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Monday, September 29, 2014

second summer

Our second summer or Indian summer has been gorgeous.  On Saturday morning I went for a little walk up and down the road near our house....about 2 city block see the fall colours.  I couldn't believe how much the trees have turned in the past few days.  The tip off was one of the sugar maples in our yard which seemed to turn in the last 2 days.  (photo below)

This tree is 40 feet tall or more so this is just the top of it.   I love the golden orange colour.
I'll just let you look at my pictures.  Enjoy.  Warning!!  There are a lot.  But, they're too pretty not to share.

These next photos are a neighbours farm fields.  I took several pictures from different angles as the colours were just so beautiful.

This one is looking down at the islands in the St. John River toward Fredericton.  You can see the 
summer haze in the air.

There's something about this little corner of an other field that I love.  

This is the field across from our house.  You might recognize it from my post last Thursday, Sept. 18 about the fence and the old farm machinery (below).

Look how the trees have changed since last week!

Last Thursday it was quite green.

Back at home, my burning bush is 'burning'.  :)  This caterpillar thought it looked tasty so I removed him.  I wonder if he found his way back.

Speaking of caterpillars.....this banded woolly bear caterpillar was moving right along at the side of the road.  I've found 3 of these in the garage the past few days.   Are these creatures a predictor of the amount of snow that will fall in a winter?  According to folklore, the more brown segments the milder the winter.  We'll see.  I know we'll get lots of snow no matter how mild it is.

We woke this Monday morning to grey skies, a gusty east wind and temperature of 13C.  Sunday was spectacular with sun and 29C (90F) and it broke temperature records for that date.  Summer is definitely over and it's back to fall weather today.  On Saturday afternoon I went to the local apple orchard and picked apples (and took pictures) and Sunday after church, hubby and I took a drive over the border to Maine.   I'll be sharing photos of these adventures in the days ahead so come on back and visit.

Have a blessed day!



  1. Beautiful pictures Pamela. The colours are so vibrant this year. Lots more red than we have seen in awhile. Gorgeous!

  2. i miss the vibrant maples of the north! and that crisp fall air!

  3. Thank-you for sharing your corner of God's art gallery! The contrasting colors and sweeping vistas are breath-taking!!

  4. Oh my gosh...just beautiful! The leaves are just beginning to change here but it has been cool and fall is most definitely in the air...I LOVE it! Love your new header pics, too!

  5. Gorgeous pictures, Pamela. Being west of you, we've had much the same weather for the last few days, though it's still mild today. It's been nice, considering there wasn't really a summer.

  6. Wonderful photos ! Yup pretty much the same weather here even a day or so that was a bit humid , Just perfect ! Yes I have seen a lot of these caterpillars to some had more brownish red stripes and some more black ! Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  7. Such beautiful landscapes, Pamela. I do enjoy all the color of fall leaves turning. The east has much more intensity of color than we do.
    We've had two gorgeous sunny weekend sandwiched with rainy weeks. Today the drizzle is beginning again, here, too. Have a wonderful week. Looking forward to seeing your upcoming posts.

  8. Love all your gorgeous images Pam. I never tire of looking at fall images.

  9. The fall colours are looking gorgeous out your way Pam. We are enjoying the gorgeous weather too, in fact some days could be hotter than some of the summer days we had.

  10. Amazing how much color you guys have, but you are so much farther north than I am. It's so beautiful up in your part of the world Pamela. I love seeing your photos.

  11. Wow - such beautiful fall foliage photos - I'm hard put to pick a favorite!

  12. Your sugar maple is beautiful!!!! The other trees and hedges look so pretty as well. It is good that you are still having warm weather as having followed you through last winter I know how much snow and cold you get now so you can do with the warm days I am sure! xx

  13. i am loving all the yellows & dark reds ... fall is arriving in your area. we have some color ... but still much to go - i think?? we will see. have a great week. ( :

  14. What gorgeous colors set against the deep blue sky and still green grass.

  15. Fall colours are so beautiful! So far we don't have very much colour but the leaves are definitely dropping.

  16. So beautiful...

    I remember hearing, that we have to have a hard frost, before we get Indian Summer. :-) Wonder if any other areas, have this saying?

    Gentle hugs,
    "Here there be musing" blog

  17. Amazing how you are getting so much color already!! we have a few tree starting to change, but our big color change will be this time next month. I'm certainly enjoying your's now!!

  18. What beautiful colours you have out there. Not much colour happening over here just yet! Glad you got a second chance at summer.

  19. The colours do change fast once they're ready, don't they.

  20. Still summery here...a bit grey today and spitting rain....
    Gorgeous colour down your way...
    You certainly have beauty all around...
    Linda :o)

  21. I think Indian Summer officially ended yesterday here in Montreal but it was glorious for 2 weeks !!!
    And your photos Pam? Amazing !
    God's Green Acre comes to mind !
    I'm hoping to get up to the Laurentians within the next 2 weeks to see the changing of the leaves

  22. I'm glad to see you are having such good weather! Great time to enjoy the colourful leaves!

  23. Oh. wasn't it wonderful! Three entire days of such incredible beauty. We need more of them so I am praying that they come back! Your pictures really capture the beauty of an autumn day!

  24. Mother Nature certainly knows how to make us happy!!!!great pix, Pam!...:)JP

  25. Yes, we certainly had a lovely weekend! The warm temps were very welcome! We got up to 25.6 over here which also broke the record. The trees here on the Island have been changing for quite some time because Hurricane Arthur had damaged many back in the summertime. Our trees may not be as vibrant as other years because of it. Many had their leaves dry up and fall off months ago. I love the picture of the field with the tracks in it. Your photos are beautiful, Pam. Have a wonderful week.


  26. It is a glorious part of the season, isn't it? Love those tree colors!

  27. It's beautiful there, and fun to see all the changing colors...gorgeous leaves.

    We have so many of those caterpillars also...there are trees without leaves because of them...sad.


  28. Hello, it is pretty now where you live! It is just starting around our house but south of here (near the Finger Lakes) they are having more color. I look forward to the pics that you have coming up

    Bless you, Pamela.

  29. Pam, your beautiful landscapes, rich with vibrant rusts and fiery oranges, and all footsteps away, are the spice of the season! So miss southern Ontario right now! How lucky you are to be able to take a car ride across the border to Maine, itself, a gorgeous state!

    Happy travels, my friend!


  30. Wow, these are absolutely gorgeous!


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