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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

apples for sale

It's apple picking season and it's a good one this year with a great crop.  I went to the orchard near us on Saturday afternoon.  It was HOT and sunny and just a gorgeous day.  I didn't walk too far around in the orchard due to knee problems.  The uneven ground and dropped apples are a danger to me right now so I have to be careful.  This orchard is on the farm where Murray grew up.  Murray's dad had an small orchard here followed by two other owners who expanded the orchard with hundreds of trees.  The current owner is in his 3rd season I think.  He has planted thousands of trees, added raspberries, strawberries and pumpkins for U-pick.   Apple farming is very weather dependent so it's risky, like any farming is, really.   And then there are the deer - a huge problem around here.

I liked this beautiful display as I drove into the parking area.

This is a display of pumpkins in front of the sales building.

produce for sale

Now who or what do you suppose ate part of this apple while it was still hanging on the tree??

The Honeycrisp aisle.

Big beautiful red Honeycrisp apples.

The newest raspberry patch.

One row of apple trees growing in the espalier way.  Unfortunately the deer got into the orchard over the winter and ate a lot of these new trees that were planted last fall.  The owner is installing new 8 foot tall page wire fencing around the existing electric fence this fall which will hopefully keep the deer from getting in and destroying the trees.  


It's October 1st today.  September went by so fast and was such a busy month but I guess every month is busy and we just keep going with the flow, thankful for every day we are blessed with.

Last night the moon was peeking through the clouds.  I took a photo when it was just about dark and when I cropped it it looked so cool with the rough edge down the middle.  It looks like a torn piece of paper doesn't it?  

We haven't had many bonfires this summer as it was either wet or windy or we just weren't around to do it.  I'm hoping we can have a bonfire this weekend to sit around and maybe have s'mores.  This is just a fire to burn the ever present weeds from our vegetable garden. We pulled weeds for over an hour after supper and the wheel barrow is full for another fire.   We threw on some old wood and cardboard and got it going good.  It was almost dark and I was on the deck which is about 50 feet from the fire pit.  I used the night setting on my camera but the picture is grainy even though I propped my elbows on the deck railing for stability.  Do you see the deer?  There is one on the left and one on the right just above the fence rail.  The two legged one is my "dear".  :-)   Murray said there were 7 or 8 of them passing by and I could barely see them as it was quite dark.  

I hope you enjoyed my visit to the apple orchard again this year.  I hope to go back and pick some Cortland and McIntosh this weekend.  They are hosting the N B Antique Auto Club there on Saturday afternoon which would be very interesting to see.  
I'll be back again with pictures of our fall drive to Maine and all the beautiful colours.  See you soon!
Wishing you a happy and blessed October!



  1. How amazing to find a partially eaten apple still on the tree! Hope you enjoy a bonfire this weekend!

  2. glad they had a good apple season, even with the deer invaders! i hope their expansions are profitable for them. :)

  3. I've enjoyed a lot of road side stands and orchards on our drive. Too bad so many trees were lost over the Winter, it must have been bad for a lot last year. If it's not the Snow it is the predictors.

    Must have been a squirrel that ate that apple off the branch. Yup I would have thought you tore paper in half to make a moon.

  4. Yes I see the deer and he was probably waiting to see if you had marshmallows:)
    Oh now I am craving apples I love Empires and Ida Reds my favourite. None of the trees on our farm wild or tame had any apples this year. I have no idea what that means for our winter. Great shots. Hug b

  5. Deer are pesky critters here, too. I do love apples. We planted two trees and got a couple dozen apples this year. Our son has some trees and we've been able to get apples from him, too. They are such versatile fruits.

    Your bonfire looks very autumnish with Murray there and the deer in the background. Beautiful.

  6. What an awesome day ! We have apple orchards up the street from us and I can smell them in the air soo YUMMY ! Love the sign ! This time of year is soo pretty and full of good smells and the best smell for me any time is wood smoke ! Wonderful photos and post , Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  7. That is a beautifully maintained orchard. I'm afraid that all of ours are a bit more scruffy. What a beautiful "paper" moon. It's a regular deer freeway up there! =D

    Hope that your knees are doing better soon because how are you going to whip up all those pies for Murray otherwise? Thanksgiving is not too far away for you folks...making plans already?

