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Wednesday, July 9, 2014


There's been lots of bird action around our yard as babies are starting to fledge their nests and make their way into the big world.  I can't help but wonder how many nests and babies were blown from the trees during the big storm on Saturday.  There were some very rare bird sightings in Nova Scotia of birds that were blown from as far away as Florida in that storm!

I captured this baby barn swallow on Monday as he sat on the deck railing with his mouth open saying "FEED ME".  It was so sweet to watch. 

The parent flew in and dropped a bite to eat into it's mouth.

And the parent is off to find more food.

There were two baby barn swallows waiting for their meal that day.  Then they were gone.
I see many of them flying through the air over the fields though, gathering bugs and mosquitoes all day long.  I like that.

I know the photo is blurry but there is a Tree Swallow peeking it's head out of the hole in the bird house.  I think he might have been taking lessons from the Barn Swallows on how to eat and fly.

Now this is cute!  I enjoyed the entertaining antics of the 3 baby Tree Swallows in the Bluebird box.
There is always at least one head peeking out but then there are 2 other heads (and mouths) vying for the attention of the parents bringing in the meals.  They are about ready to fledge and I really hope they are all getting fed equally.  Sometimes the parent will push it's way into the house and feed them.  

Here comes the food!
I  bet it's really hot in there on these upper 20 degree Celsius, high humidity days.

Thank you for your comments and concerns for us after Arthur's visit.  We are doing well after another power outage on Monday for about 5 hours.  There are still about 40,000 customers without power.  This is day 5 for them.  Talk about living like the 'good old days'!   No thanks!!


I'm sorry I haven't been visiting and commenting much lately...not just due to the storm and power issues but, with life being busy in general.  The deck construction took a month, then there is the gardens to tend and weed etc.   My sister arrives home from BC a week from tonight for a month long visit.  Our son's wedding is a month from today and more company will arrive.  Plus, our family is dealing with a major illness with my dear brother who is battling cancer.   My emotions and faith are being rocked like a tree in a hurricane (no pun intended).   However, I'm clinging to "the Rock that is higher than I" and trusting in God for his strength, and for healing for my brother.  We will have many family get togethers over the next few weeks then in mid-August, we'll be going to our daughter's to visit and welcome their new baby's arrival (#3).  Isn't it amazing how God gives us good along with the bad?   I may not get to visit or comment on your blogs for a while but will pop in now and then....and I hope to post once in a while, even just a photo to let you know I'm still here.  
Thank you for your understanding and for continuing to follow me.  I really enjoy taking photos and sharing them with you and visiting you to see what you've been doing as well.   I'll see you soon.  I still have to share our new deck with you.  (my sis and I will be enjoying it too!)




  1. The photos of the baby birds are so cute. So fun to watch them.
    I know what you mean about life being so busy it is hard to find time to post and comment. My daughter's wedding was last Sat and I will post photos of that soon. I still have many to post from the Black Hills.
    Enjoy all your family time coming up and I will say a prayer for you brother. Hugs, Barb

  2. I love the pictures you captured! You have really been having some "weather" your way! You will be in many of our thoughts as you face your busy month! Praying for peace and God's healing for your brother as well. You are right, how life brings good things mixed with the "hurricanes" in life as well. Trust,,,it is a word I think of often and at times need alot of help and reminders to hold onto,,,but God is in control!

  3. It is pretty amazing that these little birds survive. The parents work so hard to raise them. You have great photos for those babies ' photo albums. You are very busy with such a variety of activities. Faith does help,us through those times, doesn't it?

  4. i am so sorry about your brother. enjoy your family time and busy summer. blogland can wait. i did, however, immensely enjoy these photos!

  5. There are hardly any birds around here right now - not even a hummingbird to be seen!!

  6. wow, too fun!! i am glad you had the opportunity to see this happening. wow, what a cool moment. i love baby birds. please keep us posted your brother. it's good to be around family in times like those. i know i would be nothing without my families support & love. love ya girlie, big big hugs Pam. ( :

  7. Those are fantastic photos Pam. Your life is certainly very busy right now, take time to enjoy all the moments and special times. You can catch up with blogs later when it is a bit more quiet.

