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Spring 2018
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Monday, September 29, 2014

second summer

Our second summer or Indian summer has been gorgeous.  On Saturday morning I went for a little walk up and down the road near our house....about 2 city block lengths....to see the fall colours.  I couldn't believe how much the trees have turned in the past few days.  The tip off was one of the sugar maples in our yard which seemed to turn in the last 2 days.  (photo below)

This tree is 40 feet tall or more so this is just the top of it.   I love the golden orange colour.
I'll just let you look at my pictures.  Enjoy.  Warning!!  There are a lot.  But, they're too pretty not to share.

These next photos are a neighbours farm fields.  I took several pictures from different angles as the colours were just so beautiful.

This one is looking down at the islands in the St. John River toward Fredericton.  You can see the 
summer haze in the air.

There's something about this little corner of an other field that I love.  

This is the field across from our house.  You might recognize it from my post last Thursday, Sept. 18 about the fence and the old farm machinery (below).

Look how the trees have changed since last week!

Last Thursday it was quite green.

Back at home, my burning bush is 'burning'.  :)  This caterpillar thought it looked tasty so I removed him.  I wonder if he found his way back.

Speaking of caterpillars.....this banded woolly bear caterpillar was moving right along at the side of the road.  I've found 3 of these in the garage the past few days.   Are these creatures a predictor of the amount of snow that will fall in a winter?  According to folklore, the more brown segments the milder the winter.  We'll see.  I know we'll get lots of snow no matter how mild it is.

We woke this Monday morning to grey skies, a gusty east wind and temperature of 13C.  Sunday was spectacular with sun and 29C (90F) and it broke temperature records for that date.  Summer is definitely over and it's back to fall weather today.  On Saturday afternoon I went to the local apple orchard and picked apples (and took pictures) and Sunday after church, hubby and I took a drive over the border to Maine.   I'll be sharing photos of these adventures in the days ahead so come on back and visit.

Have a blessed day!


Friday, September 26, 2014

a second summer

Ah, the deck.  Won't you join me today?  It's warm this weekend.  Hot in fact.  I don't think I'll need the blanket except may in the evening.  It's perfect early fall weather to enjoy the deck or porch or patio in our area this weekend.  It's going to be about 27C (80F) - which is rare for us this late in the season.   We are having our second summer and I'm loving it! 

I got out some cushions from inside and a couple of blankets just in case the day or evening is chilly.  We can have some hot tea, and a cookie or three, and chat about our week, you and me.

I found some old kitchen pots that had seen better days and decided to use them for my mum plants.

The pumpkins are real and faux.  Can you tell which is which?

I hope you will have a chance to enjoy the beautiful outdoors this weekend.  Perhaps sit on your deck, porch, patio or even just in a park.   Get out and pick some apples, enjoy the fall colours, pick a pumpkin, go for a walk.  I hope to do some of the above.  The leaves are changing faster each day.  I can't believe the difference every morning.  Have you noticed that too?  Peak colour will be soon.

A big welcome to my new followers.  Thanks for visiting and your kind comments.
Have a wonderful weekend.


Tuesday, September 23, 2014

it's here

Autumn has arrived.  

We will have foggy mornings and frosty mornings as the temperatures dip below freezing overnight.

 A frosty morning ~ October 30, 2013

We'll have glorious sunny days with 'just right' fall temperatures for the next few weeks.  We'll be wearing shoes and socks, sweaters, jackets and jeans and maybe a pretty scarf to keep the chill at bay.  {I'll definitely be doing that!}  And we'll be turning on the heat, lighting the fire and putting on extra blankets at night to keep warm.

The trees have started their journey to their long winter's sleep with leaves that are starting to show colour and drying up, falling to the ground...leaving a beautiful carpet to walk through, crunching under foot.

The spider webs collect dew drop-like jewels, capturing the world around them in each tiny
magnified globe.

The harvest continues as farmers cut and bale grain for the winter ahead.

Pumpkins are piled at roadside stands along with squash, potatoes, carrots, beets,  zucchini and other late season vegetables.

The apple orchards are busy with eager apple pickers, and pies, crumbles and other goodies will be made.

There might be time for a cup of warmth on a lovely fall afternoon out on the deck.  I sure hope so.
And I'll enjoy the final show of summer colours in my planters until the frost finally gets them.

There is lots to love about this season even though I find it a bit difficult to accept when the sun sets at 7:00....and a bit earlier each night....and we can't get outdoors to do anything in the yard in the evening after supper like we did all summer.   I really miss that.   But, the garden is winding down too, so there is less to do.  I also don't look forward to the cold which chills me inside and out for the next 7 months.  Then there's the s**w that will come later in November and will keep on coming into April.  

