have power till tomorrow...or maybe even later!

  16. Hi Pamela! How nice to hear from you! OH, what a treat to witness the birdies. You captured some great snaps. I sure do hate that terrible weather came your way. How sad about all the trees but glad to know no one or your neighbor's home was hurt. Your deck looks marvelous. You were working on it when I left. I'm sure it's such a treat for you and your sunset is gorgeous! Thanks so much for popping in to see me and we're excited about our new journey.
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  17. Your deck is lovely . I am glad the birds are doing well and yes I would put a sing on the bird house just for a cute yet funny decoration lol ! I am glad all is slowly getting back to normal after that wicked hurricane there but it is a shame about all the trees . You and your sister will have to have lots of sisterly time and chats on that deck ! Thanks for sharing , Have a good week !

  18. Amazing that no trees fell on that house. This sounds like our hurricane twenty years ago that we still talk about. By the way your deck looks beautiful! I would certainly find myself there as much as possible!

  19. It looks like the storm hit your area much worse than it did along the east coast of the US! I was in the Outer Banks, North Carolina last week and we drove down to Cape Hatteras where the then hurricane Arthur hit. I did see some road damage and signs of power outages and that peoples houses were flooded with a ocean surge-=but not too severe. It seemed so early in the summer for a hurricane to hit!

  20. Your deck looks amazing! You must be so pleased!
    Strawberries are the best...gonna make some freezer jam tomorrow...
    Have fun with Maggie!
    Linda :o)

  21. Enjoy your sister's visit. Your deck looks like a wonderful place to enjoy summer evenings, or just all day. Love the photo of the parent feeding the baby sparrow. That's a great shot.

  22. I am behind in Blogland. We hear about these horrible storm on the news, but we cannot really appreciate the destruction and devastation. It is very expensive to remove trees, too.,your pergola and patio are wonderful. You will really enjoy the new space.

  23. Hi Pamela, I'm so behind also...and trying to catch up. Thank you for the kind thoughts and prayers for my family, and please know that I am praying for yours as well. Life does have to take priority over blogging, and we need to remember that when we worry about posting.

    Enjoy the time with your Sister, here's to great weather, and lots of laughs.


  24. Wow glad they had no damage to their home.

  25. i'm loving your deck. wow, what a great place to read a book, have a bowl of ice cream or just chill. wow!!

    love that sunset. enjoy all the colors.

    love those strawberries too. will you make jam or jelly? yum!! ( :

  26. What a beautiful deck Pamela - and it's a covered one - just gorgeous !!!
    When does the decorating start - I want to get down there with some fairy lights LOL - it looks huge - you could have a great party on that !

  27. Have fun with your sister...I am so glad you weathered the storm OK. They are so frightening. A few years ago we had one roll through Ohio and we were without power for a week. Enjoy!

  28. You certainly have a lovely deck to enjoy this summer!

  29. It's great to catch up with all your news. I would be spending a LOT of time out there on that lovely deck.

  30. I would love to spend some time on the deck cooking out and hanging out. That was a beautiful tree and so sad it lost its life.

  31. Glad you survived Arthur as well as you did. I really must get a generator for winters here. Hope everyone else recovers ok. And that back deck is looking very good!


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