  8. Hi Pam. Looks like you had a grand day too. We went to similar places this week. The apples are so beautiful hanging on the tree but I see how they would be a big attraction for the deer. I think if a deer chomped on the apple he would have pulled it from the tree. Might have been a hungry little bird or a feisty squirrel?? The bonfire looks so pretty and would be fun to sit around and have s'mores. Aren't the deer funny anymore. It seems that they don't have such a fear of humans anymore. Hope your knees are not giving you too much trouble still. I'm dealing with sciacta (don't know how to spell) right now on my right side. Made it hard to ride those ponies!!.Happy Wednesday..Judy

  9. A trip to an apple orchard is so much fun. Unfortunately we don't have them around here so we depend on the generosity of gardeners for some really nice fresh apples. Love the trees of honeycrisp!

  10. Ah...the lovely apples of beautiful against that brilliant blue sky! Someone REALLY thought they were delicious!

  11. Don't you love this time of year with the apples coming in, pumpkin pies and cakes... I was wondering what ate that apple on the tree myself when I saw it on your FB.
    Did you get to meet with Vee again Pam?

  12. The farm looks like an amazing place to visit with so much lovely produce. I hope that they do really well. Looking forward to seeing your pictures from Maine! xx

  13. I love your pictures of autumn. This is really my favorite time of year. Even our two apple trees are once again providing us with plenty of apples.

  14. I'm still smiling about the half-eaten apple still hanging on the tree. Go figure! I picked most of our apples yesterday...just leaving a few to eat fresh off the tree. (I tend to pick them first though...before eating around the core!) I love this time of year! Happy autumn to you and yours.

  15. What great photos of the apple orchard. Wished I could go on your drive to Maine. Love Maine. Carol

  16. We don't usually go apple picking since we have spy and macs here but this year they are few and far between. Love bonfires we need to gave one ourselves to burn those darn weeds.

  17. Hi Pamela,
    It is so enjoyable to pick apples on a beautiful autumn day. We have an organic apple orchard just up the road from us but so far this year I have only bought their apple cider.
    Happy October!

  18. I love the photo of the moon...what a neat effect! And the apples look amazing. It's always so nice to be able to go to the orchards and get them fresh. Our pumpkin patch opened up near our house today. I'll get some but I'll have to keep them inside....too hot outside. Happy fall! Hugs, Diane

  19. Who eats an apple while still leaving it on the tree?

    My cousin took on the orchard his parents started, and still does it. There have been deer in the area, but it's not been a problem that they ever mentioned. However, they always had dogs on the property, and that would probably discourage deer from lingering on the land.

  20. we need to get some apples. i love fall - for me they have juicy & a crunch. not mushy. that is my favorite. i love smores & have never had a bonfall only a little one while camping. ( :

  21. wonderful fall images of the orchard. I bet a deer ate the apple like that. that was a neat capture.

  22. There are no apple orchards around here which is a shame? Lucky you!

  23. Love the 'torn paper like" moon . . .
    I think the hanging eaten apple was a set up photo shoot by someone.
    Not you, but I wonder if someone else did that??
    I am going apple picking tomorrow, I will be thinking of you!

  24. I love the half eaten apple on the :) I loved apples, once upon a time but then I developed that ridiculous allergy to tree fruit and now I cannot eat them unless they are cooked. Oh but I loved the "crunch".

  25. Yes, I do see the deer and dear in your last photo, LOL! Visits to apple farms are such fun. We used to go to them around here, back about 20-30 years ago. But all the local places have long since closed. Love your photos!

  26. The orchard looks wonderful - I need to find one as I'm 'pumpkined out' now and picking apples would be fun, especially with raspberries on the side (or are they all done for the season?). I'm having a problem too - hip/leg pain and am having PT several days a week - walking is OK as long as I'm on flat ground, it's sitting and lying down that causes moans and groans from me right now! Sorry about your knee and hope you are better soon dear.

    Have a lovely day in the country.
    Hugs - Mary

  27. Terrific series of photos and commentary to accompany. The apples look delicious!

  28. Looks like a great place to pick apples! One of my favorite things about this time of year is the apple harvest. I hope your knee problems get better. As a two-year veteran of a knee replacement, I can say that I have never regretted one minute of going through that. Of course, it would be better to fix it with less drastic action, but I'm just saying...

  29. So.....what did you make with the apples???
    Enjoy your evening....
    Linda :o)

  30. We have that raggedy moon here tonight:) I saw your pics last night but when I returned to comment the internet had quit working! Your post inspired me to get out and weed my garden before the cold wet weather that is coming! Weeds come on with a vengeance in the fall, don't they?! Thank-you for sharing and blessing!

  31. Love apples and I suspect someone/thing was in a hurry to eat one while it clung on to the tree. The evening bonfire with two handsome beings is a beautiful photo.

  32. Hi Pamela,
    I loved your tour of the apple orchard...laughed at the photo of the already-eaten apple still on the tree! Can't wait to see your photos of Maine.


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