But, for now, I will enjoy the beauty that is found in the warm colours in nature until it is robed in it's white blanket of winter as nature sleeps away to bring us spring's beauty again.  There is always hope, something to look forward to.  I am blessed to live where there are 4 distinct and beautiful seasons.  Besides...I can always take pictures!!  :-)

 I wish for you a beautiful fall season to enjoy nature's beauty.  

Thank you for your kind visits and comments.  Have a blessed day.


Sunday, September 21, 2014

endless summer hydrangea

August 2014
Two summers ago I purchased an Endless Summer blue hydrangea.  When I bought it it had 4 blooms on it and last summer it grew about 5 blooms.  This summer it bloomed quite profusely all summer long and I am so pleased with it.  It's not a huge shrub and the interesting thing is that it grows completely new shoots or stems each spring.  I protect it with one of those shrub tents in the winter as it's usually buried under snow - last winter it was under 3 feet of snow - and it survived for the best year yet.  

The blooms have faded and changed to a soft mauve and purple hue with touches of lime green.  They are quite pretty so I decided to bring one in and dry it.  I put it on the window sill in the living room in an old mustard jar with a bit of water.  I noticed the morning sun on it the other day so took some photos.

Then one morning the sun was shining on it as it was rising and I saw all these cobwebs glistening in the sun.  Yikes.  What kind of creature did I bring in here??  Well it was an itsy bitsy spider that had been very busy over night and perhaps for a couple of days building a great web all over this single bloom!  Well, I don't like spiders in my house and I've been finding a few the past week as it's been cold and I think they are moving inside where it's warmer.  I'd had enough of them this week so it was good bye to this one too.  :(  

I made a mosaic of this beautiful bloom and am joining Judith at "Lavender Cottage" for
MOSAIC MONDAY.  Just click on the link if you'd like to visit or even join us.

Today was the last full day of summer.  I can't believe Autumn officially starts on Monday.   It was a beautiful end to the summer though as the temperature went up to 24C and it was sunny and warm most of the afternoon.  In fact, we barbecued and ate our supper on the deck......probably for the last time this year.......for the first time in over a month.   It was just lovely.  The clouds have rolled in now and it will be raining overnight and into tomorrow but it will be warm and the rest of the week looks quite nice.  

I hope you have a wonderful week.


Thursday, September 18, 2014

Good Fences # 26

We've had some beautiful days here lately as we embrace the tail end of summer and prepare to welcome autumn.  I went for a walk one morning and took my camera with me.  Needless to say I stopped a lot along the way to take pictures of our beautiful countryside.

A piece of farm machinery is parked at the side of the lane next to this field.  The cedar fence posts are pretty well hidden by the weeds and long grasses and there is barbed wire strung between them, barely visible.

A song sparrow perched on this old cedar fence post and posed for me.

I cropped this one for identification but I like the sparse grasses sticking up, and the top of the old post too.   Isn't he cute?

There was a lot of wild asters and goldenrod growing along this fence.

I don't know what the tall dark brown one is.  Can anyone identify it for me?  It's very common here.

It's Good Fences day at Theresa's "Run *A* Round Ranch Report" today and tomorrow.   I hope you might join in or just stop by to visit.  

Thanks for stopping by.   Have a great day!


Wednesday, September 17, 2014

if a tree falls in the forest....

....does anyone hear?

This is one of thousands of trees that fell to Tropical Storm Arthur this past July here in New Brunswick.

We're back on the beaver pond trail with a few more pictures continued from my previous post.
You can see the trees that blew over in a large swath in this section.  It was incredible to see!

Trees were either snapped off or were uprooted from the shallow soil.  Sometimes it was a domino effect where one tree would take out a lot more.  There is a lot of clean up to do.

This is the new footbridge across the pond.  It was installed earlier this summer and is on pontoon floats.  It's a bit wonky in one spot tipping toward the water but not too bad to cross on foot.  We came from the other side in this photo.  This trail is supposed to be wheelchair accessible but I think more work will have to be done on it after the storm and the bridge will have to be adjusted too to make it passable for a wheelchair.

I think this is my favourite photo of that day.  I love the colours in it and the patch of blue sky that reflected in the water.  The sun never did shine though.

I may have shared a photo of this tree one other time but it's till hanging on to the rock while others are leaning terribly or have fallen over.  

So cool.  Like a big claw.  

Last picture.  (thanks for hanging in there with me)   Have a seat!  Someone cut this tree that had fallen across the path into chunks and lined them up.  As I said, there is still a lot of clean up to do.  We had a nice walk but I was happy to get into the car with the heat on as I was so cold.  Fall is here.


Yes, I got my pickles made today.  The house smells so good!  It's not a big batch but enough to do us the next year.  We don't eat them with every meal after all.  

Thanks for stopping by and for your kind comments.  And welcome to my new followers too!  It's so nice to have you along.  Have a great day!


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