  8. It's cwazee busy up there! No need to do more than you're gets messy from time to time. Just post a little when you can and we'll visit you. Praying for you.,

  9. Pam I was thinking the same thing about being hot inside a birdhouse...they must feel like little rotisserie chickens in there!......:)JP

  10. Baby birds are all so sweet and entertaining. Enjoy your family. xo Laura

  11. Ha! These are awesome! One of my favorite birds! Sorry about your brother! I hope his battle is successful!

  12. Pam, your birdie photos are excellent! I enjoyed looking them all over and just love baby birds. No nests around us because of all the darn squirrels.
    I think in the summer many of us become silent bloggers which is fine, do what you have to do! See you on FB.

  13. I'm so sorry about your brother. I hope he can find relief and feels better.
    That is a wonderful series of photos!! I LOVE the one of the two little heads peeking out of the birdhouse. That's so great!

  14. Fantastic photos of the little bird family. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing them and appreciate you taking the time to post them.
    You do have a lot on your plate right now. One of the nice things about blogging is being able to come and go as time permits. We will all be here waiting to catch up when the time is right for you. My thoughts go out to you and your brother.

  15. Hi Pam....
    These pictures are adorable♥️
    They are like the Purple Martins....amazing to watch...
    Enjoy all your family time....kind thoughts for your brother...
    Linda :o)

  16. Love these sweet photos of yours. May your family share special moments.

  17. What sweet little birds. We have a new family of cardinals coming to our feeders and they are so much fun to watch. I saw the photos of the trees uprooted and leaves on your lawn. What a mess! I hope things settle down and you get to enjoy all of the nice things this summer. Take care! Sweet hugs, Diane

  18. Wow we never know what's around the corner in life, do we? But it's good to know Who holds it all in His hands. I hope you have a wonderful visit with your sister, and that you have some special family times as you deal with your brother's illness … and a wedding and new baby--life is really happening in your life if that makes sense! Thoughts and prayers . . .

  19. Pamela, I'm so sorry...I never knew about your brother. We will add him to our prayer list.
    In the midst of our photos of pretty flowers and home decorations we often forget that there are real people dealing with real life issues behind the blog.
    You are really going to be busy for a while! Enjoy your time with all of your family and I will drop by whenever you have a moment to share.

  20. Sweet shots of these lovelies Pam!
    Hoping the best for your brother.

  21. All the best in this difficult time, Pamela

  22. Sorry to hear that everything is a bit overwhelming at the moment. I hope that everything goes as well as it can for your brother and that you have a nice time with your sisters visit and that the wedding goes well too. xx

  23. I'm so sorry about your brother Pamela - I'm praying. So glad you have your sister coming to stay. You have full days ahead. Praying for strength and much grace for you. xo

  24. Those are fantastic bird photos, Pamela. You have a lot going on in real life just now. We, your real friends but known only virtually, will be praying and thinking of you. May God's grace be very present.

  25. Loved your birdy photos . . . sweeping in, mouths opened, spreading their wings . . .
    Busy days for the next few weeks . . . enjoy the excitement, family, friends, visits . . .
    I will be here when you return . . .
    Sending my caring for your brother . . . and you . . .

  26. Such nice photos of the sweet baby birds! Wonderful captures of the parents, too! I hope you find special pleasure in family and friends in the coming weeks. So sorry to hear about your brother - sending positive thoughts and prayers his way. xo Karen

  27. I'm so glad you survived Hurricane Arthur - I saw come coverage on the news here.
    Your birds are precious - especially the photos of the little faces in the window of the bird house......
    Thinking of you Pamela and sending prayers for your brother.
    Take care
    Shane x

  28. Hi Pam! Nice to have you pop in on me on FB! Busy summer! While we were on the road with our grandgirls one of the rest stops along the road in Utah had thousands of swallows and nests in a building overhang. What a spectacle! Also this summer on one of my walks I saw the typical row of swallows on a power line. I love seeing them in illustrations too.Love seeing swallows in summer! Your photos are wonderful! Have a great time with your family dear!

  29. awwwwwww love your pics of the baby swallow. hope they fared well.

  30. Oh Pam my prayers go out to your brother and your family. Love all your photos. Take care. Hug B

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