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Thursday, September 11, 2014

fences, fields of grain, and prairie skies

There is nothing quite like prairie skies whether in Canada or the US.    

The fields of grain are ripening for the harvest.

One can see for miles and miles.

Pop up rain showers are common there.  

These photos were taken on the outskirts of Calgary, Alberta a couple weeks ago.  We had nice weather but not summery hot like it was at home.   At least we missed all the snow they got this week!  I've seen a  lot of photos of the snow - about 20cm. - in some parts and even in our daughter's yard!  It was weird to see photos of trees and summer flowers laden with heavy wet snow.   There was a lot of damage to trees, power lines, cars and buildings from falling limbs and trees.  Also, the crops in the fields (as in the photos above) were really laden with the snow that may ruin the harvest.   I'm thankful for the beautiful late-summer days we've had here since we got home. 

I'm linking with Good Fences #25 at the "Run *A* Round Ranch Report" blog.

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  1. I love that last photo especially, where you can see the rain in the distance!

  2. So beautiful. Couldn't believe the snow up north. Amazing.

  3. LOVE it! LOVE! we get these big billowy clouds in aug/sept, too. love the crop fields! thanks, pamela!

  4. I agree the Prairies are beautiful. Yes, very sad that Calgary has had so much snow in September!

  5. Beautiful photos ! It was humid here yesterday but after the torrential rains it has cooled down feels and smells like fall now sunny with cool breezes ! Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  6. I do agree. The prairie is beautiful. Too bad that it has been snowed on the crop. Our wheat here has been harvest. It was a bumper crop; once in a life time crop yield. I awoke to a very drizzly morning. Looks like fall is here.

  7. How sad the snow came before the harvest was completed - I'm praying the crops will survive. Farming is so labor intensive - to see all that work destroyed, and food lost, by storms must be heartbreaking for the farming families.
    Wonderful prairie photos Pamela….if only all the world could look so peaceful.

    Here, today, we have what maybe our last really warm (90F) day of the Summer - then temps. dropping into the 70's with more rain expected - OK by me, have had enough heat.

    Sad day today, the memories of 9/ll will never disappear - the future requires attention of stronger leaders for our little ones - our prayers are needed daily.

    Warm hugs to you and your family.
    Mary X

  8. Breathtaking photos...I love the open prairie. I don't have many around where I live but when I find one, I could spend hours taking photos!

  9. Late summer on the prairies is truly beautiful - iconic Canadian vistas. Our kids got hit with the snow too - tonight is the school welcoming barbecue - indoors, I believe!

  10. I agree. I love traveling the Great Plains prairies. Wonderful photos that make me long for the road.

  11. Gorgeous prairie, fence, cloud views . . .
    Very, very nice . . .
    The early snows have really played havoc . . .
    I want to hold on to the golden harvest like colors for a few more weeks, months!

  12. I would have guessed that those photos were taken outside of Calgary! Just beautiful. I read about the damage due to the heavy, wet snow that they got earlier this week. I hope that many of the crops are still able to be harvested!

  13. Very pretty- you really can see for miles. Love that last shot, and all the billowy big clouds..gorgeous skies.

  14. So enjoyable seeing these sights.; Appears you can see miles down the roads. Great fenced in country sides.

  15. Yes, snow in September is awfully early. I hope it warms up for them soon. : )

  16. These are wonderful. I love all the wide open spaces, the puffy white clouds and the golden grain. I think that 3rd shot is my favorite of them all. Snow already...that is just not right.

  17. Beautiful photos--what richness of color with the wheat against the deep blue of the sky.

  18. Late summer on the prairies is so beautiful. The wide open skies, bluer than blue, and the golden grain make for wonderful photos. I, too, was glad that we missed that snow while we were out there.

  19. I love those big skies!! Wonderful photos! I feel for them getting snow this early, though. It can really cause some damage if it falls before the leaves are gone. We had that horrid snowstorm on Halloween a few years back. Eight inches of wet, heavy snow and then no power for a week. No fun!

  20. Our bread basket! Yes, a glorious site.
    I was shocked by all of the snow and the damage done-way too soon!

  21. Hi Pam....
    Beautiful shots!
    Glad you got home before the snow!
    Hope the little family are all safe and sound...
    Linda :o)

  22. The prairies are pretty with a view that goes as far as the eye can see. Good thing you came home when you did!

  23. Love your fence and sky images Pam. you should link to skywatch friday too.

    beautiful images.

  24. Such beautiful photos! I really love the scenery you captured...I know it's the wrong country for the song, but Canada is a part of the Americas, and your photos remind me of the words from America the Beautiful, "Oh beautiful for spacious skies, for amber waves of grain..."

  25. How lovely, Pamela! Love the golden fields under the white fluffy clouds. The cloud shadows are amazing, too! I heard on the news that some areas were getting snow already! Let's hope it doesn't stick around. xo Karen

  26. Beautiful vistas, such big horizons, unlike any we have here in New Zealand.


  27. The prairies are beautiful Pamela.
    Big sky blue on the horizon and puffs of cloud hanging low.
    Such a perfect time of year.
    Love your fence photos.
    Enjoy your weekend
    Shane x
    Hows the baby?

  28. I have never been to the prairies, actually never been to Alberta, Saskatchewan or Manitoba. Hmmmm.... sounds like a need a road trip. :)


  29. Hello.

    Great photographing. Design, composition and ideas. Very sweet atmosphere.

    Greetings and hugs.

    Have a good weekend. From Japan, ruma❃


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